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  1. Hey... Smartpower 400 Watt PSU Pentium 2 400 (124x4.0 496 MHz) PC133 256 SDRAM Aopen AX63 Pro Rv. 1.0a (bios 1.32) Maxtor 7200 RPM 40 gig Maxtor 5600 RPM 20 gig Vanta AGP 8 Meg Video card (100/85) Built completely from part I got from teachers that had no use for them (minus the hard drives) I still use this as my main system and works good enough for me. I get about 25-35 FPS in multiplayer at Medium settings 800x600 resolution. I plan on getting a GF4 MX440 64meg for $30 from a friend as a temp upgrade until I finish saving for my college PC.
  2. LOL thanks Jar Jar for the clone wars. As for contributing to this thread ASE or gamespy doesn't matter but they both fix the flaw in Ravens Master list. Nice to know that I have options now when selecting a server. Ravens server list - Hmm do I want server 1 or 2? ASE/Gamespy -
  3. Thats pretty much a summed up version of what I have been saying this whole time. You follow the rules the server sets or go somewhere else. The problem here is that everyone has evaded this issue because they relise that this is how the world works and have no arguement over it.
  4. Yes, but then again "Saber off = Peace" no attacking would also apply to you, and since you are attacking people in the game with your saber down you would be breaking the rules and deserved to be kicked. The rule never said who's saber had to be down, it just plainly stated if a persons saber is down don't attack. Oh by the way, if you attack someone with their saber down while yours is down also that would be breaking the same rule twice. just fyi
  5. Ah you just contradicted yourself. I have my priorities straight I'm gonna answer my phone because someone I know personally is trying to get ahold of me, I then shall put my saber down and ask politely if you would kindly not attack because I am not at my keyboard at the moment. Is it to much to ask that if I am somewhere away from the action in a remote location that you please don't try and hunt me down so that you can add another kill to your score card?
  6. Nor would I want to force you to uphold by beliefs of how a server should be run. Your money at work your rules. The only reason the honor code came up was because I was tieing it into rules. The only reason rules came up was because in some post prior to mine it was brough up how the person liked to run in and kill all with no regard, to me that sounded like they liked to disregard the rules of the server and I hate people that blatantly break the rules to have their type of "fun". I don't know thats just me, I could be wrong.
  7. Well said. Most of the time (I can't say never because its been know to happen) people just run around the server with the saber down to visually show people that he is not going to attack/fight anyone at that time. I've personally haven't run into people that turn their saber off last minute to avoid defeat. Only time it has happened to me is when we both agreed to end combat because it was taking to damn long. Couldnt have said it better. Once again taking from my experience (I can't tell you how it will turn out because each situation is different) When I FFA because people are not using the "Honour code" I am usually top 3, On a Honour Code server I'm usually only getting 10-15 kills because I like to observe my opponent and learn his moves before a fight. Makes things more enjoyable when you predict each others moves and counter.
  8. Rules are rules, the server sets up a list of rules you are required to follow you break them you must then be punished. Who said community? I was speaking of a single server not the whole world. Who's to say what rules are stupid? (refer to previous quote) This is up to the admin and players (If voting is allowed) This is not up to you, if multiple people vote in your favor then so much the better. Again, it does work if you don't "flip out" everytime you see another player and feel the need to backstab, sneak up, or just plain strike the person while his saber is down. Learn some self control and attack people that are ready to fight, not just grab some easy points by attacking defense less players. 1) Could work if you would stop trying for easy points and attacking people that are not hurting anyone by taking up a slot on the server. 2) Not everything has to be FFA this is why the "k" button was put in so that you could challenge players 1 vs 1. 3) Not everyone wants to invade the earth (Seeing how we have not explored the galaxy yet) most people join a server and everyone is playing "Honour code" style so they do the same, then some person comes in and go FFA and attacks them while they are watching a fight. Cheap shots are never ok. I used that term because some like it others don't how about we come up with a term that everyone can agree on?
  9. Hmm... I would have to say, killing people in Duels that use staff and duals with my single saber. Good times
  10. What you have all failed to state though... Honor code in most games = Rules Rules we follow or get kicked. Most servers say something along the lines of follow the honor code, or they list the rules. If you break these rules you deserve to be either called lame or kick from the server. Especially when I see the Admin right off the bat say "Please use the Honor code, no attacking while sabers are down, chat killing, or constant spamming of the same attack/force power." Now I understand that some servers don't state these things and some would like to play with the honor code while others FFA, what I do? Stay out of the way of the FFA'ers and ask to limit FFA in one area in the map while the ones that want to be able to walk around stay outta their way. Then again most of you are to head strong to listen to a polite request from another player and yell "I'm gonna hunt you n00b down!!!1!111" Oh well such as life... My request... give the "Role players" room, the maps are pretty large and I'm sure they would agree to sectioning off the map. Then all the parties are happy.
  11. Yeah I figured as much, but its for my own personal server were my friends and I just hang out and spawn vehicle. Just a fun little place. Actually I want to do this because I miss the old roll into your foe when he's got 5 life. Just something I miss from Jk2
  12. Hi, I'm just running a server and was wondering if its possible to enable the ability to change sabers without having to respawn? Kind of annoying everytime I want to switch sabers I need to type to kill command or go jump of a bridge. So... is there a command or do I need to wait for a mod to be released? By the way, just a real quick question is it possible to make it so that idle sabers can do damage? Thanks in advance.
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