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  1. Really looking forward to this, and hoping they nail this one! The first two were good and had so much potential but they seemed to fall a little short. Third time's the charm! Plus, yeah, it would be great to see Lucasforums get a little life back in them again!
  2. Oh, it's still here, as well as every other great thread from those days! I've been slowly going back over the old threads and posts and remembering the glory days of GB.com. In doing so I have come to realize a great truth: in all my days since and all my "travels" on various forums/boards/communities, none have ever had the sense of family and comradery that Lucasforums had/has, especially the GBers. What an amazing group of people. Wherever life took them, wherever they may find themselves these days, I hope they are blessed beyond measure and I hope they know how much of a difference they made in such a small matter of time to so many people. The Legends of the Spam story was a collective effort by the forum to make us all heros, but what we didn't realize then was... we already were.
  3. What a great story! I miss the days of creative writing with my fellow GBers!
  4. It's been ten years on now, and given the absurdity of most of the projections, I hope you'll forgive me when I say, I hope most of these haven't proven to be true! But that being said, it has been ten years. I wonder what everyone is up to these days? What has everyone experienced since then? Where did life take us all? I imagine, for the vast majority, we'll never know, but maybe, just maybe, someone might show up and reply. Who knows?! It could happen! P.S. THREAD BUMP OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!!!!
  5. Ah yes, the GB.com Off topic Forum. I remember you, even if I may have passed from your memory. You look different then I remember, and you've moved around a bit, but as I read through your threads this place becomes distinctly more familiar and as the memories flood back, I begin to pine for the old place. Most of all, it was the family that gathered here I miss. Those members who I considered my online family. I think back to the great debates, the stories and the discussions we shared. We may not have agreed on all things, but in all things we respected each other. Yes, this was my home, and those that shared it with me were my family. Know this, despite my absence over the years, I have never forgotten you. Many things that were spoken here, in this great place, have gone on to help me in many ways in my life for which I will remain forever grateful, and I will never forget you. For all the wonderful memories, you have my eternal thanks.
  6. You can check out some pics of me, or more precisely, that of my alter ego, Havoc Stryphe here. While your there feel free to friend request me, just give me a note letting me know you are from Lucasforums. Now keep in mind that these pics sprang up from a bout of sever boredom coupled with an extreme sense of cheesy overactive and imaginative vision one night. So here you go. Just thought you guys might want to see the face of the geek that posts here. Oh, and be gentle...
  7. Yeah, my oldest is 6-and-a-half and my daughter is 4. There a lot of fun at this age. There mouths and attitudes are still rather small.
  8. My oldest son, he's easy: Wii and DS games My Daughter is still pretty easy to buy for: Anything pinky and/or cuddly (i.e. Stuffed animals/webkinz/barbie/My little pony etc.) My Youngest son is only 2 and just about anything that lights up makes sounds or moves is A-O-K! Well, then it would be an additional $225 in tickets. And that would be a $400 concert. Don't get me wrong, I Absolutely LOVE Williams, and especially his Star Wars scores, and of course love all things Star Wars, but I can't justify spending $400 on a single concert. Maybe if I was young and single with less responsibilities, but I just can't let myself do it anymore!
  9. Looks like an incredible experience. However, I don't have $175 right now to blow on concert tickets, or at least my wife says I don't. Stupid Christmas right around the corner with three kids to buy presents for! jk - I'll gladly give up a concert to see my kids faces lit up brighter than the tree on Christmas morning, even a Star Wars concert!
  10. Well, I have seen the movie with my wife, and even bought her the books so she could keep reading. I tried to read them myself, but I just couldn't do it. I am not aginst them because they are intended for the fairer sex, but because they are cheesy and god-awful. And I have some pretty low standards, for example I really like "The Vampire Diaries" show on the CW. Now that show is marketed squarely at teen girls, and is pretty cheesy in and of itself. So I do like certain things that are "girl marketed" and even cheesy and sophmoric. So trust me when I say, "Twilight sucks!" because I am saying it based strictly on the merits and quality of the product, and not out of some deep rooted male bravado seated firmly within my subconcious self making sure I am not emascilated among my peers. I only do that when it comes to "My Little Pony" and "Barbie", and I swear I play with them because of my daughter not because I like to!!!
  11. Some men are born good, others have goodness thrust upon them in the form a daily training regimen by their wives. 10 years in, and I am happy to report that I am finally "good" by my wife's standards. BTW honey, if you read this, I mean that in the best possible way.
  12. Well, my wife would appreciate it. *SIDE NOTE: Everyone please take note that Havoc is a dutiful and considerate husband, even to the point of extreme psychological trauma at the hands of Twilight based video games. He wants that on the record, so that in the event of Twilight induced death, someone may speak to this at his funeral.
  13. leXX, I think I have that covered my "Everything but STD's and brussel sprouts" reply! Didn't I make that clear enough?
  14. Always a welcomed gift. Timeless as it is practical!
  15. Then I'll gladly re-gift any I get for christmas to you, leXX. Oh, and whoever gets them for me will definetly be off my Christmas Card list next year!
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