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  1. Just popping in to say hi I'm glad this topic brought back a few old names. I remember Natty from when I was here way back in the day. Seems like its a bit quiet again, oh well
  2. This was the first forum I ever signed up to nearly 13 years ago now. The Harbour used to be so active back around the time Monkey Island 4 came out, now I'm about to make the first post in here for 6 months, it's kinda sad. I also got slightly nostalgic stumbling back here
  3. I registered here 9 years ago during the hype for Monkey Island 4. It's amazing to think it took 9 years for anything new since then. But here it is. I'm psyched. This news has made my day.
  4. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=17655 A topic made by me aged 13. Damn, it's still here.
  5. I signed up to these fine forums at the age of 13, and here I am posting at 22. The MI boards were my first ever forums I used, just came back here to post something in the Grim Fandango forums and throught I'd pop in to The Harbour for old times sake. I remember being here during the hype for Money Island 4, nearly 9 years ago now, how time flies. Any regulars from 2000-2001 still about?
  6. Hey, I havent used this site in YEARS. But found this thread about your shirts and I must say, they look really nice. Any chance you'll be getting any more in stock. Also, at this link they have the shirt in red, I think that looks REALLY good and would definitely get it in red, any chance of that happening? Here's the link I mentioned http://www.zimbio.com/Cool+T-Shirts/articles/405/Grim+Fandango+T+shirt
  7. I haven't been here for years. But got an e-mail saying I had a PM from here and was shocked. I mean the last post on the first page dates back to January for God sake. *remembers the good old days of 2000/2001* Wow, was just checking the last page of the forum and I found a topic I made 6 years ago when I was 13. It's good to see that the posts from back then are still viewable.
  8. Ah you do still post here, the setting is just like GR - pretty good.
  9. I know exactly what you mean, I was looking back on some of my old posts from when I was about 13 and the way I typed and the things I said are cringeworthy. Ah well, that's youth
  10. Oh God I remember that oil filter stuff. How did tha get started again?
  11. no that's not me, I remember him. I am the one without an E
  12. Just got an e-mail about the new Lucasforums. I forgot all about this place, the lack of new Monkey Island didn't really keep me around It was 5 YEARS ago that I signed up here anticipating Escape from MI. So yeah, hi to anyone who remembers me. Also a shout out to Malchick if he still hangs around here
  13. That has to be one of the funniest articles I have read. It has to be fake
  14. instead of actors how about animation ala Toy Story? I would like to see a film with MI4 ish graphics
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