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  1. How do you change your image/picture for your're lucasforums profile?? and how do u create one of those sayings at the bottom of a message?? be specific plz, thnx:confused: :confused:
  2. If any of you know/use a fighting/defending that you have created or think is just very useful/strong then post em' up. I just want to see the different styles currculating lately around Jedi Academy. for every style follow this format: technique: Sweep/Fluerry used for: Offense and Defense how to do it: it is a left to right swipe motion that is made by HOLDING and LOOKING left while you hold down attack and when the saber reaches the left side quickly HOLD and LOOK right. this must all be done without any spins, just side to side sweeping motions damage: one of the most damaging moves in the game (if not the greatest)...the faster your saber moves left to right the more damage is done. A big trick is increasing your sensitivity for the mouse. this increases saber speed which increases the amount of damage you can inflict in a few moments of "sweeping". send in your own techniques....
  3. I have a question for all of you gamers? would have liked to incorperate Splinter Cell's stealth into Jedi Academy? example: your in a dark room and a guard is blocking the entrance to a sith base. you stay close to the walls and slowly approach the enemy. you hold crouch for 3 seconds, enabling the quiet/sneaking crouch. you get closer and closer and before you know it your right behind him. you press the interact button (enter, e,etc.) and you twist the enemy's neck in an unnatural position. You then search the body, gaining his weapons and items. ....you then stride into the sith base with pride thinking to yourself... "I'm am nobody's bit*h." now how cool would that be, deciding the fate of enemies in a well thought of plan. like when you have 7 near-unbeatable jedi's and you want to take them all out one by one without engaging them in a massive blood fight you know yull lose, then you just quietly approach them and either crack their necks, slide your saber through them as quietly as possible or what not. it would just be cool if you can decide when and when not to go into stealth.
  4. as for another idea: gay jedi's... this is how it works: there are gay people who train to be jeids in a whole different academy....what happens after is that from between themselves they obtain the force power "gayness"and run around humping peoples legs, automatically paralzing them in places of the body needed most to humans. as for their lightsabers....well....ya - you kinda guessed it. And as for their healing ability? they have to watch queer eye for the straight jedi. as for force regeneration they get manicures and pedicures and raibes shots. ps. i did not right this. im just pressing enter after my friend.
  5. i have no idea how this got into my head (well, maybe after seeing some vampire movies/games) but I would just like to ask: wouldnt it be just damn cool if a new breed of vampiric jedi's appear? (it could either be in JA or in the SW world in general) you can just imagine fighting vampire jedisand the only way to get loose from their grapple is by using force (push, etc.). These new breed of jedi are able to fly more than usual and have different force powers. And it would be seriously sick if they incorparated these vampiric jedis into a new Jedi Knight game where one bites you, the main character, and you turn into one yourself... joining a new group (republic, sith, -vampiric -(or whatever)) i know people will call me crazy...well, i am
  6. some players try using kick to block the sweep technique but the sweep can be done efeectivly while crouching (although not as many headshots). And lately ive noticed myself using the jump+land n'crouch sweep attack which i have found demolishes all defense on impact because of the speed of my saber. and havent u noticed kicking is the new thing lately???
