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  1. Tried to log in earlier, got a "Domain Name Expired" notice. This place is really falling apart. I wonder if the fact that it's back means it's been renewed... or if that was just an error? And if it's renewed, by whom, and for how long? If they have faith that this place is going to stay alive for the foreseeable future, does that mean infrastructure improvements, and/or software updates and visual refreshes? Or minimal life support for a few more years?
  2. I spent most of the day yesterday at the beach. It was mobbed. I got sand in places sand should never be. Everything smelled and tasted like salty coconuts for hours. And the top of my head is the same shade of red as a boiled lobster. Good times...
  3. We have a small community of forum elders who still post semi-regularly at XWA. Not about anything actually important, mind you... but enough to kinda keep a weak pulse going.
  4. I'm not ready to make the move up until I have backed everything up... at least 3 times. I learned that lesson after spending about 6 hours on the phone with MS tech support when everything crashed about 75% of the way into a Windows ME install... only to have them tell me at the end: "Sorry... but your PC is hosed. Reformat and try again..."
  5. I said that about XP. Remember XP??? I barely do...
  6. I did that the first time I ate sushi. I had some of the ginger, and thought: "Wow, this is spicy! This green stuff must be like Guacamole... I know... I'll put this whole blob of it in my mouth to cool the burning..." After several minutes of screaming and sweating, people around me figured out what happened and had a good chuckle. I did swallow it... though I think I gave someone the rest of my food after that.
  7. Automated bots backing up the server... ? Perhaps in prep for a move to something more robust before the inevitable newbie flood when the new movies and games hit... ? At least: One can only hope.
  8. No, that sounds like hipster "fusion" sushi. The authentic, traditional stuff is what you described as having the spices on the side. Had an OK weekend with my lady. The weather wasn't great, and I was feeling a bit "off" all weekend (I kinda still am, actually...) but we had a decent time anyway. Got to the beach twice. Had a couple of nice meals out. Slept in yesterday morning... until it was technically afternoon, actually.
  9. Hooray summer! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) I wish I could do anything that well at that age. Hell... I wish I could do anything that well at THIS age I'm at now! I have wasted my life...
  10. It has worked for Hugh Heffner for like... 60 years. Of course... it helps if you already have cargo ships worth of money too...
  11. No... that was just them helping you take the "Ice Bucket Challenge."
  12. I don't know you people. (Yells at the black helicopters circling overhead and the several unmarked black vans parked on my block: "It's OK... y'all can go now!") Well... That takes care of that! Heat sucks. Humidity sucks. But snow and cold also suck. Can't New England have a season where it doesn't immediately jump from one to the other?
  13. My current GF is a lady on the bigger side... and I have no complaints. She is also very sweet and super intelligent. (Several Master's Degrees...) Things are currently very good. My last GF was sexy... but pretty much every single moment with her was so full of drama and stress that I now wake up every day thankful that things worked out the way they did. I wasn't aware of exactly how edgy and stressed-out I was all the time we were together until she was gone for a few months, and things returned to normal, and I started to feel human again. Apparently she is back on Facebook with more drama... her sister-in-law is currently posting a stream of 'vaguebooking' comments that I can only suspect are directed at her.
  14. That was a very nice car back in the day, if it's still in decent shape.
  15. We could use a bit of that right now. Wondering if I'm going to drag out the A/C units tonight after work just in order to get a little sleep tonight. High school songwriters doing open mic nights at work all this week. Yeah... it's exactly every bit as angsty as it sounds. Fortunately: We are in the process of getting a new guy comfortable in the hall and on the gear, and he's been shadowing me all week. So... a perfect opportunity to get him acquainted on a couple of simple nights... that I don't have to sit there and listen to all the teenage emo drama set to three-chord changes.
  16. I know most of the people in the band in the dance scene. They all work at the college. There's a whole bunch of other folks I know who appear as extras in crowd scenes and such.
  17. Spent the weekend at my girlfriend's family house in Provincetown. Beautiful town... great beach... cool fireworks... lots and lots of very "happy" people. Doubly so after the recent court ruling. But it was a pretty great weekend. Her nieces and nephews we a bit of a handful... but nothing I couldn't deal with in order to stay at a place right on the beach we didn't have to pay for.
  18. What my lady got me for my birthday: She also made me a special dinner and made me a cake from scratch. It was a pretty good birthday this year!
  19. Yes, but only if you are French-kissing another dude the whole time you are doing it.
  20. As a resident of the Commonwealth, I have to ask the rest of the nation "Geez... What took y'all so long?" After all... we've been living with gay marriage and universal health care for like a decade now. (Both enacted, by-the-way, when the last guy the red-staters put forth to be prez was here as gov'nor. Hmm...) In other news from the ancient past: 15 years ago today, I turned 30. That seemed like such an impossible-to-achieve age back then. I couldn't visualize myself ever getting any older that that. How little I knew...
  21. I had a dream last night that a bunch of us were together in person. I am starting to forget all the details now... but there was food, booze, guitars, drugs, bad women, classic muscle cars, a train, guns, helicopters, a bus, and a rambling thousand-page Zen manifesto.
  22. I gave away 11 guitars, 2 amps, a DVD duplication tower, and a couple of boxes full of strings and parts today. It feels weird... But I've decided I really don't want to be featured on some episode of "Hoarders."
  23. So... I'm really kinda over the whole idea of having a printer at home. I use it so infrequently that the ink cartridges are useless when the time DOES come to print a document of some sort... and then I spend hours running cleaning routines, that use up what little ink hasn't dried up, and a pile of paper. And the result still looks crappy. I really should have remembered to print this form out at work... but I didn't, and I need it for the morning. I have some folks from the Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club coming to take some of these guitars off my hands. The cheaper junkier ones, of course... the multi-thousand dollar ones I'm holding onto as a fall back in case dad's money gets dear. The club had a show at our place last week... and for a group of kids who really have almost nothing, they were really talented and super-enthusiastic about performing. We've given them some old gear from work too. I'll never play all of these... I've barely touched any of them in the year they've been here. Getting them into the hands of kids who will play the crap out of them will feel good! Plus: I can claim a charitable donation on next years taxes, AND gain some precious cellar floor space back. Win/Win.
  24. Hmm... I thought I saw him on Facebook more recently... but I'll check his page and see if there's any news or activity there. Hmmm... June 4th was the most recent post there. Hopefully he's just taking an "Off-the-grid" break while he sorts things out...
  25. When I saw that news on a friend's newsfeed, my first and only thought was: "Well... there's no way that in a post-apocalyptic wasteland version of Beantown that the subways could actually run any worse or be any scarier than they are already in real life."
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