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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply MrManager and sorry for not replying earlier. I've been in the hospital a few days (Nothing serious). I own the domains and have the files, but I have been waiting to get a more recent backup of the miwiki database. I tried to access the miwiki as soon as I saw the tweet, but the account is disabled. As soon as I get my hands on the database I will consider hosting somewhere else
  2. I am the webmaster of miwiki.net. I just checked the Mojo forum, sorry for not replying earlier, The domain is not expired, just doesn't lead anywhere right now. I, like a lot of other people, are waiting for Mojo to brig back the hosted sites and I have received no information from them. What? It was hosted by Mojo, so why isn't it part of Mojo's hosted sites? Does this mean you don't have a backup of it? And you knew it was me who ran the site, I have often contacted you when there problems with the hosting.
  3. I'm disappointed. I was hoping you could play the old game with the voices and new music. Why not at least give people the option? Seems like a lot of people want it, but whoever answered these questions just seemed to shrug it off, along with a lot of other criticisms and suggestions.
  4. While in the game, press ESC and click the 'Help' button to et a list of key combinations. Seriously, the readme file or the f.a.q. Don't give up so easily
  5. You're wrong You can get it to run with VDMSound though.
  6. As reported on WMI on June 29th Nice story though. It shows LucasArts is not completely without a heart.
  7. Yeah, what were they? I can't remember them. Also, The trivia section of World of MI has over 950 in-jokes, secret, errors, and references from the Monkey Island games as well as references to MI in other games. Both the reference to the movie Deliverance and the reference from Outlaws is listed there. The references from Sam & Max are there as well as several others from the game. You should check it out
  8. They probably don't want us to see the art because it's great and they know if was a mistake to cancel it. Btw. when was this info added?
  9. But wasn't it still LucasArts who had to develop (or at least pay for it) the XP versions of SCUMM? ActiVision couldn't force them to do that.
  10. GameSpot currently has a poll asking if the world needs another Star Wars game. Currently: No siree-bob, that tauntaun been done milked dry. 195 (21%) Sure--the galaxy could use a few more Jedi. 214 (23%) Only if it lets me stab Hayden Christensen with a lightsaber. Repeatedly. 206 (22%) No KOTOR 2? No deal. 305 (33%) http://www.gamespot.com/news/pc.html
  11. Co-op mode? In an adventure game? Gotta be an April Fools.
  12. Wow, I guess I hit a nerve there. 1. I have no evidence proving that the sales of Indiana Jones box made him release the original trilogy. I was just going by what's been said in the DVD community. On the other hand, you got no evidence to prove that the preassure of the fans convinced him. 2. The movies that will be released in the fall does not include the new footage. I assume he'll release Super Ultimate editions with new footage later (I know he's produced new footage together with filming the prequels.). The ones released will be the special editions from 1997. 3. No, I do
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