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  1. Jedi Academy is now ruined with immature ten year olds who have all the power they could ever have in a game and use it to teleport people out of the map who try to play and then ban them. WTF is going on? Darksides is the only clan out there who allows laming and are based on skill instead of how many abusive cmds they can use before someone disconnects or is kicked. This is why I have joined ds and have given them 3 servers. PEACE
  2. Best servers right here! You can do and say anything you want! It is saber only with all force powers enabled. Type in console: \connect - to go to the Fallen Power FFA \connect - to go to the Fallen Power CTF \connect - to go to the Defenders of the Force Siege server Thank you all, and have a great gaming experience. Later!
  3. Clan/Team Name: Defenders of the Force Structural Leadership: Clan Leader and/or Co-Leader Founder: JediKiller and SpecialForces with the help of MasterSidious and Dark Tag: [DF] Accepting Members: Invite Only Ladder: Not at this time Type: Community Alignment: Jedi Main Game Type: FFA Website: http://www.freewebs.com/defendersoftheforce Recruitment/Personal Forum: Our server and clan website under forums Other Contact Info: AIM: darkestmYouth, MSN: mastersidious_6@hotmail.com, yahoo: greatestchild_197, e-mail mastersidious_6@hotmail.com Requirements: Knows your way around with the saber Brief Background: We started in Christmas of 2003 and have been togeather ever since. Growing number of members all the time, mostly because of instant admin access. We have gotten a server just two weeks ago and will have it up indefinitely, the server runs 24/7. We try to please everyone, our goals are to make everyone happy and not have a bunch or ranks... Server:
  4. Hate to double post but I just want to point out that my ownage pic. is of a siege game
  5. The other thread was too big for me to post on it anymore so I made a new Jedi Academy screen shots thread Here's some pics. The white spaces are so that I could upload them. OWNAGE! Sniped!
  6. untextured surfaces = missing textures I think same problem, same solution
  7. JA rocks. Would post pics only I need to play JA right now What servers you guys usually play on anyway? Just curious.
  8. I don't know if this is where I should post it. I just think that this is a good place to tell people how to fix this problem. The PROBLEM: In Yavin Hilltops or I think CTF4 in the bonus map pack you can't see the grass textures or some other textures in some other maps. The Solution: Get rid of forestsanctuary.pk3 or something with the word fort and sanctuary in it out of your base folder. This particular map I have found to delete some textures. I could tell you why but that is too hard and I'm lazy and I want to get back to JA. But anyway I found this very helpful to me when I discovered missing textures. Not a very happy thing.
  9. My LAPTOP works. Here's some pics of the game. I know they're not high quality but I'm a noob Boom Grinches are taking over! Tough rancor Die! Big Hug
  10. Oh yes, and where are all the worm holes in KFS_advanced? They're so damn hard to find!
  11. I'm a newbie cause I just got the game and I just have some questions: 1. When I'm in a flyable vehicle there are little black boxes that show up next to the other flyable vehicles. What is this? 2. What's up with siege? I am completely lost sometimes. 3. Does everyone think that the v-wing is totally lame? Thanks in advance.
  12. But I have T1, everyone that connects has really good ping, and my maxrate for my server is set at 10000. So, is it really max rate?
  13. I changed the "net_port" on my computer from 28060 to 28070 and as it turns out there was another computer using the 28070 port, so now the other computer can't connect to any games or see anything in the in game browser. Can someone please help me out? PLEASE!?
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