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  1. I believe they've previously stated that they would not make any expansion or DLC about the upcoming movies. Jakku is somewhat of an expansion, but even so it's not directly connected to events in the movie. I'm sure The Force Awakens will provide it a major boost to sales though. And then Rogue One will probably bring people to it as well. The time between those movies is kind of a question mark though. But they have plenty of content coming up, and they have to make the season pass worth it somehow. If they're going down the Battlefield route of expansions, packs and DLC, then they will have at least some numbers for a long time. It'll be interesting to see how long it will be until they announce a release for the sequel though. They've been fairly adamant about not making it annual.
  2. There are rumours around that the SW game Visceral is making is an RPG of some sort. Knowing their background, possibly an action-RPG of some kind. I'm personally very glad that game companies are realizing that the movie tie-ins like the mostly terrible Episode I-III action games. Battlefront has a certain amount of tie-in with locations and the battle that will set up part of The Force Awakens, but it's much less than people hoped/feared. It looks like EA has extensive freedom when it comes to pretty much the whole current shaped canon, so it'll be interesting how they manoeuvre in that space and who they get to make the games.
  3. Excuse my period of absence. I've been pouring my writing efforts into a project over at the Choice of Games forums as well as now being involved with the LFN revamp. Those two along with my internet instability lately are all draining time I can dedicate. I will do my utmost to get a post outline made so I can continue on this RP.
  4. Nice to see you back Master Grooves. @Lynk, sorry if that post was a bit confusing. What I meant was that pure community stuff could be a segment towards the end of the show. Get everything else out of the way for the listeners/viewers regarding news topics and then get into what's going on with the site. Casual followers of the cast could either tune out or listen in and get involved. And as I said before, I am more than happy to help with any needs you may have regarding content, whether it's writing or editing stuff. At this point in my life I am willing to even sell off (figuratively speaking) a chunk of my free time since I have nothing else to do.
  5. Oh you managed to trick Writer back, eh? Well we both know that we'll be waiting for that character for a while.
  6. @Lynk: Most of the charm and charisma grow with time and from the interaction between the hosts. I personally would prefer a podcast with video if it becomes a larger thing in the network since that way you can show screenshots or video to keep the interaction with the viewer a constant. Perhaps a live podcast with a couple of constant hosts and some rotating spots with contributors who can fill in at that time and date. The rotating/guest spots alone are a good way of solving the "we can't get the whole cast together at this time and date" issue. Doing live podcast also keeps it constantly fresh since you can interact with the viewers/listeners directly if it's a slow day for topics or something. I disagree a bit on the point of keeping it completely free of inside jokes or community stuff. A nudge here and there is nice for long-time members of LF and as for community topics, it could easily be a segment of like 30 minutes at the end of the podcast to wrap up what's coming up and stuff like that. In any case, I look forward to what you come up with for the forum, but the consolidation and carving out a whole new kind of look and feel for the fansites themselves will be the big step forward for LFN that it needs. Making it pleasant and easy to use with some great content, then getting it up the list in the Google searches. That should attract some more people to the network.
  7. Well, I'm not imagining that the Sinister Empire will be falling, or even taking any heavy hits, for quite some time. The update I wrote featuring Boris was intended as a response to your post and should serve to somewhat clarify what the situation with Sinister is. Its late now, otherwise I'd give you a fuller write-up. That'll have to wait for later.

  8. Hey, not sure if you saw my post but what's your plan in Heroes: The Fall regarding the Sinister Empire? Since my char will be getting involved, don't want to step on any toes by messing up your planned story for how it goes down.

