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  1. Very slight EU, you mean. I'm talking about REAL EU. With new species and the like. Like those creatures with vehicles and weapons that are actually living things.
  2. The most we'll see is a really big patch or new maps. There's really nothing more they can expand on... Unless they go EU.
  3. ....Ummm...H&D2 is way WAY WAY WAY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY worse than this game can ever be. You sir, just shot your own eye out with that end remark. The original H&D is far superior to its piss-poor excuse of a sequel. You have no taste, You failed as a human being. Kill yourself now.
  4. At this rate, I'm wondering whether or not I should want this game for Christmas... I just checked ASE and it seems all the servers populated with decent pings, But how long will that last?
  5. We might be getting a demo announcement!
  6. Yeah so basically the game's a flop... HL2 is out now, and that Jedi Timeline mod looks excellent. Sooo...This half-assed "pushed out door" game, has failed. Lucasarts / Pandemic should be ashamed.
  7. If it comes on a magazine, it's almost definitely going to get leaked onto the net.
  8. No where near the size of Battlefields... They're like 65% smaller than battlefields maps.
  9. reinstall the game.
  10. This is strictly a game giving you a perspective from the soldier's point of view. If you want Jedis along with guns and stuff, Either go buy Jedi Knight II (it's bout 20 or so dollars now) or Jedi Academy (likewise). If you want further info on those games...google it.
  11. If they didn't have to rush the game to coincide with the DVD release, it'd probably be waaaay better than it currently is.
  12. I don't see how a game that covers all non-EU things has any room for an expansion... Except perhaps a bonus pack is in order?
  13. You guys probably won't be seeing an actual UPDATE to the game for awhile... These measley patches take them a while to make for some reason...
  14. expansion packs are cash cows. free downloadable content in the form of bonus packs (Unreal Tournament) are way better.
  15. It's mixed feelings...I loathe the PC version... Yet I love the ps2 version.
  16. Coolest gameplay moment for me was seeing that sleek uninstall screen...
  17. Ummm...You mean out of the 87 servers?
  18. I'm saying Killzone, Simply for the fact I think Halo is the most over-rated game ever.
  19. God...The jedi heroes can be taken out with like 1 or 2 grenades! This topic is retarded.
  20. If there was a Jedi class...EVERYONE would be it, and the game is about the soldier side of the movies for a change... NOT about Jedi.
  21. Kamino could've atleast had the jedi starfighter and jango's slave 1 (or w/e it's called)
  22. I'm still not fully convinced... When I look at this game, I see Galactic Conquest.
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