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  1. I was talking to Onlyonecanoli (sorry if i misspeled your name) and I am interested in joining and maybe creating a ctf ladder. I am clan leader of Fallen Power, my ingame name is <FP>Fallen0ne My clan is new but it has a fiew very good people in it. Im looking for more info on this ladder stuff and help with recruiting very good ctf players. I have 3 24/7 rented servers. If I was going to start a ladder it would be because I miss jk2 ctf allot and want to bring back hard compitition like there was in jk2. Sooo manny nubs in JA so im trying to group all of the skilled into servers even if there not my servers. I think we need some servers that are dedicated to only good people so thoughs of us that are good can still improve and not be bored to death. Please Post info and tell me if this is a good idea or not.
  2. I like anti laming, what is your opinion?
  3. And the *BS* clan are probably the bigest ass holes. I have banned 2 from my servers.
  4. Well, my brother Ninja faught you and killed you 5 times in a row, the sixth time you used the cheat sabers and lied 16 times that you never had a cheat even though Ninja had the saber file so he could see if you were using it. The saber cheat was NEVER-EVER on any of my servers. I only rarly used the saber cheat and only on your server. " so you can cheat" That was not my intention and i clearly stated this before. "So talk about cheating also with your DF plus 1.0 mod" Well, it broadcasts every command that is used, and in clan wars we usualy go to the other clans server. I am not attacking your noobyness, I am attacking your use of empower and ban. as for my map, LoL I want to see you try and make something that wonderful. LoL. By the way nojac, you forgot to attack my skinning =P
  5. Ok, I do not have the saber mod on my server, infact I told my members about it and they would never let me do such a thing. It was olny an experiment.. First of all, I recruted someone that first came to my server and wanted to join then went to yours and you were asking him to join and we said no and I recruted him. Second, this isnt going behind you back I told you I was going to do this. Third, you didnt ban us because of recruting and revenging pathetic insault to our pwnage by soxx and other itiot noobs. Or the fact that we were disrespecting you because Green was the only one there comenting on some of your more lamer members bitchyness. You banned me a whole day after this happened and right when we were kicking your ass at a clan fight. I know you banned us because you got pissed that you are a noob when it comes to force and empower wasnt good enoughf to stop our pwnage. I am not acting like a little kid I am speeking on the behalf of 4 other clan members that were banned along with me. AS for the harrasment, we never harrased you. Only your retarded members that yell LAME even if you kill them with there sabers out. And Grip kick Rocks you noob, and does require skill so stfu about the grip kick takes no skill. Skill is when you can pwn other players like we do to you. I am waiting for a fair clan war. LoL
  6. Wow, there can be worse! omfg what is this world coming to, im going to kill myself lol just kidding. lol, me and c3phobo went on because he finaly unbaned us and we tottaly kicked there asses it was hilarious, then they started to complain and slap us because we used grip kick. LOL.
  7. Lol, grip kick Cl-Ch-Nojac and you will see how pathetic him and his clan is.
  8. Ok, this is a most pathetic clan I have ever soon. First of all, Nojac the clan leader of Jedi Force Elite used to be friends with me. Long storry so ill skip that, but I was experimenting with .saber files and made a saber cheat to use in single player. I gave that saber to him and now he uses it on his server when he is recruting people so people want to join his clan because they think he is really good. Here is the saber config compared to a normal one.. defender cheat saber { saberType none saberModel "models/weapons2/saber_dual_3/saber_dual_3.glm" soundOn "sound/weapons/saber/saberon.wav" soundLoop "sound/weapons/saber/saberhum4.wav" soundOff "sound/weapons/saber/saberoff.wav" saberColor random numBlades 2 saberLength 50 //32 saberStyle none saberStylelearned fast; medium; strong; desann; tavion; dual; staff lockbonus 999 disarmbonus 999 parrybonus 999 breakParryBonus2 999 disarmBonus2 999 returndamage 1 trailstyle 1 notinmp 0 throwable 1 singleBladeStyle none singleBladeThrowable 1 twoHanded 0 maxchain -1 disarmable 0 alwaysblock 1 damagescale 1 noManualDeactivate2 1 } normal saber dual_1 { name @MENUS_STAFF_HILT1 saberType SABER_STAFF saberModel "models/weapons2/saber_dual_1/saber_dual_1.glm" soundOn "sound/weapons/saber/saberon.wav" soundLoop "sound/weapons/saber/saberhum4.wav" soundOff "sound/weapons/saber/saberoff.wav" saberColor random numBlades 2 saberLength 32 saberStyle staff throwable 0 singleBladeStyle medium singleBladeThrowable 1 brokenSaber1 brokenstaff brokenSaber2 brokenstaff twoHanded 1 } lol he is cheating using my cheat that I never intended to be used in multi player. Next Defenders of the Force were having a clan war with Jedi Force Elite. Full Force and Saber and guns. [DF] was pwning them so Cl-Ch-Nojac empower himself as well as annother clan mate near him. [DF] called for a restart or they forfit the game so he restarted. Then We start to pwn them again, it was [DF] 32 to [JFE] 3 So Nojac then banned all the [DF] from the server. That is the most pathetic Nub clan EVER.
  9. I dont think the mp jetpack is very good. I test alot of mods because I run 4 servers on ja and in 'The Last Hope' mod there is single player style jetpack. I was wondering if OJP might have a single player jetpack.. and can someone help me put the single player style jetpack in an upcoming mod called 'Defenders of the Force + 1.0' also known as df+1.0 that Sephious, and I are working on with the help of one other person that I might not be alowed to name ... If anyone has the code or helpful information on how I could make the single player jetpack in mp please post here. -[DF]SpecialForces[CL] ******************************************* Defenders of the Force - The Jedi Academy Clan- ******************************************* http://www.geocities.com/defendersoftheforce
  10. OMFG alienware is ****!!!!!!!!!!!!! The screen isnt attached, the graphics card is tottaly broken, the god damn windows xp is fake, and the cd drives dont work.. AND THEY GOD DAMN SAID THEY TESTED IT THE STUPID **** BASTARD LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. OMG OMG...... I got the Alienware Laptop AND JA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG OMFG....... THE ALIENWARE LAPTOP DOESNT WORK :( GOD DAMN IT it costed 3000$ and thoughs FOOLS cant put it together right The screen just flashes gray, and it never stops... its going to take forever to get it fixed, WHY ME!!!!!! But it was a great xmas MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. it is 25000 And the comp is capable of doing it 2.8 GHz all up to date stuff dsl LAN and router.... could the router be the problem?
  13. how can I turn off my firewall... People can connect but after a fiew minuets they ping out.... So it has to be the firewall... PLEASE tell me how to turn it off or make it let me run a server.
  14. My mom cant find JA they seem to be sold out Something fun to do in the demo..... type playermodel r2d2 then type give all Now you have a r2d2 that can shoot cnc missles, rockets, ect. its sweet
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