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  1. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=140114
  2. I meant that it does not help break through someone's defense, it only allows for extra saber styles. You're right on the other thing though, sorry!
  3. Offence does not give your saber any extra damage.
  4. With the new Nintendo DS handheld and its touch screen (with another screen) I thought about how cool it would be to have Jedi Knight (yeah, the 1997 one) on the DS! I've made some pictures... (The case picture was done by a friend of mine.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I've thought of some modes that I really want... I got several from other games though... Free-For-All Laser Tag (Just like real life! You can use your lightsaber to block lasers only though.) Holocron (Yep, from JK2!) Team Free-For-All (2-8 teams) Team Laser Tag Team Holocron (With teams this time!) Capture the Flag Normal One Flag (Offense vs. Defense) Multiflag (Two teams, multiple flags) Multiteam (Four team CTF!) Tag Kill the Condemned One (Everyone must kill the condemned one. CO has normal everything, as does everyone else. Once CO dies, killer is CO [Or randomize it]. Get points through staying alive as CO) Jedi Master (Yep, from JK2!) He Knows Kung Fu (Kill the guy with the fists, can set up random person becomes fist person or through the method listed above.) Jedi ball (Like soccer. Comes from this mod http://www.massassi.net/levels/files/1011.shtml) Detention Center (aka Jailbreak) (If you die, you land in jail. Free your teammates from the jail if they're trapped! Comes from this mod http://www.massassi.net/levels/files/693.shtml) Infiltrate Go into two teams and destroy the other team's stuff. Comes from this mod. http://www.massassi.net/levels/files/996.shtml) Duel Power Duel Invasion (Kill all of the respawning enemies. Maps are set in places like the Death Star hangar) FFA Invasion (Kill the enemies and your friends.) Capture and Hold (Split into teams and try to capture and hold spots in the map, kinda like battlefield 1942, at a smaller scale) Emperor of the Hill (Stay in the same place for as long as possible for more points!) Mobile Emperor of the Hill (Stay in a spot for as long as possible, you score a point when the time runs out; then the "hill" moves) Team Emperor of the Hill (Same as top, only with teams) Team Mobile Emperor of the Hill (Same as the top, only with teams) The Controls D-Pad and AbXY move and strafe. L-button fires. When you have the lightsaber (primary mode), hold down L and swing the stylus around to swing. In secondary mode, just press L to use the Special Swing. Stylus on center is to look around, like a mouse. Stylus used to see scoreboard, chat, change weapons, and use the Force. Stylus navigates menus. Start button goes to menu (not to quit a server though, that's in the menu) The Force Stylus is used to select and use Force powers. Immediate use (like heal or destruction): tap stylus on desired Force power. Stay on (toggle) (like speed or absorb): tap stylus on Force power, tap again to turn off. Power turns off after a certain time. Targeting (like pull or throw): hold stylus on Force power to target, once target is aquired, remove stylus. The Changes The bryar can be charged like in JK2. The lasers are still red though. Putting up your fists allows you to do a kick; it was gonna be included in the original, but was removed. Many new maps. Colored names. Many new characters. Different kill messages for each gun's primary and secondary fire. Let the right hand look different if need be! (In the original, the right hand was always a slightly tan human hand. It looked really weird to see a Rodian with a human hand.) Lightsaber can be controlled by the stylus, you can still use the Special Swing by switching to secondary. Using secondary fire works much like Perfect Dark: you have to switch (with touch), rather than pressing a separate button. You can shoot mines on the ground to blow them up. Perhaps dedicated server support. A spectator mode. Team chat and voice chat are added. CTF scoring changed to reflect the JK2/JA/every other game style. Allowed to change character, Force, and anything else during a game (like JA). Force throw gives credit to the one who does it. Allow for crosshair target identification. We need better crosshairs. For CTF (and other gamemodes, I suppose), have alternate team skins for each character, not different color Kyles. (in the original, everyone on the red team would be a red Kyle) Allow server to have easy to make custom map rotations. Have gametypes work similarly to JK2 and JA. (i.e. gametypes are actually gametypes, not different mapsets with different cogs) bot support Guns or saber only is decided by a menu option, not by map. Weapon respawn is that of JK2/JA. (Weapon on pedestals can only be picked up if you do not already have it. Weapons can respawn much quicker because of this.) Much better netcode. I wish this could really happen. If this happens though, the original JK would definitely be revived. i can't believe i typed all this
  5. That is interesting. DFDS? Sounds good! The only problem is that LucasArts might give a cease and desist order to the DFMod team.
  6. I thought that was true once; it's not true though. The master server is called masterjk3.ravensoft.com. I know that JA is not JK3 though.
  7. Three is the best number. Three is one of the most abused numbers in video games. By the way, I laughed like crazy when I was in an apartment that skipped the 13th floor. (10,11,12,14,PH)
  8. It simply affects the absorber much less than they would be affected if they didn't have absorb on. If you jump forward and someone pulls you from behind, you'll just slow down.
  9. Or maybe a Star Wars, Stargate, Star Trek, Andromeda, Space Odyssey, F-Zero, and Troy combo? Anyway, I hope LucasArts (or whoever) makes a "Dark Forces: Super Series Edition." It could include all the weapons and force powers from DF (No Force Powers ), JK, MotS, JO, and the conc knockdown secondary from JA.
  10. Thanks! I may give this a try! I do have shaders set up for most of the textures, it won't give me too much trouble. Oh, could you help me find a solution to make a good looking "end" of the map, it has the "floating island within a skybox" syndrome.
  11. This looks interesting. I might sign up! assuming real life doesn't get in the way. again...
  12. This is what I meant by bland. The architecture of the future isn't that interesting. (I may get rid of the swoop bikes.) I guess I'm aiming for an FFA/TFFA map in the Sonic CD-Palmtree Panic setting with some Sonic elements (such as springs).
  13. This map is about the Palmtree Panic level in Sonic CD. It includes three time periods, the Past, Present, and Future. The textures are somewhat similar, but they are all quite different! When you walk on the dirt, you leave footprints and walking on the grass makes "grassy" sounds. It also has functional springs, but they don't make sounds yet. I'm definitely not done with the future though, it's pretty bland now. I didn't do a compile with Light, so don't worry about the horrible lack of shadows.
  14. Wow. The Tibanna gas platforms look great!
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