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  1. Is there a place I can order the Sam and Max comic books from without resorting to Ebay?
  2. YAY, it works! This ScummVm thing is awesome. Thanks so much for the help
  3. Yeah. It doesn't seem to have anything on the freezing up problem in ME.
  4. Does anyone know why Full Throttle 2 was cancelled? Besides that crappy reason LucasArts gave us, I mean. Us adventure game fans should revolt... let 'em know that the adventure games market isn't SO small
  5. I have Sam and Max and Day of the Tentacle on a LucasArts Collectors Series disc. I tried running it on both my computers and it has serious trouble. On XP, the game runs but without any sound or music. On ME, the sound works but it ALWAYS freezes up when I click on something. How can I fix these problems?
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