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  1. That was a very cromulent post. My world view has become embiggened.
  2. Oh and by the way, you're all douchebags, and you suck ass.
  3. Think about it; You wake up when the alarm goes off to an annoying buzz, or perhaps the radio playing some song that should never have been written, much less played at five in the morning. You only got five or six hours of sleep last night, so you have yourself some coffee or an energy drink, perhaps a smoke. Something to help jar you awake. Hop in the shower, get dressed, snag an unhealthy breakfast and start the morning commute. You listen to the morning show, the one with the out-spoken, racist personality and the sidekicks who never tell him he's an idiot. The show goes to five minute commercials ever three minutes, and most of your drive to work is spent listening to people trying to sell you crappy diamonds with irritating jingles that are way too loud. You get to work, clock in, and spend the next many hours doing something that, should you be given a choice would never dream of doing. Not only that but you do it so long that by the end of the day both your body and mind are tired and you can't possibly do the things you want to do. Rinse, lather and repeat four more times, and then it's the weekend. You sleep in on Saturday so you can atleast get one day out of the week with a healthy rest, but by the time you wake up it is noon, and the days half over. So you do in one day whatever it is you would like to have gotten done during the week, and by later evening your errands are done, and you can start to enjoy yourself. You sit down at the computer and play a game for a couple of hours before you decide to go to bed. Then it's sunday. The most depressing day of the week. You can't enjoy the day off because all you can think about is that you have to be at work bright and early the next morning, and how the hell are you going to fall asleep at a reasonable hour after sleeping til noon the past two days. So you don't leave the house at all, spend the whole day playing computer games so as to make up for lost time, have a few cocktails to help knock yourself out at a reasonable time, and start all over again. For two weeks out of the year you go on vacation, maybe camping up north, a cruise on the ocean, or perhaps to a tropical island. Somewhere peaceful. Somewhere quiet. Somewhere relaxed. You spend the whole time doing nothing but enjoying the scenery and listening to the waves crash upon the shore. Some exotic bird is singing, and a polynesian girl brings you another Mai Tai. Two weeks is almost up, and you've only started to unwind. You toy with the pipe-dream of perhaps buying a hotel, or a bar. Hell, you'd be happy being a bartender here. Anything to stay in paradise. But in the end you go back to the airport, sit next to a fat, smelly man and a woman with a crying baby. The plane lands in some smog-filled, crime-infested metropolis, your cab ride home is full of anxiety as some angry cabby yells constantly and flips the bird to all the drivers who cut him off in their mad race to get to work on time. Somewhere in the distance you hear a kettle drum. Any relaxation you achieved is long-since forgotten, and your only solace is the thought that in a year you can do it again. But until that time you have a few cocktails so you can get over your jet lag and make it into the office on time. You lay down, and right before you pass out you can't help but hope that perhaps the office will have burned down while you were gone, and you don't have to go back. or You awake to the sound of waves crashing against the shore and some exotic bird singing somewhere in the distance. You make your way out of your shelter and marvel at the clear blue sky. You have a breakfast of fresh, organic fruit, so bursting with flavor and nutrients anything else by comparison is rotten. You spend a leisurly day making rope, or thatching your roof. Perhaps hunting. No rush, your only boss is hunger and weather. But you don't need to worry because you are smart enough to keep a food store. You take a nap sometime during the afternoon, but you have no idea what time it is because you have come to the realization that time doesn't bloody well matter and have destroyed the sun dial you made. When you awake it is early evening, so you make your way up the trail you made to the highest peak of the island to watch the sun go down. With nothing obstructing the horizon for dozens of miles in every single direction you see the most spectacular natural phenomenon known to man, save for some rare celestial event. The clouds on this particular evening act as blinds, projecting long shadows over the sea, creating fingers of twinkling lights as the sunlight dances of the waves. At dusk you make your way back down to the fire ring, and build a campfire. You prepare whatever it was you caught that day, or perhaps something from your store should you have not been lucky that day. The rest of the evening you watch the fire, focused on the beautiful display and relishing the comfort. Late evening comes and you make your way back to your shelter, small and cozy. Nothing so large as to be difficult to repair, nothing so small as to be impractical. No more than you need, no more than you want. As you start to drift to sleep you think how much you look forward to tomorrow, and how much you enjoyed today. Anyone who says they need a computer to have fun is a retard, but frankly that's fine with me. You all can stay here making pointless posts on a pointless messageboard about pointless subjects which will only be read by people who will miss the point. Please, by all means, stay right here, never ever go anywhere with natural beauty, the world is far too crowded as it is. I myself intend to live life.
  4. Who ever you are, I bet you're a douchebag.
  5. She's way too patronizing. Give me Seven of Nine any day. You can tell all those years of being a borg have repressed her and inside is a wild beast just waiting to let loose, am I right, am I right!?! AHHHH you all know what I'm talking about!
