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  1. Thanks, you guys. <3 My hair may be slightly shorter than then, but I'm still rocking it.
  2. Just got back from seeing Iron Man 2. I liked it a lot, it had fun set-pieces, balls-to-the-wall action, funny dialouge, and plenty of charm, primarily provided by RDJ. Almost outshining him was Rockwell, though, who goes all out with his crazy I-think-I'm-loveable-but-actually-I-come-off-as-a-douche persona. Rourke did a competent job as Whiplash, but the role doesn't demand much. The female leads were kinda stiff, but L. Jackson was being L. Jackson to the fullest. There were plenty of nerdy shout-outs, and my even-geekier-than-me friend ended up squealing several times, especially at the after-credit scene. Overall it's not as strong as the first one, but I love that movie a whole lot. If you like Iron Man, you should see this film.
  3. Yeah, they make most of their money on business and corporation licenses.
  4. I saw this, had to pick my jaw up from the floor. No more pixel-by-pixel clonetool! \o/
  5. I got in to the StarCraft II beta \o/ Be jealous of me. I wrote up a blog post on my hilarious failures of the first few matches. <.<
  6. My tree might not be very geeky, but at least it's real Scandinavian pine, from the forest, not those measly plastic thingys:
  7. Get over the N64? NEV-ER! My favourite christmas is still the one where I got Ocarina of Time, and spent hours and hours playing through it. Still play through that or Majoras Mask every time I'm home. Top gift today was a 500gb external hard drive. :3 Also, Pie™ proved he truly is the Best Friend, with this: Merry Hoffmas, all!
  8. Agreed with these guys, there have been very few movies that have actually made me feel fear, so I rather watch them for the over-the-top gore and general insanity. This is why I loathe movies like The Grudge, because they are entirely dependent on you being frightened by the premise. Speaking of over-the-top gore, I saw My Bloody Valentine 3D yesterday. It accomplishes generally the same things as Drag Me To Hell, albeit to a slightly lesser extent. The premise is filled with plot holes, and the characters are all forgettable douche bags. But they recognize that this is purely an excuse to have a pick axe shatter your TV and come straight at you. Unfortunately, the 3D didn't always work. We were either too close, our TV wasn't big enough, or the paper 3D glasses that came with the DVD weren't good enough, but it was often double, or the whites were washed out to green.
  9. New this year, that everyone needs to check out, is Drag Me To Hell. From Sam Raimi, director of the iconic Evil Dead movies, it's a thrill ride from one end to another. It simultaneously plays with the genre, and plays to the genre. There are jumpscares around every corner, yet it's completely aware of how ridiculous it's being. Heartily recommended, especially watching it with a bunch of friends. o/
  10. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1920944
  11. Crazy dude. Oo The original article says that he wanted to see how long a name he could have after they changed the naming law here, and a comedian managed to change his last name to Thankyou-Yourwelcome. He does realize he misspelled Chewbacca, and is thinking about correcting it. He is also thinking about adding three more names, Frodo, Aragorn, and Ludvig. ._.
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