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  1. hi everyone. i voted jake. the sensible choice. hi to everyone, especially those who don't remember how awesome i am.
  2. I ban this thread because it sucks.
  3. why would you sign your name "but wad"? you're just asking for trouble, robin.
  4. SG, i hate you now. Batman is the only comic character worth caring about. having to use superpowers is essentially proof of incompetence. also, robin is hot.
  5. Hey guys, when you're finally done taking your True Compatibility Test so that you can find a WOMAN with LARGE MAMMORIES to INSERT YOUR PHALLIC MONSTROSITY INTO, check this out. http://dod.vgmix.com/current.php The Lucasarts covers aren't too bad, assuming you can stand metal.
  6. if you had a larger scan, i could translate a lot of it pretty easily. it's mostly in katakana, which is english-ized japanese.
  7. finally, i can start making fat jokes about him without losing my esteemed posistion at mojo. about damn time.
  8. I was pissed when I couldn't find those posters in Cousin Ted's room. It's not as bad as when I actually cried over my initial disappointment that I couldn't figure out anything I could do. I never thought of actually trying to open the security door.
  9. Maybe. I'll have to double check the legality, but I'm looking to sell my Star Wars Galaxies Beta 2 and 3 CDs. It's a pretty decent collectors item, I'd figure, so I'm starting at $20.. OBO. I'll toss in a copy of NES Maniac Mansion, too. I'm also giving some thought to selling my copy of MI for the Sega CD with box, but don't hold your breath.
  10. The greatest saga in history.
  11. For private use, there's no legal problems under the fair use clause. If you were to sell the CD, that's a little edgier.
  12. mercatfat


    You don't need experience, jerk. You kicked my ass like Wesley Willis did Batman.
  13. mercatfat


    I think A-ha said my feelings best: You're shying away I'll be coming for you anyway. Take on me (take me on) I'm not a cheap-ass demigod either, I promise. Challenge me now. Anyone, anytime, any bet.
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