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  1. Hi there Welcome to the forum. Its great to see somebody with so much enthusiasm over the Monkey Island series, but I can probably tell you why you haven't had any response from here or the TellTale forums. Every day there are numerous fan projects that are spoken about, and allegedly started, but end up going nowhere fast. There are too many failed projects to count. If you are serious about making a game, then you need to show that you can bring something to the table. You spoke about what you would like to see IN the game... but there isn't a single mention about HOW any of this gets into the game? Are you a programmer? A musician? a graphics artist? Have you ever made anything before? Do you have any examples of your work that would show people that you are serious about the project? If you can shed a little more light on the creation process and what you can bring to the table, you may find you get some more interest. I unfortunately am guilty of being part of a project that went nowhere. It was called "The Adventures of Jim Sidelong : Marooned". I wrote the initial concept and story back in 2004, and along with a graphics artist we used both Visionaire Studio and WinterMute Engine to build prototypes of our game. We had a lot of support and interest in the title, but it went by the wayside as jobs, babies and wives came along etc.... Nearly 9 years on we have decided to start looking into building the project again... 9 years older, 9 years more skilled and wiser.... watch this space! lol... but don't hold your breath I wish you well in your endeavour. Revvin
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