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  1. 1 hour ago, Laserschwert said:

    Nope. I guess this is too much of a legal gray area for them to care - after all, I can't claim any copyright on these. And Tim hating my guts over these posters probably doesn't help either. This makes it all the more amazing how fair and gratefully Limited Run Games handled the situation.

    I remember that whole debacle, him not being happy his name was removed and all. Fun times.

  2. Agree with Benzo. It's just an incredibly satisfying experience, the kind 2021 needs.


    The post-game game is also surprisingly full of new content -- it's a lot of fun being able to explore the environments with a completely different eye on them.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Satis said:

    Thanks mate. Do you need to have played 4 to "get" 5? Can't remember liking 4 too much but I may appreciate it more with lower expectations. 


    EMI is largely ignored from what I recall.


    I'd still give it a go, though. It has aged better than many will give it credit for.

  4. Edit -- rzil posted their reply the same time as mine! I'll keep my post for historical purposes.


    Ditto to what Jake said.


    15-20 years ago we went through all the resources using ScummRev after many of us (including me) claimed the Spiffy close-up was in the game. It was not found in the resource files.


    Crispness aside, the aspect ratio there is weird, not like any of the other close-ups.

  5. I did get it working on an older version, too, but I can't remember exactly what it took. I'm fairly sure if you search for the exact error message you'll find a solution, as the issue wasn't exclusive to TTG.

  6. 2 hours ago, Daf said:

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask some questions, hear what you guys think and hopefully get a discussion going as well.


    My main questions would be: why exactly did Ron leave LucasArts, and why did he do so at that time and not before or after?

    I've only ever heard vague things, but that might be because I'm not that well informed. Bloodnose Mike over at the LucasArts fan discord provided the explanation that Ron just wanted to own the IP for the games he was making, which is something I'd heard, but I wanted to know if you guys had different or more detailed answers.


    That sounds about right, and I assume that was the biggest part of it -- wanting to own his IP, do what he wanted to do without having to answer to management, etc. Related, he has also said he felt the company was growing too big as it was transitioning from LucasFilm Games to LucasArts.


    2 hours ago, Daf said:


    Then, some follow-up questions that are a bit more open: do we think the ending to MI2 was setting up a sequel, or was it just a cryptic open ending "for the sake of it"? And coming back to my first question, if Ron and crew did have an MI3 in mind, again, why would Ron leave at that time? Despite MI2 sales not being the best, it's not like management would have stopped them from making a part 3, specially if it was to be a conclusion of sorts. So, has he always had the idea for a trilogy (the famous "MI3a") or is it something he came up with more recently?


    I mean, I've left jobs even though I had projects planned there. That's just what people do, I don't think there's much more to it than that. Life happens. As for MI3, I know Schafer and Grossman were pondering making it, but decided to do DOTT instead.

  7. 4 hours ago, AlfredJ said:

    Guys, guys, it's:


    1. Revenge

    2. Secret

    3. Tales

    4. That bit where you meet Herman Toothrot in The Cave



    (a bunch of other nonsense)



    I'm actually going to amend my list, and put the moment in The Cave down as #4, too. Because The Cave is awesome.

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  8. 29 minutes ago, elTee said:

    I checked the covers of all the 1991-1992 issues and couldn't see any reference to it at all. It's genuinely mysterious!


    I did the same, no go. I could have sworn I'd seen it back in the nineties. It could have been on the inside, I suppose  -- "in next month's issue!" All I know is that I never ended up buying it.

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