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  1. I am super interested in both the Dark Forces mod and the Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight mod. Keep up your incredible dedicated hard work. I can't believe it has been 15 years since Dark Forces and 13 since JK...I never completed Dark Forces and I had to cheat and use a guide to make it through Jedi Knight, I was quite young, but also now hearing about it, JK did have incredibly large and complex levels, something that needs to be explored again. I feel Lucasarts could make a killing updating these classic games (and X-Wings, TIE Fighter, etc.) but what do I know. I think these games were incredible but they are focused on coming up with BRAND new stories and nonsense to use new engines...seriously, just update Dark Forces and JK with new technology and resell them, a lot of gamers haven't experienced these games and I remember when I played them they really felt dark, mysterious, and hard...I didn't have the same experience with JK2 and JKA...those had their moments but weren't as seedy and dangerous feeling!
  2. Don't like the Vong? That would prove to be an interesting game.
  3. search for this under google, I can't remember exactly how I did it, but I can now play Dark Forces, X-Wing, and Tie Fighter on my laptop XP Media.
  4. I need new awesome Star Wars games for PCs. Post ideas here, what you'd like to see: I really need a Jedi Knight 3 or 4 whatever it is. This time Kyle Katarn against the Yuuzhan Vong, could even expand characters available for use in 'Jedi Knight', Corran Horn? Jacen Solo? This would be cool. We need an updated Star Wars flight combat game like X-Wing and Tie Fighter, going through the whole trilogy and beyond, this would be a massive game or games, but would be great to have better and more in-depth game!!! Really can't think of different TYPES of games just more for PC and new storylines and adventures and tap into the Expanded Universe after Return of the Jedi eventwise. I would love to fly some missions in New Republic battles against the remnant in an E-Wing or against the Vong in Jedi Stealth X-Wings!
  5. I got killed by the tree. I ran and backfliped off a wall into the abyss! And the dark jedi in Chandrila get so psyched out about fighting me that they flip off the ledges to the deaths without me swinging my dual sabers! The dark jedi have also fought each other over who will fight ME!!! Cool way to heal and watch them slice eachother up!
  6. I need to know how to finish the chandrila level. i got all the requirements done but the mission didn't end!
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