  9. I'm going to quote Redwing here, but The Doctor also brought up some great points about the general forums. I've been following this thread but haven't responded yet due to just getting back to LF last week after a couple of years of absence. Honestly I was surprised it still looked the same as when I left. But to the point, the fan community always has a place for creative writing, videos and art. Right now in the current forum setup that side of the community is sprinkled on several different hard-to-find subforums within subforums. That's one major change that should be done; move fan-made stuff to a more prominent role. Just like the modding community is vital for old games, RP, fan-fics, art and videos are a basic side to fandom and it shouldn't be hidden away. Building that community alone can get some new blood in here, there's plenty of people both young and old who have now grown up with Star Wars and especially with the young, they have creative juices pumping that should be given some outlet. This community would also include cosplay and/or replica making as well. I don't really mind if it's hidden inside some forum or another, but it should be given more prominence since this is a huge fansite. Now to get more into the quote, I think Redwing brings a great point in calling out for let's plays of old games or video guides to modding and such things. But, as always, there is a but. Unlike what people might think with prominent youtubers having gaming channels and stuff like that, Youtube abhors gaming videos to be uploaded. Basically the only way for someone uploading gaming videos to survive without having their channel taken down because of copyright strikes is to either be a part of a bigger company that has deals with publishers and good lawyers, or they need to join a so called network, which is an umbrella company such as machinima or polaris, that handles the same deals with their lawyers. At least that is so if you monetize the videos, which I suggest LFN doing since ad revenue on videos is a good way of getting that extra to keep the servers up. Of course there is always the possibility that you could just contact the rights owners (LucasArts/Disney) for permission (regarding videos at least) and let them make up their mind if they want to support a fan community such as the LFN. At least before the purchase by Disney LucasArts was pretty warm towards the fan community. Whatever happened to the podcast by the way? That could easily be revamped into a news-ish format with speculation and commentary on whatever tidbits of news there are about LucasArts and Lucasfilm projects. Especially now in the future years where leaks and new info will be hitting the public quite frequently about the new movies and any related merchandise, doing something like a news-podcast along with indigenous articles or other commentary on the site could easily bring not only more blood but more prominence to LFN. I don't meant that in the "we're taking over the world" sense, but rather as a credible source and a big fansite, which it already is. There's a lot of great history for LFN, all we need to really do is to make it relevant again. The fact is that the forums and the network in general are all a product of the late 90s and early 00s, and it really shows. I remember when the LFN podcast was announced and scoffed at the idea because I liked the quaint forums and made use of some of the sites as they were. In hindsight, during that time was the best opportunity for LFN to grow exponentially if more than the podcast had been thought up. But better late than never to renew the network. Wow, that was a ramble. Hope it makes sense at all. EDIT: Oh I should add that I have experience with screen-capture software and video editing. Albeit not in any professional sense, but I am willing to throw in any knowledge I have if it's required. I would also be interested in writing some commentaries or articles if that becomes a thing. Honestly, LFN is like a second home (despite some absences I have taken, I always return) to me and I'd do anything that I have any knowledge of doing if it helps the place grow and stay alive.
  10. Excellent. I'm prepared for the werwulf being a badass mofo. Alexander wasn't prepared for the first encounter and probably won't be for the inevitable second encounter either. I'd say he didn't even get a good look at the beast in action in between being pummeled and thrown around by it. I rather like the fact that only after writing that did I realize that Alexander is a great counterpart for Memoria, with his proficiency with beasts and her specialization on the spiritual.
