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    The soundengineer from Heck
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    Freedom Force at3r
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    Grim Fandango.. Thanks Tim
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  1. my PSN ID is Troest87 add if you wanner play
  2. hehe.. okay... looks pretty good to me..... thanks m8
  3. Hanging at the BL site i saw this screenshot... and look at the guitar.. who are the two faces?? is it the twoheadded baby? or Tim or whats going on... maybe something like in FT, were Tims head was on the front figure in the intro.... what say you?
  4. So do I.. but Bad Asp!.. do it man.. i want to see it...
  5. Okay.. if Jona says it.. then it must be true.. hehe
  6. Its T.H.E.M....... i like both games.. but i dont think you can compair em... the only think they have in commen, is that they both are adventuregames, and they both have some sort of connection to LucasArts... its like i have to choose between the voice of Glottis or Bosco..
  7. WHAT.... exceeding GRIM FANDANGO.... are you loco, man????... hehe its in my good books too...
  8. Hehe.. don't fuel the fire... How much do the original actors cost anyway? I hope it's less than a million dollars!.... well..i work with these people.. and i can tell you this much...they aint rich.. voiceacting aint the big moneymaker...
  9. Very good... Yea Bad Asp! make something.. use you energy more creative... Ohh.. back to Armed and Dangerous.. i think it really had some potential... it was a good laugh... but leave it be...
  10. ahh yes.. back in the day... CMI what my first love.... them grim fandango... and along came EMI... not that great.. then finally i got to the old ones.. and what can i say.. best games i ever played...
  11. Well we can allways hope... psychonauts made it pretty good on pc.. and if not... ill need to get a consol... any recoments??
  12. Alright... lets face it... even if LucasArts someday got out of bed and wantede to make adventuregames again.... they wouldnt have the people, like Tim, Bill or Ron, who made the games we love so much... so it would never be the same. LucasArts are making lots of cash on Star Wars games. and still, even how bad they make em, there are still millions of star wars fan buying em. that might be an overstatement, but you get my drift. anyway you look at it... we aint gonna win. and by we, i mainly mean you Bad Asp!.. no offence... but let it go.. :giveup: i on the other hand think the voices are great, in telltales games. and as a soundengineer i think they did a great job.
  13. So.. Bad Asp!.. i take t you dont like the Samnmax-series that Telltale made?? otherwise.. why spend all your creative energy on something like this.. its not gonna change...no disrespect m8... Oh btw... Its was LucasArts who made the call on the CU and NGE. same reason SWG-players dosent get as much love as the other SOE-games-- because LucasArts need to approve of everything....
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