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  1. Cheated and made them from Fimo, all the aceness with out the effort
  2. So, I've been quiet on this forum for a while. But thought I'd share my new art with you all. Only took an a couple of hours to create these guys! They now take pride of place on my gaming model shelf. The photo set.
  3. It was the only achievement I had left, wasn't sure how fast I had to do it in, but that was the quickest. Had played through it fully yesterday.
  4. Mine is on order now. Interestingly though if you order from Symbiote them selves, the shipping is cheaper.
  5. I didn't even talk to the Voodoo Lady on this run through.
  6. Just ran through MI1 in 01:31:04. Was wondering, what are other peoples times.
  7. I saw that too, can't believe nobody's picked up on it yet...
  8. Getting the download right now on the 360 in the UK. Been waiting all morning for it! Woo! Back soons
  9. What are you on about now, shhh and play!
  10. And the download is done, 189mb, 1mbps on my connection.
  11. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  12. Why Germany? I don't get your argument...
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