  11. Name: Sir Alexander Kenneth, Lord Grimhall Aliases: Alex Kenneth, Alex Grimm Age: 33 Description Height: 178 cm / 5'10" Weight: 79 kg / 174 lbs Hair: Raven black Eyes: Greyish-blue Weapon(s): Revolver, a switchblade and a swordstick. Apparel: Depends on the occasion. When going by his title, Alexander makes sure to dress well with expensive suits, a tophat, shined leather Oxford shoes and his cane as well as wearing an expensive overcoat when outdoors. When using an alias, Alexander wears clothing more suited for perhaps the lower middle classes with rough brown or grey jackets and simple work pants and cheaper and worn-looking derby leather shoes. History/Biography: Alexander Kenneth was the second son of Sir Edward Kenneth, a Baronet in southern England as well as an industrialist with ties to many factories and railway lines through small ownerships here and there. Unknown to everyone the family had a long tradition as hunters of not just deer and foxes but monsters and beasts that others knew only from folklore and tales told to children to scare them if they didn't behave themselves. When one such hunter in the family received a recognition as a Baronet, a tradition was founded that the eldest surviving child was to be the successor to the Baronet and it's titles. The second son would continue the hunt with the full support from the Baronet. And so it was that Alexander grew up with tutoring from his uncle how to hunt these legendary beasts from an early age as well as receiving all the tutoring necessary for an upper-class gentleman such as himself. When his father passed away suddenly, fallen deathly ill with pneumonia at the age of 56, Alexander's brother received the title and the lands and Alexander received in turn a lordship over the family manor of Grimhall, a title that would give him ease of passage to most of the world if he so wished. He remained in the study of his uncle until his twenties, at which point his uncle took him to Germany and the villages that were close to where their family really originated from. There he fought his first and so far only werwulf as well, a gruesome melee which gave Alexander not only a realization over the real threat the beasts posed but a scar on his right cheek and several more on his chest as well. He would certainly have died at the hands of the beast if not for his uncle who managed to surprise and kill the beast. After travelling through Europe and the Middle-East for some years, refining his skills and abilities, he returned to England to find that his uncle and tutor had died peacefully in the manor of Grimhall just some weeks prior to his arrival back. Alexander made a vow to continue his uncle's work and started reading up on any information his uncle had gathered on the beasts of England, then finally making plans to travel further north in England. Interestingly enough, he would find his skills and abilities challenged heavily as he started his trip, his training giving him prowess against corporeal manifestations such as vampires and revenants but having very little practical knowledge on the banishment of purely spiritual beings like ghosts and poltergeists. Hope this is to your satisfaction. Hope a bloodline of hunters and a previous lucky encounter with a werwulf is alright with you. I can change it if it doesn't fit with your vision of the world. I left the werwulf encounter as vague as possible for the sole reason of leaving the description of the "arch-nemesis" of the story to the author. I can change it to werewolf if you wish the werwulf to be a more rare and powerful being.
  12. If I may grind this down to the pure basic elements, it's Van Helsing or Brothers Grimm stuffed into an early 20th century setting, right? Also, are the hunters respected members of society or just shady travellers that very few people know about? Also, well met again Doctor.
  13. HED, what kind of a plan do you have for the Sinister Empire? Since I'm putting my character into that mix, I don't want to spoil your plans there. Also if there's a place in your plans for my character, do share. I have no idea how he would eventually meet the resistance fighters but for the mean time he'll be running some interference against Sinister in Seoul.
  14. Ha, it feels so good to be back. A lot of progress seems to have happened in the last few years while I've been absent

  15. Two weeks previous, Sinister Seoul, Sinister Empire The headquarters of Mister Sinister, once a supervillain and now a ruler of his own empire, loomed in the distance. A major landmark of the Seoul cityscape not easily missed. What was it with supervillains wanting to impose their might with that kind of pompous self-aggrandizement. He could see Sinister now, growing old yet more powerful, sitting on his self-imposed throne of an Empire wrongly gained after the fall of heroes long past. No longer he himself fighting heroes, but instead getting fat and ever greedier by having his millions of lackeys stamp out every threat to his throne. 'Do you think he will still be a challenge to defeat?' The young symbiote asked somewhere deep in his mind, sensing hesitation in the man crouching on a rooftop and observing the headquarters of one of the greatest supervillains to have ever lived. "Perhaps. Perhaps the most challenge I will have is with his followers and not Sinister himself," the man said and smiled before turning away from looking at the cityscape and peering his eyes at the nearby ocean. "But that doesn't matter. A man and his followers can be beaten, bruised and even killed, but nothing good will come of it unless the citizens are willing to step up after the evil is purged. This world needs symbols again, there have to be heroes still out there who can rise to the occasion like Spider-Man and Iron Man used to decades ago." 