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  1. Okay, what is the stupidest, most bone-headed, hair-brained death you've ever suffered? I think my best has to be the first time I attempted the convoy capture mission with the Hurrim. I didn't think that I would engage enemy forces early on, so I poured all the shield energy into engines. I inspect the first Bulk Transport, and swing up to inspect the nearby Container Transport. Unfortunately, I was moving so fast I smashed into it
  2. I help Emon take out the first wave of Razors, then head straight for the container transports while Emon and your turrets take out the Enkidu. Don't try to kill the transports, just cripple their engines to prevent them getting away. Now slaughter as many Razors as possible. When Aeron is clear, take out the transports you crippled to make up the 25%. Don't forget to destroy the Venix. When the Imps show up, pour everything into your engines and get the hell out of there.
  3. Okay, virtual memory should always be set higher than your RAM. Typically it should be about 2x to 4x the amount of RAM you have.
  4. Aeron wasted my ass once too. It was on the mission where you have to save her from the asteroid base. Now I know in that mission your chances of survival purely rest on the X-Wing's ability to survive. The first time I played they were all dead before I got past the Executor. Anyway, I dock on the rock, pour everything into my shields and leap to the turret. I took a heavy beating from the eyeballs and dupes, and without any X-Wings to shoot them off my back there was nothing I could do. I get the message "Okay, I'm on, let's go!" and EmKay and Aeron engage in their usual banter. I leap into the cockpit. Pour everything into the engines and make for the nav buoy. Unfortunately, I only realised it hadn't been activated when I was a klick away from the base. I check the mission goal, and it claimed that I hadn't completed my docking operations... Oddly enough, the one with the ComSat sabotage rolled off perfectly. Remember that the stormies come in waves alternating between inspecting Aeron and attack you, ignore the eyeballs, and just pour everything you've got into the troops. When Aeron reports that her job is done, head straight for her. She'll enter the "hanger" automatically.
  5. Really, I kinda hope that the next in the X-Wing series is something like Alliance from the Imp point of view. How dare they fob us off with neutered Missile Boats in XWA? [This message has been edited by NiteFox (edited October 11, 2001).]
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