  6. Yeah, I gotta say I'm a Mary-Ann man myself. But think about it, would you really want to be stranded on a lush tropicla island with a women bitching all the time? "I thought you said you were going to wash the coconuts!" Why haven't you killed any pigs lately?" I want a porch built on the bamboo hut! You never take me out to eat anymore! You go off to hunt and scavange and I'm left home all day to take care of the monkeys and then you come home and expect me to cook dinner when I've been on my feet all day whacking the clothes against a rock! Why don't you rub my feet anymore!?! When we were dating you used to buy me flowers, why don't you buy me flowers anymore!?! Just once I would like to see you help out around the island. I thought you were going to fix the thatched-roof last weekend! It's hurricane season and you know it's just going to start leaking. My mother told me you would turn into a lazy bum who never does anything but sit on his duff drinking fermented coconut and scratching himself bit I didn't listen. If I would have listened to, where are you going!?! Get back here and hold the monkeys I have to run to the grove and pick up some fresh herbs and berries! Yap yap yap yap yap yap yap. No thanks.
  7. Besides, the point that was obviously lost on Ray is not that I will be able to make me own computer, but that even our most advanced technology is nothing more than sand and oil and metals taken from our very surroundings. It isn't some mysterious object handed down from a mysterious race, WE made it, with OUR own ingenuity. And it wasn't as if though we said "me lack computer, me need figure out build computer." It was thousands of years of tinkering around with everything we found laying around, seeing what it could do, what it was made of, being curious about our surroundings. This same curiosity and ingenuity has not been lost. Put man in the situation I have described and he will not perish, he will flourish, and much more he will have FUN doing so.
  8. A wise man once said 'Only boring people get bored.'
  9. No, actually I WAS thinking of the island from the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away. Sandy beaches are only good for sunning yourself, rugged coastline is much more interesting, just look at Lake Superior. And I could watch a sunset and or sunrise on a tropical island every single day for the rest of my life and it would never get boring. Every one is different, and they are always cool. Catching one's food is a much more satisfying sense of accomplishment as opposed to buying it with money you earn from doing a ****e job you hate for long hours that make your knees hurt. And if I get hurt, I get hurt. But I can get in a car accident without health insurance and thus be forced to live on the street where I will probably not survive a Minnesota winter. Life is dangerous no matter where you are. Doctors are not healers, they are drug-sellers or surgery-suggesters. With a little practical knowledge one can mend himself. Take Tom Hanks for example. He fixed his tooth, cleaned his teeth using salt water(which no one knows can be used because we are so used to having to buy cleaning PRODUCTS like toothpaste and mouthwash that we have started to lose practical knowledge that is useful). All one needs to know is how to make a splint, sew a cut, set a bone, set a dislocated joint. Anything worse than that and you'll die and thus not need to worry anymore cuz you're dead. Native americans flourished for thousands of years using only practical knowledge and herbal medicine. Anyway, the point that is lost on you is that quality of living would be higher. Left to himself with only his wits as a tool man can accomplish magnificent things. The very computer you are using to spank to pr0n was created from the earth. Man figured out how to use the ground to make anything he ever wanted, and we aren't even done inventing yet. Everything we could ever possibly want to have is right there for our taking, we only need to be given the chance. I propose a new reality TV show. One that is REALY real. Me. On an Island. Alone. No camera men, just remotes. I guarantee I would be having a LOT more fun than Tom Hanks had. Mainly, because none of you douchebags would be there.
  10. ^ Is a douchebag. < Is a douchebag. V Is a douchebag.
  11. ^ Puts stupid obscure quotes at the bottom of his posts that only take up valuable screen space that no one ever reads, no one ever gets if they do read it, no one ever cares either way, and no one ever says anything about it, until now. < Is a narcissist. V Is a douchebag.
  12. I was just watching my Johnny Castaway screensaver, and I started to wonder; why is it that everytime people are stranded on a deserted tropical island the first thing they start doing is try to get off!?! I would appreciate my good fortune at not having to pay bills ever again, not having to pay taxes ever again, not having to go to some ****e job ever again, having the luxury to sit around and appreciate the beautiful scenery for once in life without worrying what time it is. No more annoying commercials every five minutes pushing crap that only makes me poorer, no more horrible processed foods that make me fatter and weaker. No more cars buring up precious resources at assinine prices making the air unsuitible for breathing. No more people being mean. Life would be as nearly perfect as is worldly possible and they instantly start trying to leave. I just don't get it.
  13. Allo, I am the Dude. I'm a fully formed adult, and anyone who likes post-modern LucasGames is a douchebag.
  14. I have an idea, instead of begging the Emperor for a piece of stale bread like a pathetic dog why don't we say to the Emperor "screw you man, we don't need you, we're going to MAKE OUR OWN!" You should be ashamed of yourself. I for one refuse to play by Georgyboy's rules any longer. Mark my words; Should they ever make MI5 I will NEVER buy it. I will never play it. I will never download the demo, I won't look at pictures. What I WILL do, however, is come to this forum and listen to you all bitch about how much it sucks and wish they would make MI6, just like you all did when EMI came out. The glory days are gone man, move on. Dwelling on the past will only take your attention away from the present, and someday you're going to wake up and wish you had back all that time you spent hoping and praying for MI5.