'Then why don't you step up?' the symbiote asked, causing the man to chuckle at the naivete he still perceived on it despite it being adult now. "I'm not a symbol. I'm a shadow. The criminals will fear me, but the citizens cannot look up to me. I can stand between them and the villains, but I cannot act as a role model for them." 'Like Iron Man, billionaire playboy demolishing entire cities while fighting evil? Wolverine? Or maybe Daredevil?' "...touché." The internal conversation was cut short by the screams of people from somewhere below on the city streets. The "law" was hitting the streets again it would seem. Liu rushed to the edge of the roof and peered down. He could hear it more clearly now, the screams were below him some seventeen stories on a side street. He could see a small group of women fleeing from a larger group of men. Some criminals never change no matter how high their bosses climb on the ladder of control. Without hesitation Liu jumped off the rooftop, dropping down ten stories before the symbiote warped on his back, expanding and creating a parachute that slowed him down just enough for him to land on his feet between the women and the criminals chasing them, the symbiote immediately returning back to form the back of his ragged very dark green outfit. Shinobi, now with one knee on the ground and the other bent infront of him looked up at the criminals from behind his mask, his hand reaching behind his back to the grip of his katana. The criminals slowed down before laughing and starting to circle the man still keeping close to the ground. "Who are you then? Another wannabe hero? I've lost count how many of you we've stomped in the last ten years alone!" the criminals kept laughing and moving around him. But as they had been concentrating on keeping an eye on the hand reaching for his sword, his free hand reached out for his kunai and picked one for each finger. In one swift motion, Shinobi jumped up, throwing the kunai in an arc at the men. One of them managed to evade it, the other were less fortunate and now had the weapons lodged in their throats, gurgling and spewing blood everywhere. The remaining criminals got more serious now, rushing at the green-clad man who now took a ready stance and drew his katana. In a flurry of motion, assisted by the symbiote not only giving him a heightened reaction time as well as speed and strength to cut down his opponents, Shinobi took care of two, then three criminals in quick swift cuts, only interceded by blocks from incoming blows. The three remaining criminals drew their pistols, seeking to gain a range advantage, but they would not be so lucky. Before they got their safeties off, one of the men had a katana sticking out of his chest and the other two had kunai coming at them, one attached to a light looking chain. With two of the trio gurgling in their deaths, Shinobi flicked the chain enough to cause the kunai to swing suddenly, cutting the wrist of the lone standing criminal, causing him to drop the gun. Next he knew the green-clad hero was on top of him on the ground with the kunai safely in hand, the chain wrapped around the throat of the criminal. "Wh-who are you?" the criminal managed to whisper as the chain pressed down on his throat, making breathing nearly impossible. "When you wake up, go tell Sinister his reign is over," Shinobi said before smashing his elbow on the criminal's jaw, knocking him out. The hero then rose back up and began collecting his gear before he would get rushed again, either by criminals or civilians. Now, Sinister Seoul, Sinister Empire Liu Tao sat in his small hotel room just outside downtown Seoul, watching news on the television. Highly propagandised news admittedly, but it was still news. He had grown up with making a distinction between the propaganda and the nuggets of reality in there between the lines. The main thing he ever got out of the news was that life under the rule of supervillains was a bleak and whimsical place indeed. Although the symbiote had withdrawn from sight withdrawn inside Liu's skin, the two were still discussing the kind of hero the people of the world needed right now. Still at a stalemate in the discussion, Liu was at the same time trying to form a mental image of Sinister's organization in Seoul. The city was heavy with his eyes and ears that one was certain, but right now he was just trying to pinpoint major incoming and outgoing traffic from the city. Something that would harm Sinister without causing too much collateral damage. He was not conducting open revolt here or a civil war, he was just here to cause harm to a villain's operation... just happens that the villain is the ruler of an Empire. He had heard rumours already of a resistance group in the empire fighting Sinister and his forces, but Liu had no way to contact them and he did not want himself to get pulled into a revolution either. He preferred the shadows... but still somehow the idea of contacting the group was inviting to him. Even if just for the fact of getting Sinister off his throne.
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