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  1. Personally, I think there are several game imbalances. However, these should not be fixed yet. If any patches come out soon, they should be for real bugs. Alot of my friends haven't gotten the game yet, while I got it the first day. Over the next few weeks, more people will buy the game, and more testing can occur. I think dual sabers need to be nerfed at some point and some other things switched around, but, not right at this moment. Eventually, certainly, but, give it about a month.
  2. dran. the file didn't work for me. guess I'll be stuck waiting for the official patch. I really hate that blue screen error....
  3. Yeah, hope this is delt with soon....
  4. Oh, and if it means anything, I'm running Windows 98 SE.
  5. I've run that analyse thing too, but I didn't see where in that technical help thread, it said we were supposed to mail it...
  6. Got JA today, and it sure looks fun, but I can't get into SP! I click single player, it starts to load, then I get a blue screen crash that says something about a fatal exception and OE. I've reinstalled 3 times, deleted the demo, uploaded drivers, everything I can think of. 1.2 Athlon 256 RAM 64 mb Geforce 2 a few gigs left of extra space And multiplayer seems to work fine....
  7. No, I got past it fairly easily, do you have the 2.02 patch?
  8. I almost got killed on that escort the fleet to Sullust mission...I hypered right behind the Independce did and rammed it...just barely got back to the Liberty...
  9. I post in the games forum alot, there's a group who play Jedi Knight every weekend, and we're going to probobly start XWA on fridays...
  10. Just disable the shuttle. For the Frigate, that happened to me once, I had the patch, so I flew it again and it worked the second time through..
  11. Hey, I'm new here, I normally post at TF.N, and I just beat the game today. So, umm...yeah -Aragorn
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