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  1. with a vast array of characters in the game, i was wondering whose evrybodys fave one is. mine is the big ginger demon, Glottis. cos he is hilarious.
  2. yeah - the land of the dead is extremely vast n u cud have millions of stories. ur spelling is better than most peoples from england u cud always satisfy ur Grim Fandango hunger by writing one of ur own.
  3. thats a bloody good idea. that wud b amazing. got a character brewing in my head as i type. this idea aint leavin my head ne time soon
  4. one of the funniest lines in my opinion is when manny talks to lupe about day of the dead lupe why is it that the same people who dont go home are the same ppl who end up here manny well i guess when u got nothin to go home too u got nothin to lose. lupe hey! we shud put that above the door! i laff whilst thinkin bout it :D :D Grim Fandango is the best game ever!
  5. am unsure whether i want a grim 2. one part of me wud luv 2 see the return of manny n glottis, cos i miss them the other part fears that if they do create a sequel, it will be a disappointment. sequels have a tendency to be below par. and i wud h8 that to happen to GF.
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