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  1. Its all beyond most sadly. I R wana lightsabR!!! I wana be SytH I Gotta be UbR Jedi!! Lets remember for a jedi fighting was the very last option, taking of life something that had a deep meaning to them. They fought to create a lasting peace not "Ohhh whens the next Raid!!! I R need some lootZZ" Lets swing it around you want to be a Sith ?? Sith..I may rp a sith but I doubt we will see even 1% of the rest of the sith actually play a sith realisticly, these guys and girls are evil, not your every day evil they exist in corruption, dark desires, base needs, use people, destroy them, throw them away they are nothing to you but bloody steps on the stairway to power.. and if sith are played right then even your best friend will stab you in the back to get ahead, if played right sith guilds will be very very dangerous to even there own members.. To put it simply a sith is a very lonely lifestyle, you don't need friends you don't need anyone nothing as fleeting as love all you need is pure unadulterated power.. So honestly lets see if we see anyone playing "true" to the sith or jedi or will it all just go carebear Edit: I also hope that player housing is in this game, see as a roleplayer what could be better than going out facing a challenge coming back with a trophy to display on your wall, kitting out your house, having friends over and talking about the days adventures, yes guild houses is okay but its very impersonal, I want my own space.. A power gamer joins a game to beat it, will grind and smash everything will raid and beat every system on the game then whine on the forums for more end game content or move to the next game.. A Roleplayer lives within a game and if the dev's give us a few crumbs like social clothing, a house, furniture we can sit on we will stay with that game till the lights on the servers are extinguished.
  2. Hi all, I like alot of people are looking forward to this game, personally I think Bioware could pull this off but there is some concerns. See its not the developers or Lucas arts, its the people that this kind of game will attract. We are roleplayers love the SW universe love to solo we enjoy keeping in character and playing. I am 38, my wife and friends about the same age we all roleplay and all love mmo's. But alot of the atmosphere gets ruined by the "I R D00dz" crowd and the "Leet items of uberness" also the "UbR guilds". Not talking about age but maturity, its why if i'm not leveling or grouping with friends i've known for years I will spend alot of time soloing (mmo's does NOT mean forced grouping). I have seen so many mmo's ruined by the power gamers, it was like in SWG about 1-3 people in the canteena's were there to rp and dance the rest were just there to grind xp afk etc.. I really hope i'm being too harsh on the comunity I really hope that with the bioware take and the amazing storylines and quest arcs that people will want to "live" the game not beat the game.
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