  7. Has anybody noticed something odd going around servers lately? There has been a style of fightiing known as the fluerry or as some people say, spamming left to right attacks. I have incorparated this into my style of fighting and have nearly perfected it. I have realized my wins have probably gone up by over 20% and my fighting speed has greatly enhanced. manny people think that they know this technique but I will give out the true steps needed to matster it: a) As you move forward into your oppenent you hold the left key while holding attack (always hold down attack for this technique) and as your saber reaches the left side of your character, do not spin your saber, I repeat DO NOT HAVE YOUR SABER SPIN, but instead quickly hold the right key so that your saber will now swipe to the right. Continue this proccess using a LEFT to RIGHT motion. In about 5 minutes of practicing you will master the basics of this technique. Note: For complete effectivness for this technique. adjust your sensetivity to 4/10 if not more. b) As you hold left LOOK left, then as you hold right LOOK right...this must all be done all together or it will not work. This technique will inflict over 50-70 dmg in a few quick swipes if done correctly. (And I do it correctly so I would kinda know : ) ) this move is mainly used for offence but can be used for defence as well because who will come near a raging freak lit up by saber all around him??? .....thought so
  8. first of all i would like to state what I imagined the new game to be ( at the very start of the forum) is not specific and could be changed. seconly, i was recommended by you ppl to try GALAXIES. I have, i know what it is, but the gameplay isnt exactly what I imagined. And when I said "planets/servers" by that i intended to explain something (sorry, forgot lol): these seerver DO incluse single player. now read carefully: a) when you are OFFLINE it is the exact same as ONLINE although you are not able to meet/talk and play with real players(obviously) but replacing the online players will be bots and there will be missions/quests for SP and MP(becauase remember: SP is MP- except for the fact that bots(npc) will replace players if you are offline. --------so for the people who are offline, YES, they are also able to play this game------------ and for the saying, " Go play galaxies!!, i say that i do not want to for the combat is not the same as in JA (JK). And for those of you yelling out "i dont want an RPG!" well, this game is not really meant as an RPG in the way that you imagine. All you need to do to fight is just do some missions, get some money and get some items/weapons and go to a Dueling area of your city and from there ...its just like JA where you can play Power Duel, Duel, etc. without losing items /money/what not if you die (friendly duels). And for those who want to live a little more dangerously you just step outside your fortified city and from there it is a free for all world with - dinosaurs,vehicles, other creatures and your fellow players/bots. so this game , I repeat, is not like galaxies. This game is VERY much like JA although it is in A MP/SP world, with detailed gameplay where you outfit your character and live in worlds where everything feels so much cooler. so forthose non- rpgers, and i know ure out there everywhere, youll be able to play this game without worrying about rpging. all you need to do is get some stuff and ure set for the rest of the game.......unless you want to get better weapons/vehicles to whoop your friends. oh...and one more thing: about laming(killing people inside a city - outside city= okay)...well, i guessyour right about not letting you play when you are criminized. All you have to do I guess is pay money or items( or maybe you have another idea). And the intersting thing would be that if you do not want to pay then you will be chased down by planet guardians (police/npc) and you could fight them off, run from them. in fact, maybe you can even train to be a Planet Gaurdian...who knows.
  9. as for a question that wold probably soon be asked.... what if people decide to go a bit , lets just say, whack and start breaking the true experience?? well....LET THEM!!! the reason they could do alot of what they want is because just as they have committed a " Planet Crime ", the Planet Gaurdians are right there after them. depending on the crime, the player must pay in credits for what he has done...if he has no credits then he must give out a weapong/item equivelant to the price he mustpay or he is to be put in Prison (no joke...you will have to - wait - to play again.) so if your gonna lame or steal vehicles ..which you can do.....you will be fined or criminilized. you can do a crime - make you have credits or items to get out of trouble. but how can i forget the most fun your gnna have when you get in trouble: Outrunning the Planet Gaurdians...... that'll would be fun ....try adding new reasonable additions to the is future game
  10. many gamers have wanted to be immersed in a star wars universe..... that could all be done. let me explain some things that would enhance the image of the star wars universe: 1) you create or choose a character 2) you get placed in a servers called PLANETS. let me explain: each server is a different planet on which you live on; these arent your normal servers. these servers include single player and multiplayer together. To elaborate: 3) you start a new identity on a "planet" and u live and save your progress(only) in an appartment building where you have your own room which only you have access to 4)As you travel thorugh different markets, you obtain market codes which when you enter in your appratrment you are able to buy, sell. trade items from within your appartment without having to travel all the way to the market itself 5)within the building perameters there is a massive garage for those who live in the building: each player is allowed to keep probably only one vehicle within the garage 6) moving along, within the server/world there are various buildings, on of which is an Academy, presumingly for Jedis. This Academy is used for training. To explain: as your character progress mentally and physically they are able to gain new features towards themeselves such as endurance: how welll you take damage, reflex: how well you react and block , etc. ; you are able to gain new force powers such as push, pull, grip,lightining, heal, etc. All of these features towards your character must be trained with within the Jedi Academy. Not going into too much detail, your character must train and live temporarily within the academy and train with others to excell his character in different areas. 