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  1. It should work fine with all mods now ?
  2. Beta 2b is up on http://www.pcgamemods.com. If you download this one Buffy it should work fine now I hope .lol Pel I had the same thoght that the .sab files (not saber.sab)were conflicting with other hilt mods so I corrected them try it out. Let me know
  3. Fair enuff Aryyn we'll leave it there ! I took some work getting it right so you understand I was a bit peeved to say the least. Anyway good luck with your future mods. No hard feelings
  4. Yawn Funny how your mod appaered about the same time as mine then dont you think? I know there is problems with the first release of it thats why I called it a beta so it would be tested. I rushed the 1st release because people were asking for it on here. I have updated it since and the new Beta 2 works fine. If you look in the readme of the beta you can see I'm asking for help as the day before I didnt have a clue about NPC's only what I read on here. Its not even had a full release yet and Iv'e not had any coments on pcgamesmods or e-mails about beta 2. As with all mods there maybe conflicts with other mods or older versions this is a problem I'm trying to resolve. I also never put your mod down in anyway as you said yourself I dont even have it ! Just shows how childish you really are..so its better you keep the tissues I think BOY. As for saying no ones downloading it "393 downloads from lucasfiles alone" and it one of the latest files ??? Anyway Beta 2a will be on lucasfiles and pcgamemods soon with updates were you can play in sp with a boosted force power Yoda and with Dual and Staff sabers also with Sith and Jedi yoda's as allies or foes and red or blue skins. I was pointing out the title of this thread was misleading as you have modeled jack **** ! When people were praising the model you didnt put them right saying I never made it etc.. I didnt think lucasfiles where gonna add it as it was a good 5 days before it appeared.
  5. The title of this thread reads "New Yoda model completed you will be impressed! " Which you never modeled or adjusted in anyway. ...Heres the info from jk2files.com Developer:Zippo Downloads:10239 Date Added:03-02-2003 Type / Category:Skins > Star Wars Size: 2.06 MB All you have done is Made an NPC file for it which will allow you to play as Yoda in SP but not in MP wheres you can only spawn him. Basicly you ripped of my Yoda NPC mod and used a different model/skin. You deserve no credit at all.
  6. Poor show posting someones work as your own ..Shame on you
  7. Sgt you won't be able to use a small Yoda as a playermodel in MP untill the jedimod or something like it is out for JA ..The model Included is a large Yoda if you select him from the menu he will be big.
  8. A .cab file usauly holds data for installing an application its compressed so it takes less disk space. I find opening .cfg and .sab files with word pad works better as it has a neater format when opened.
  9. I'm inclined to use the Dark side as I think it suits my personality more ..Being a bit Dark and evil myself Muhahahahaa
  10. Try removing other NPC pk3 files. I had a problem with "NPC Pack Version 2" so I took it out when I put it back in it was working fine ??? I tested this beta to death so it should work ? Unless I get the errors I dont know how to fix it !
  11. I didnt get the attachment ..could you send it again Pel or anyone that has it send it to sith_jay@yahoo.co.uk Thank you
  12. I have added another Beta to http://www.pcgamemods.com not with pels changes yet tho (I forgot to check on here first). But there are multiple Yoda's in it. I will check the file out and see the difference tho pel then use it in the next release Anyway download it and tell me what you think. I tried it in MP and SP worked in both for me let me know if you have any bugs. PS Buffy did you fix that problem in SP ?
  13. You can play as him in SP ! I think the problem your having buffy is your loading the game from a save file ...let me know if thats the problem
  14. Ok thx guys my fault I thought it worked in MP doh!!! I think it should be available in MP tho
  15. Buffy I'm not sure why it has not worked for you ? Maybe you have another mod installed that is messing up my mod a hilt pack or something? The only time I've seen the saber appering there is when a .sab has been altered incorrectly or the blade X Y thingy is wrong ? Try removing any other Yoda models that might be causing the problem!! To be honest its working fine for me so I dont know how to fix it ?
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