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  1. I absolutely agree with you, today's tools are great and there is tons of coverage on "how-to"; I suppose I found myself fantasizing how awesome it would be if the original SCUMM creators made this new tool at making classic point&click games, i'm sure a LOT of indie developers would be super happy to buy this software from them. Just imagine how cool i'd be if they can finance their next adventure game with the profit made from this software, one can only dream
  2. The other day I've finished watching Double Fine's documentary on Broken Age and then went on reading Ron's blog on the making of Thimbleweed. When he talks about having to create his own engine from scratch for this game (and considering many point&click developers wannabes are constantly asking if Adventure Creator or Visionaire -just to put some examples- are best to create an adventure game), I just thought to myself how amazing would be to crowdfund a "Scumm creator" program, made by our beloved wizards that made these wonderful games... And yes, maybe if you're a programmer you'
  3. Such great artist... Reminds me of Maurice Noble's work... Here's an awesome short clip from the Sam&Max days: https://youtu.be/1nSfN_Uwruo
  4. Thank you so much for those links, I'm from Buenos Aires and a friend of mine knows the people behind the argentine studio that made Dog Mendo├ža; I will definitely check Godot and Escoria out!!
  5. What do you think of the european software Visionaire? I'm thinking of giving it a go after trying Unity's plug-in Adventure Creator.
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