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  1. the playerteam player command, that's in single player, right?
  2. OK i've gotten the devmapall console cheat in, and i have another question. i used the playermodel code and made myself Desann. but all the enemies just stand around when i walk by them, and i can't hurt them unless i force push them of high ledges. does anyone know a solution for this or is that just how it works? also, do bosses like the crimelord guy attack you or do they just ignore you?
  3. O.K. i just bought Jedi Academy for PC. and i keep seeing all these cool console comands for single player mode. i've seen these same comands on like fifty sites, and they all tell me to do the same thing: press shift+~, then type devmapall. i've tried a thousand different combo's, and nothings worked. i believe i got it down to type devmall then on the same line the comands, but their not working. could anyone give me the exact comands, not for everything but just the basic idea of how to type the comands. use an example if that helps. AND DON'T FORGET TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO AFTER I TYPE THEM IN LIKE HITTING ENTER OR WHATEVER ELSE I HAVE TO DO. the other sites left me hanging in that respect.
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