7) continuing, as it could be predicted, servers/worlds will fill up and therefore, there should be many of them, each significantly different (different terrains, buildings, items, etc.). Now you ask " well...how how can i go to planet XYZ and talk to Joe Shmoe? " ....to answer that, you go to a special place where starcrafts are held, you get into a planet transportation shuttle and it will take you to the planet of your choice. .... now you ask,how do I save when on another planet? well to answer that you should have a choice of renting an appartment. 8) the gameplay will be very similair to Jedi Acedmemy although one main new feature that will DEFINETLY be noticable. I call it - The Blocking Button -!! in Jedi Academy you do not quite control defense....but within this game, blocking will be don automaticlly 10-20 percent of the time and manually blocking will have to be taken in mind when fighting; for in Jedi Acedmy/Outcast the game is very strongly based around runing around, moving away from an attack and then jumping towards the enemy with another attack (no defensive side to th game really). No you ask - where can we fit the Block button to make the fighting comfortable? well, already thought of that. If youre using the mouse, and you probably are, then the block button would be the Middle mouse button. 9) your character would probably be able to carry a few weapons (unlike Jedi Academy you should be grounded to the floor for you carrymrethen 10 weapons and items). You always carry a pistol. (1) You carryYou are able to carry (1) BIG WEAPON such as rocket launcher. And you are able to carry (1) Medium size weapon. And you carry a lightsaber/sword (1) 10) your health would go down realisticlly. your armor will prevent a horrible death. and as in HALO, your able to purchase for a great deal of money a Power Shield. This prevents a minimum amount of damage going through. when it wears down normal damage will go through. but soon the Power Shield recharges. if I think of anything else I'll add it in msg me if u want at ibendelman@hotmail.com understand this is only a taste of whatcould be done to let star wars fans live thier star wars fantasy .......*taking in breath*
  11. note: people are mentioning that they would like Kyle Katarn to return to the Jedi Knight series. interesting personality.....but damn, hes kinda to old and doesnt have any style to him except for the pale grey and light brown pants and shirt he wears. for the next JK, you should either be able to create your own character (like in JA) or you should be able to choose (or maybe create) a jedi/character such as the model: model reborn/boss (which can be inputed in the console in JA) : to get a really intriuging characer with style and personality all in one. previously, I spoke of an RPG'ish side to the next JK, so if the idea of this type of character (which infact looks like a master reborn in robes that really bring out coolness) is mixed with being able to suit him up and equip him, this character would definetly be a character that would be enjoyable to play and would give the feeling of a true jedi master..... not like kyle katarn who looks like just another character that would help a player along a mssion. so if anybody wants to see the type of cool model that players should control in the next game, your in luck for its instilled in JA itself. The model is: model reborn/boss:cool:
  12. Also I would like to mention that the Jedi Academy/Outcast style fighting should remain the same(if not changed for the better!) That wayall would be intrested in the game: RPG lovers and JA lovers and FPS lovers. This game, if created , would be a very "free will...be what you want game"...just asi said, with boundries.
  13. I've thought of this idea and started notticing more and more ppl are becoming interested in the idea of an rpg side to JK. It would be amazing, just to think of it, going from planet to planet (single player + planet in multiplayer = server) getting robes, saber hilts/sabers and power ups for them, armor, guns, swords, etc. It would be so intriuging moving through planets meeting new players, being able to duel with them, trade with them and TEAM UP WITH THEM!!!! I must state : teaming up within a partenership if by bots or players would just be the next best thing. Thealso introduce vehicles...and yer they already did, but im talkin' about creating/customizing/buying a vehicle that will either transport, fight (or both) for you. They should introduce buildings where only you have access to... there by, to save your progress you must go to yiur appartment in the building and it will save from you. ( this way no abuse of getting killed = losing items perhaps, etc.) This game should let you control the factor ofbeing able tochoose your deignated possition within the game ( Jedi, City Gaurdian...aka Police, etc.) What I am trying to propose is that a Jedi Universe/Galaxy is created with certain boundries set to keep the game enjoyable for all. Thats all folks!
  14. its funny cuz he changed his name to Xion Xion
  15. lol, I think i already got the patch. I was under the impression that a second patch had come out. I just saw a subject within the forum of a new patch and discussions on it.
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