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  1. I don't have a newsletter, but I'd appreciate any ideas for further parodies (SW related, that is). BTW, Binks is the only SW related word I can think of that sounds like Rings [This message has been edited by DataDroid (edited October 17, 2001).]
  2. I just whipped this up in my spare time, like it? [This message has been edited by DataDroid (edited October 16, 2001).]
  3. Keyan Farlander, where do you live? My family lives in a small town called Colmar Manor, in Maryland. Know where that is? BTW They're OK, I checked already.
  4. How do I make EG's go at right angles to the ship in OPTech? If not in OPTech, in XEG?
  5. Don't worry about it, it's one of many mission bugs.
  6. I've heard he's very good from the XWAU forums.
  7. Hi, I've been on the XWAU forums for a while, and I finally decided to register here as well. Anyway, I was thinking of a few things that haven't been mentioned that I would like to see in a new game: 1. Directional damage. i.e. if you get hit in the laser cannon, you won't take much damage, but that cannon won't work anymore. 2. "Zoned" shields. i.e. a visible bubble (like in Starfighter) surrounding the ship, but that takes directional damage. 3. Complete game editor provided with the game. i.e. a program that could edit missions, ships, briefings, and any other possible feature. 4. 24-bit textures that don't have to be resized to powers of two (is that even possible?) 5. Better battle damage. i.e. when a torpedo hits a ship, it actually takes a chunk out of it. 6. Fighter's lasers would have little or no effect on capships. 7. 3D explosions 8. Better shockwave damage. i.e. when a large ship blows up next to you, it not only hurts you, but sends you spinning as well.
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