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  1. Well after looking at the Lucasarts Museum website, it looks like I bought a "budget" version of MI 1.
  2. I bought a copy of both MI and MI2 off of ebay. The boxes seem to be original, but the manual for the first MI looks photocopied, and the disks are black color, with black & white labels. Can someone help me out? If these things aren't original, I'm going to put a negative for the ebay seller! Monkey Island 1 BOX Monkey Island 1 BOX LABEL - Label is not a regular stick-on label, the type is printed directly on the box. Monkey Island 1 disks - All disks look like this, with B&W label, with black color HD disk. Monkey Island 1 manual - Manual looks photocopied. Monkey Island 2 disks - Some disks are black color, some greyish color. Which is the original? Are the black color disks replacement disks? Monkey Island 2 manual - This looks like an original manual.
  3. The current games market led to the decision? PLEASE! Then how is it they can release game after game for the Star Wars universe? LucasArts just can't get it through their thick skulls! We don't need nor want more Star Wars based games! Nor do we want lame console based games. We want original PC games. I just wish console games would die and the Nintendo kiddies buying them would grow up and see how much better games on PC are.
  4. I just emailed the PR dept to express my concerns. I'm not buying another LucasArts branded game or merchandise until a shift towards ORIGINAL Adventure PC games comes back. Please LucasArts, no more lame Console games either. Come back to PC gaming.
  5. I will definitely tell my local PC gamers friends about this too. Several are LucasArts fans of older games. They will definitely ban their products too. LucasArts just doesn't get it. We don't want more StarWars related games! We want original games! First there was EA and the whole Origin crisis. EA has ruined and closed a lot of independent developing houses. Origin was one they ruined after Ultima Ascension was released. That piece of crap stinks so bad, I wish I could flush it down the toilet! No wonder Richard Garriot, the creator of the Ultima games left his own company. He couldn't stand EA taking over. EA also ruined Bullfrog and others. I haven't bought an EA published game since Ultima Ascension! Black Isle is no more too. It's time we take a stand against big software publishers, and go back to the roots and support local independent developers and their original games. Console games are being focused on so heavily these days, it's leaving PC games in the dust. I go to my local software stores, and see nothing but X-Box and PS2 games lining the walls. It used to be nothing but PC games! I am NOT interested in console games. I DO NOT own a console. I detest consoles. I only wish to play quality PC games.
  6. This is what my thoughts were when I came back to visit the Sam & Max site today. So I have a proposition. Let's get some amateur developers together on this forum, to create our own "Sam & Max" unofficial game. If the game has been cancelled, and they are no longer supporting the older game, then it's considered abandonware. Their rights for the game name are revoked. All we need is Steve Purcells go ahead to create an unofficial game. So I ask, is there any developers here that can help? I'm an amateur developer with fours years work experience that knows C++ and Visual Basic. Also I have a music degree and own MIDI hardware that can be used for producing the music. Although I'm not very indept with creating music, so we'll need a composer. Everyone involved will need their own tools for development, of course. We need the following... 1) Several developers proficient in Visual or .NET C++. 2) Graphics Artists. 3) Sound Engineer 4) Lead Engineer 5) ***Insert more here*** --------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm just fed up with getting the run-around from companies these days. And I'm fed up with all the console games being released, but no games for PC. My favorite software stores like GameStop, Babbages, EB Games...used to have whole walls full of PC games. Now they only have one section with PC games and the whole store is full with lame X-Box and PS2 games. It must be because all the "Nintendo kiddies" are growing up. This is where all our PC games are going....to the consoles. It's time for PC games to make a comeback!
  7. I'm at Pegnose Pete's house in the Mysts of Tyme Marsh. After I listen to the conversation, Mr. Mandril comes out of the house, closes the door, and then gets stuck walking. He just stands still outside the door, walking. The game doesn't continue. Is this a known bug or what? I can't access my inventory or anything. I tried re-loading a previous save game, but he still gets stuck outside the door. help!
  8. Hi, a_monkey here! I just reloaded Sam N Max and got it working great. Although under DOS. I suggest if you have WinXP, to make a FAT16 partition and put DOS on it, and dual-boot DOS/WinXP. Then when you want to run DOS games, you just select DOS. I have a SBLive and use the SBLive2SB16 hack to get sound working under DOS.
  9. I use a Dual-Boot of DOS/WinXP. I have a SBLive soundcard and use the (SBLive2SB16) hack to make it work as a SB16 under DOS. I have the Monkey Madness CD and it is up and running great under DOS. Although there is no setup program, there are command line options to select things. You may want to try Adlib sound. To use Adlib sound type: monkey a
  10. If you are running DOS, have you tried setting the DOS mouse driver to a higher sensitivity? Some DOS mouse drivers allow you to set the acceleration.
  11. Hi, Is it possible to get MIDI sound for old DOS games in WinXP? I just loaded MI2 and can't get any music to play. Unfortunately it looks like my SBLive doesn't support DOS emulation mode under WinXP. But I also have an external MIDI device(Korg X5DR) that I used to use for MIDI, and I can't get it to play with MI2 either. I set my output synth to various options and loaded a GM Soundfont but yet no sound. Would it be best, to go get a soundcard that has native SB16 DOS support? Help! No music in MI2 = no good times anymore!!!
  12. a_monkey


    You know, I found Loom talkie CDROM version several years ago, and have yet played it through to the end. I bought it because a friend of mine let me play it, when it was first released and I thought it was a good game. Fortunately I just loaded it back up, and it still works with WinXP! Was the CD version rare? I also have Sam N' Max CD talkie but I can't get sound to run in DOS because of my SBLive emulation requires EMM386 and Sam N' Max don't like it.
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