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  1. I want to capture a screen for you to see but I don't know how to do it. If I use notarget the sand_creature will follow me as soon as I start walking but it will not pop-up to eat me. If I disable notarget it will eat me instantly. In order for the sand_creature to move you have to: #1 Use a level with big open spaces #2 use notarget and spawn more npc characters like reborns #3 if the reborns don't move the sand_creature will not chase or eat them #4 get behide them and use force push against them so they make noise in the ground for the sand_creature to "hear" them #5 If you spawn a mutant_rancor or rancor they will not move (if you use notarget) as well, again spawn reborns or stormtroopers. So how do I capture screens?????? and how do I paste those graphics here??? I have no web page
  2. Becarefull with the number of NPC that you spawn or you can crash the game.
  3. The Mutant Rancor you will say! Gues what? NO!!! Do this just for fun! In a table with big open spaces. Put yourself invisible (notarget). Spawn a mutant rancor (npc spawn mutant_rancor). If there are no other NPC or vehicles it will remain inmovile. Spawn several reborns (npc spawn rebornmasterdual). They will start slashig the Mutant rancor, at no avail of course. When you see that the Mutant Rancor start squashing the poor reborns, spawn a sand_creature (npc spawn sand_creature). The Sand creature will swallow a couple of reborns but then (and this is the fun part) it will swallow the mutant rancor too!!! It doesn't matter how many MRancor I spawn they are killed by the sand creature. Only once I spawn 4 normal rancors when the sand creature came up to swallow one of them it was grabed and eated by the other rancor. Not the mutant one but the normal one!!! I tryed to repuduce that again but it is almost impossible no matter what I trow to the sand creature it always win!!!. I also spawn a sand_creature on the table that the mutant rancor appears it grabed but then the game crashes when the sand creature starts pulling the mutant rancor.
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