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  1. Riiight. Sure. Yeah... I think we only have one considerate person on the team. Sure ain't me.
  2. I find this whole 'cursing is evil' thing surreal. There is no filter on the Idle T forums either and there shouldn't be one. Seriously, though, do these asterisks really make you feel any less dirty? We all know what four-letter word goes in that place, could someone please explain to me how the fuck are our souls any purer through the damn asterisks?! Cursing doesn't lower the standard of writing any more than a nice folder raises the relevance of a doctoral dissertation. I curse for emphasis in all my academic papers and my professors have yet to complain. On the other hand, all the people I have met so far who chastised me for my cursing had roughly one-third of my working vocabulary (not accounting for the lexicon of unique curses, of course). So in conclusion, **** you and welcome.
  3. Watch out, lass, I know where you live. And when I say that I know where you live, I mean, I know where you live.
  4. This 'surfer dude' editorial writer for my school paper entitled an editorial 'Gay Marriage is Ok' and then - thinking he commands the same satirical faculties as Jonathan Swift - proceeded to compare gay marriage to government-regulated bestiality. Of course, he mentioned god a couple of times and the Bible and such assorted crap. It is people like this who make me want to carry through with that big piece I've been brooding over: 'Destruction of the World as Performance Art'. I already don't ride the university shuttle because most drivers listen to Rush Limbaugh exclusively.
  5. It is the soothsayer from Asterix and the ... er... Soothsayer..... No, it is the ACTOR fellow from the one where they go to Rome: I think it is the * and the Golden Cauldron. **** I don't know. I am certain it is an actor from Asterix, I don't know from which particular comic. I have them all in Belgrade... some in Serbian, some in French, some in English...
  6. But, haven't you heard? AGs sold out.... Right after Mojo....
  7. I think I will use this pointless thread to compliment your avatar, remixor: it is badass. What the hell is that, anyway? Note, I spellt it 'badass' as a homage to this guy I know who says it a lot, out loud, and proudly as if the expression were a single word. He's the dimmest, most conceited man this side of the Pecos.... A toast! Note for the note, I always wanted to spell spelled spellt.
  8. And that was my thread you quoted him out of! *grr smiley goes here* *shoots laser beams out of eyes*
  9. I vote for a greasy brown paper bag with a half-fermented apple core, please... But, you know, I have really grown fond of the first one. It is so hilariously horrible that it is actually good....
  10. Lure of the Temptress had something of that ilk...
  11. The background was black, behind the green crap and the yellow lettering...
  12. I also said I would never stab people in the ass with a swiss army knife... but I was dreaming of saying that, so I guess it doesn't count, does it?
  13. Gabriel Knight 1 and 3 are better - or such is the general concensus on this here our board.
  14. I told myself once that I will never kill another human being... um... maybe I should stop now...
  15. Hm... maybe with a red hair and a green face it would look even more like yours truly.
  16. I don't think those people are as hard to find as your tone implies. I love the Gypsy Kings and I love Coltrane. The music in Grim does wonders for the atmosphere and it blends wicked well with the damn game. If an opinion can ever be wrong, 'I didn't like the soundtrack' is a wrong opinion. 'I didn't like the soundtrack', just sounds narrow-minded to me.
  17. Pwopeh, Queen's English has neew need foh Ahs (that is to say 'Proper Queen's English has no need for Rs').
  18. NICO: He, he! Like, oh-migod! Math is haaarrrd! He, he! *Giggle, giggle* let's make out! GEORGE: Bring me a beer, bitch! Then back to the kitchen, woman, where your place is at.
  19. Where's Captain Mystery, anyway? One would have thought that he would have been here by now, bashing at the industrious within fan communities for being human. What is Fan Art (Art, in the widest possible sense) but an extension of folk-lore (hyphenated for stress) in today's Global Village? Someboy invents a nifty story and everyone picks it up, adds a little here and there and passes it on, to be enjoyed by as many as get to hear it. Homer invented a bunch of gods and a few centuries later the whole Hellenistic world truly believed in that scheisse. Marek is right in saying that LEC legal would have had more control had they only tried to get involved with the community, instead of ****ing it up the ass with a big legal dick. HOWEVER, half of mankind is more prone to enforcing existing rules, than thinking whether the existing laws could backfire or if there could be an alternate, more widely profitable solution to a given problem. There is no other explanation for the wealth of downright bad decisions made on this here our planet. Nobody here, of course, will pick up on the general terms of my discourse, but I am long past expecting anyone to.
  20. Well, enough of that: Happy Birthday, and a bowl of fruit*. And here it is again from another angle: *) Note, this is not a proper sentence. It is an ambiguous construction meant - not to be an inside joke - but to be an ambiguous construction; a sort of l'art pour l'art Dadaist statement - if you will - and also a pun.
  21. I noticed the music bit too, and it is unfathomable to me how in the world ANYONE could prefer the graphics of this game to those of the first one. Also, what in the world is wrong with Tim Curry? Why do people have a problem with the man? He is a great actor and he did wonders with the rich southern accent. I also think he would be perfect in a film made after GK - as Gabriel himself. Just bleach the guy and I bet he would give a great "surfer writer dude" performance that is expected of him. Sheesh. I have fallen into this state of mind where I first praise AGs for its impartiality and and THEN read the reviews that are really off the mark and feel downright betrayed... Some of the most of the reviews I have just now read are freakish - as if Jonathan Swift wrote the lot! AAAAHhh! EDIT: that is not to say that Jonathan Swift is freakish, but that anyone who really means what Jonathan Swift says is freakish. You really need to make a little addendum to each review where other people on the team give their contrasting or supportive opinions. "Not too crazy about the soundtrack," for Grim Fandango?! AAAAAHHHH!!!!
  22. Sigh... Although I have no problem with the word 'auto' I confuse 'automatic' for 'authentic' - at least as far as spelling of the begining goes. And it annoys me. Often I pick up that I have misspelled that damn word - and I hate it when I don't. I also cannot pronounce the word 'book', OK? It sounds like 'bewk'. And from time to time, when I am tired, I say my Ws like they were Vs, and go over Rs like Edith Piaff - in a typical Slavic fa├žon. I also mix British pronounciations with my American slang to come up with something that neither Brits nor Americans can understand, ok?! Not everybody picks up that I have an accent, however, most people when they first meet me think I am just very snobbish and possibly from Cambridge, Massachusetts. So, there. What are we talking about anyway?
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