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  1. G: Guybrush (okay so its the most painfully obvious monkey island thing ever but what the hey)
  2. Am I? People seem to have written pages and pages of elaborate theories and all sorts of rubbish. Then there are the others who spend a considerable amount of time trying to disprove this stuff. Are there any more of us who don't give a damn what Gilbert intended? All that matters is that the Monkey Island series is of high quality. The next two games follow on well in my opinion and is they create plotholes, well good, its adds to the general confusion that is Monkey Island.
  3. This was tough, while Monkeys 1&2 are clearly better than either Broken Sword games, they are about parallel with 4 and much better than three. Overall despite Broken Sword's Cleverness and excellent "story-telling" approach to gameplay (that is to say the game is played as if George is telling someone about it later) it is no match for the classic Monkeys so they get my vote.
  4. I think that it was both a good way to explain it but that it also created more plotholes. Monkey Island defies explanation. Each game adds another layer of convaluted plot. It doesn't make sense, it doesn't have to, its part of the way Monkey Island is.
  5. SOMI: The whole thing was uniformly good. I don't thing any moments especially stand out, oh wait destroying your ship was funny and it was interesting playing through again to find that the game pans out slightly differently if you don't. MI2:LR: Again the whole thing was truly immense, for some reason I find the Guybrush sinking to the bottom of the ocean funny, not sure why but I do. Also "Arrghh we don't need no stinkin' mouthwash". COMI: I didn't enjoy this game much, the whole thing seemed a bit lame and forced and I didn't particularly like the cartoon style. I still thought it was okay mind, just not as great as the others. Nothing stands out. EFMI: "You've befouled my platypus". A classic line. As was "its a brass monkey (audience) Brass Monkey Monkey.
  6. Grim Fandango is not just my favourite adventure game its also my favourite game of all time. Played it through at least ten times now.
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