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  1. Aryyn

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    Anybody having problems with some of these sabers not working in MP. Because some of the hilts dont work for me i get the reborn hilt on some of them & i cant figure out why!
  2. Like the cg_thirdperson or something & how do you get it back to normal?
  3. I do have a model_default.skin file. Is there a line that should be in it for the icon?
  4. Aryyn

    pk3 help

    Pakscape is the easiest way that i found
  5. I created a custom model for MP and the icon_default is not showing up in the player select screen! I have to manually select the model in console to use the model now why is this happening? I have the jpg the correct size and format!
  6. I need the cvars or commands such as taunt, amsit etc. Any help would really make a difference.
  7. Im trying to load a map in Sp with npcs in certain places. How is this done? Plus how do u load a another custom map after the one you just finished in sequence? Basicly trying to overwrite the game with new sp maps & npcs coverting it to a whole new game. I just need to know what direction to start in. What text needs to be edited & how to load the maps in sequence with npcs popping up wherever i want them?
  8. What is the holocron stuff? Where could i get a copy of it so i can study it? I just need to know how the maps load & load in sequence & what files need editing?
  9. Right, what i want to do is load a map with npcs in certain places. Also how would maps load in sequence, example say you complete a custom map in sp then how would another custom map load right after that? Ive never approached anything like this before. Basicly what i want to do is convert single player into a whole new game. I just need to know what direction to go in. Ive been wanting to do this since i started modding but it wasnt possible at the time. I spoke with you razor about this when the game first came out.
  10. Gothicx, Im not saying my work! I make mods for myself! Then i share them & it seems thousands of people like them too from all the downloads. I dont know why you have to be such a dick about everything! I tried to talk to you like a man but your just the bitch i expected you to be.
  11. First i want to say hi to razor, I have been away for about 5 months. I was wondering if it is possible yet to bring maps & npc placement to single player mode. I was just wondering because ive just seen how far you guys progressed. I want to accomplish my dream mod. Any info would be extremely helpful.
  12. Kengo, You completely missed what i was saying. Im not taking anything away from their talent, which is quite outstanding. I leave it up to you to figure it out for yourself what was said. Gothicx, I think its time we bury the hatchet. The problem i have with all that is like i said if it was all shared it would save an enormous amount of time, people would get along & it would open doors for creative modders. It really shouldnt upset people if credit was givin in the readme for whatever mod they did if it was used in another. If you try to corner the mod community your just gonna hurt it more than youll help it, (EXAMPLE) Not everybody knows how to make a really good model but they might know how to make a really good mod using that model or vice versa. Now why is that so bad if it helps the community?
  13. I thought this was a single player mod that would overwrite the whole Sp game with AOTC. Giving it a movie like experience. But i guess myself & 5,000 other people were wrong. Dont get me wrong its good for what it is( another Mp map ) with sabers all messed up. But for 3 years of work good job. I can see you will never have a job in the gaming world. Way to fool me & everybody AOTCTC team! If some of you guys werent such tight asses everybody could have bonded together to make this conversion happen a year ago! Im talking combining everbodys work to one. Using maps & models, code that are already done & some new ones like the vehicles, maps etc. Plus you guys ask for help but you have to have a resume from microsoft or be a so-called well known modder to contribute! Tell me im wrong! You know thats the truth! If people were cool about it you would have had a huge team working constantly doing different things instead of a few people doing a little something a month! Do the community a favor release what you got & move on! As for another matter the thing ive been reading about owning the things you make is really outta hand. Gothicx told me the stuff was copyrighted! LOL That still makes me laugh til this day to refer to the stuff you make as copyrighted. YOUR NAME IS NOT LUCAS YOU DONT OWN IT! NOBODY DOES! WHEN YOU PUT IT OUT FOR DOWNLOAD ITS SHAREWARE! GROW UP PEOPLE! I LOST A REALLY COOL MOD BECAUSE PEOPLE CRYING ABOUT SO-CALLED COPYRIGHTED (LOL) MODELS! YEAH THATS RIGHT I PUT WHOEVERS MODEL IN A COOL MOD! THATS SUCH A CRIME! I SHOULD GET THE DEATH PENALTY! IT HURTS & SLOWS DOWN THE MODDING COMMUNITY WHEN YOU DONT SHARE YOUR WORK! WAKE UP! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE! MINE IS BETTER THAN YOURS! YOU SEEKING FAME! WHAT IS IT? IVE BEEN AWAY FOR 5 MONTHS I JUST GOT BACK FROM MAKING MODS IN THE NHL HOCKEY COMMUNITY & EVERYBODY IS REAL COOL ABOUT EVERYTHING & THE COMMUNITY FLOURISHES INSTEAD OF TAKING STEPS BACKWARDS! THIS HAS GOTTON TO BE A DISGRACE!
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