  15. Personally, I thought the clarinet in the Palace of Prothesis was the best music in the whole game. For some reason it reminded me of the Robert Redford movie Sneakers.
  16. I don't need any help here, you are the ones who are tone-deaf
  17. No one adressed this question in the now closed previous thread, can you play Mac based games on a PC using scummvm?
  18. Maybe you'll understand this one you empty-headed animal food trough water! Your mother was a hampster and your father smelt of elderberries!
  19. Okay, just so we have a point of common reference, in CMI Van Helsing comments on an annoying tune he couldn't get out of his mind, that tune being the monkey theme. When he sings la lala la-la le laa it is the beginning of the main body of the piece. There are variations of the them and it sometimes starts different, but those seven notes are what I'll call the beginning. Now, these beginning seven notes of the Monkey Theme DO mirror PART of a stanza of the Jojo theme, but after those seven notes the monkey theme goes off in another direction, while the Jojo theme continues on. These seven notes in the Monkey Theme are a Line by themselves. In the Jojo Theme they don't start the line, and once they occur in the line, the line continues on for ten more notes before the line ends. There IS a similarity there that COULD cause some confusion, but it is NOT THE SAME SONG. I have a feeling we'll have to email Z-Land to end this discussion, but just so I can say I told you so later, I'm right, you're wrong, stop trying to win. Now, seeing as the question I originally asked, hence the point of this thread, is "what is the name of the song?" And since you obviously don't know the answer to that question, why did you even bother posting in the first place!?!
  20. Yes but the whole point is that it is HIS company and his whole goal in life is to exploit his baby for as much money as he can squeeze out of it. Also, yes some of the Star Wars games are good, I enjoy Jedi Outcast, but Star Wars games don't count. They are soulless by comparison. Like over-produced hollywood blockbusters that rake in the dough each summer because they hire A list celebs and boast the latest in special effects yet have very little to offer by way of plot, character development and that sort of thing. Sure we enjoy these types of games, but twenty years from now Monkey Island 2 is STILL going to be the game we all play, but we won't play Jedi Outcast anymore because the special effects will look dated and we will be playing the brand new instalment with better lights and AI and emoting faces. And I'm not pissing and moaning. If you'd care to actually figure out what I'm saying, I'm lamenting over the fact that the glorious empire is no longer the glorious empire I fell in love with. If anything I am angry AT lucasarts for letting me down. I feel like the child who loves the slugger and finds out all this time he's been using steroids.
  21. I just read your edited post and I gotta say, people need to stop citing grim fandango as a classic LucasArts game. It has become a classic in the last few years simply because it is the LAST of the GOOD games LucasArts made, but at the time it came out it was panned by critics, sold poorly and is one of the reasons LucasFarts stopped making adventure games because they are corporate whores and went where the money was. The games that got LucasArts where they were in their prime were games like Sam and Max, Monkey Island, and Outlaws. Those are the classics, much like how Meddle, Atom Heart Mother and Dark Side of the Moon got Pink Floyd to where they were. The Wall is much like Grim Fandango. After the Wall they kept TRYING to make music but it just never got any better. One of the reasons we all hold Grim Fandango in such high regard is because in the Grand Timeline it was an orgasmic crescendo, a gigantic booming sky rocket, that could never be matched and all we can do is hold onto the memories of when we first experienced it, inoccently believing that it wouldn't be the last. If we would have known how wrong we were perhaps we would have savored the moment a little longer. But seeing as we have nothing new to hold onto we must replay, and replay and replay, like a user using in an attempt to remember what that first hit felt like, but each time it's just not quite the same, and each replay gets us farther and farther and farther away, until behold the dream is gone. We no longer remember what it is like and have become sick from over-use. Then one day Psychonauts comes along and we lap it up not caring about the quality, desperate for a new fix. We are so depraved we even speak of it as if it is a LucasArts' game's brother, when it is merely distant relation. A cousin of a cousin of your mother's college roommate. But when the patriarch of an empire dies, all the family shows up to the funeral. Maybe someday LucasArts will realize the error of their ways and be good again, but I doubt it. Infact, I'm certain LucasArts KNOWS they suck, but are powerless to do anything about it. Afterall, they ARE LucasArts, and Georgie Boy has them in a stranglehold. He who was once a young visionary has become blind to what is right in front of him. Someday soon his mighty empire will fall when people are tired of playing a brand new incarnation of the same exact universe. Someday Rome will fall and there will be nothing, no monkey islands, no grim fandangos, not even any star wars left. Nothing. Only decade-old memories of a glorious golden-age, when no wrong could be done and everything made was made of silver and diamonds, and oh how it sparkled. I have to give them credit, they had an extraordinary run.
  22. Sheet Music for what!?! we don't know the name of the song yet!
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