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  1. The hint to making good anims is to do a little research into anatomy. Fluid motion is a must. And I'm not talking about adding tons of frames either. If your motion is fliud there shouldn't be much difference between 5 frames and 100. Other than the slow motion. Though its alot easier when you can make it up as you go along.
  2. Ya, I was thinking it went over my head. But you can never be to sure.
  3. I'd like to recommend something else also. Without a weapon you go into kungfu mode. Kicks, punches and grabs. Maybe modify it a little to make it more appealing to some. Also give the option to disarm with grab, and maybe take away a weapon. Y'know just incase your force pull fails to grab a saber off someone's belt. and to relieve someone of a firearm when you are without one. I'd of course cause this to damage the item so as to not have two people in an ifinite struggle over one item.
  4. Best RPG I've ever played. Uses the starwars D20 system.
  5. Yeah, I'm going to shoot for dynamic saber locks...they'd happen freqently but not every collision. Plus, I think the saber locks need to be expanded to something more than just rapid button clicking. Something that takes more skill and strategy. Either way your still stuck with pressng something. I'd recommend you go with a direction pressing scheme. Press up bring the lock up. press down bring the lock down. etc etc. press your directions in a circle, disarm. All the while the other person is trying for the same. This leads to a visual representation of what your actually doing. which is a bonus. Let certain combo's lead to different results. circle is disarm left,right is parry other combo's lead to the lock breaks intorduced in JKA. All the while the other person is trying to both prevent your combo and do his. Sorta like chess.
  6. Yes. The humanoid animation.cfg changes both sp and mp. But for some reason the hilt bash only knocks enemy back in sp instead of knocking them down. I think its because the game expects the foot tag on the model to connect with the person and it doesn't. This can be solved when the sdk is released.
  7. Notepad. The anims are already there. I just rearranged a couple in the animation.cfg. If you want to make all new ones 3ds max is what you'd need.
  8. Yep, the .sab file. Here's the break down. name //spawn name. { name //can be pointed at menu or put in quotes saberType //saber_single,saber_staff,sith_sword *only used in single player* saberModel //obvious soundOn //obvious soundLoop //the idle sound soundOff //obvious saberColor //Only used in single when spawned with npcs numBlades //up to 7 saberLength // length saberRadius // radius *apparently this can be -1 giving only glow* saberStyle //any seven stances, only multibladed weapons can use tavion or desann. throwable //0 or 1, turning this off doesn't allow kicks. Which I think it should. singleBladeStyle //Any seven stances, used when multibladed goes to single. singleBladeThrowable //For multibladed weapons. brokenSaber1 //points to spawn name of first half brokenSaber2 //points to spawn name of second half twoHanded //0 or 1, classifies it in the staff category and puts force restrictions on it in single player. } am I missing anything?
  9. I guess I'll speak up. I made the sai saber as a multiblade test. If it helps these are the things I found out. multibladed sabers can use any stance. ie:all 7. But only two at a time. This includes if you can't even see the saber. I made a couple of multibladed sabers classified as single sabers but hid the blades. ie made them really small and overlapping the first. This gave me the option of giving it the tavion stance and desann stance if I wanted. That is why the sai use the dual stance even if using only one. Also here is a site catalogging all the hilts. Please email the guy if he hasn't given credit to something you made. http://jk3hilts.evilzz.net/
  10. I replaced the Dual Kata, Front kick, and staff stance. The dual kata is now a two saber throw. Basically a shortened version of what Tavion does. The front Kick is now the hilt bash. The staff stance now holds the saber behind like in Martial arts. enjoy. http://www.pcgamemods.com/3010/
  11. The hilt bash anim is still in there. It just needs to be coded in. You could easily replace the kick with it, but then you'd lose the kick. I haven't seen any dreadlocked skins in the folders, but there is another head that the guys at SOTG pulled out and is available on their site. http://www.sotgclan.us/
  12. Sure, But they aren't complete. You can tell by how the person slides forward instead of walking.
  13. Yes very possible. Lucasfiles has a stance mod, and I upped a new dual special to pcgamemods.
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