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  1. Just to let you Know Razor, there are still people willing to help out in various ways. keshire: Razor is more than willing to accomadate people keshire: And if not I'll make him {JC}Unique1{JM}: hahaha.. you cant make razor do anything, even when its in his best interrest he always likes to believe hes right keshire: But thats not really what I'm concerned with. Just posting on the OJP boards on what needs to be done would be helpful. And then if its inline with your own plans then do it {JC}Unique1{JM}: razor has access to the aotc cvs and ive told him he can use my work keshire: Well ok. I'll take your word for it keshire says: I DON'T scratch his back if its not in OJP code, BUT, I pretty much expect the same from you keshire says: some implemtations should be given to Razor, Its the onyl right thing to do Richie says: yeah no problem. WHatever Razor wants, Razor can have keshire says: You might want to offer it to him before he drops OJP all together, It's pretty obvious that thats whats coming next Richie says: the only issue I would have isn't giving this stuff out, it's the time taken personally to merge stuff into the OJP code.. well - ok - I'll talk to him and try and work something out.. keshire says: OJP is a great boon to the community. And if it weren't for razor animation wouldn't be happening right now Richie says: yeah -I undertstand that. I will talk to him. But let me explain something here.. I've talked to Razor about using MB stuff in OJP before a lot of the MB stuff is class-based right? keshire says: Yes I understand that some won't mesh Richie says: Mand rockets, SBD, Arc trooper etc. for me to give any code to OJP which makes sense, I have to code in a complete class system to OJP?! Which undoubelty - once I was done - he'd go 'Oh actually - no - II wasn't imagining quite that..' so while I'm more than ready to contribute what I can, it's not actually an easy task.. it would take a substantial chunk of my time to do so keshire says: But I'm not asking for a miracle here just some cooperation to benefit everyone Richie says: well - like I said, I'll talk to him keshire says: Thats all I ask Richie says: but to be fair, he's not the esiest man to talk to soimetimes. Miight help if your in the conv. too Kesh Richie says: Because I understand totally what your saying keshire says: Sure anytime we're all on at once feel free to drag me in Richie says: OJP deserves to have stuff. And if it wasn't gonna be such a ball-ache, I'd freely give it keshire says: I completely understand Richie says: heh - ok you gonna include the bit about Razor being 'not the easiest man to speak to sometimes' bit keshire says: Yep, from both sides. But we all still love you Razor
  2. Not going to happen. Raven is busy with something else and Lucas is concentrating on several other games right now. So I doubt ANY thought has been given to the jedi Knight or Dark Forces series of games.
  3. Sure they can, with provisions. I don't know about BOTH_A1_BL_TR But the ROOT enum would be the idle animfor it. Where as if you use the fighter class you have access to these anims BOTH_GEARS_OPEN BOTH_GEARS_CLOSE BOTH_VS_IDLE BOTH_WINGS_OPEN BOTH_WINGS_CLOSE ROOT Once the gla is made you have to seperate the frames with the animation.cfg
  4. That would be because KOTOR is based on a dice game that has rounds where you roll initiative. That way you can attack the darkness. And run from a gazebo. D&D geek alllllll the way.
  5. Stance Bottom Left to Right combo transiton attack. Bottom Left to Top Right combo transition attack. Right to Top Combo transiton attack. Right to Bottom Left combo transition attack.
  6. Its not as hard as people make it out to be. You place bones where you want things to deform. Weight them so they deform correctly and smoothly. Then begin animating. Each animation can be in a seperate xsi file as long as the first frame of each match the base pose. All I'd recommend is maybe an idle and mount anim.
  7. I'm just happy to see some of my animations being used. Makes me feel proud. Particularly since this and OJP are the only ones using new animations.
  8. I'd quit too if I went through the same crap he did.
  9. Feeling the burn. Take a week off. Then come back to it.
  10. keshire

    Spha-t Wip

    Can't say. You'll have to wait a few more hours. Until ren gets up and starts uploading it to the servers.
  11. What's new? Nothing.... OJP_changelog.txt 1.55 7 weeks razorace 7-6-04 Update: Isn't it about time for an update? I've got a half-finished blocking system burning a hole through my PC.
  12. keshire

    Spha-t Wip

    No can do. I've got projects flying out my ass right now. Plus Movie battles is releasing this weekend so I need to be on hand to fix any new anim problems. Plus I'm waiting for problems to come up with my new saber style. As well as the blocking system I haven't finished yet. And Pretty soon Renegade is going to start implementing my scripted saber locks. So I'm pretty booked up on the animation side.
  13. 8K saber hilts! Good god. That must be a nightmare to load up in the menu's.
  14. Modeller arguement...modeller arguement...lalalalala
  15. keshire

    Spha-t Wip

    The animation on the ATTE is complete for all I know. Psyko hasn't contacted me about any other problems. And anybody making a new ATTE will have an emensely hard time recreating the anims I did. It requires special attention to various walking modes. And as I mentioned to Hatrus via msn, the spha will want to be animated similar to how a catepillar or centipede moves. But I've not the time to do it myself.
  16. Every move is completely new. Thats what I do.
  17. For the most part I am done. I need to tweak some attacks though.
  18. I don't think Razor wants to tackle the amount of coding work required to COMPLETELY revamp the saber system liek that. It would require much mroe time than he has. And as far as your suggestions. the wind-up/wind-down, parries, breaks, and actual attacks are pre-animated. And I don't think there's a way to impliment some of your suggestions without hacking it/them apart. And being pretty much the only active animator for JKA, I'd have to give a resounding no on doing any new saber stances. I just don't have the time. Its taking me forever just to get together the time to finish a single saber stance. AND make it look semi-professional. BUT, keep coming up with suggestons. I'm sure something can be worked out.
  19. keshire

    Spha-t Wip

    Don't remember if that thing flies or not but I sure hope so. Otherwise it'll be a nightmare to animate.
  20. Well I took some ideas out of several fan flicks as well as from count Dooku. So its a more cinematic version of the one-handed style. It also has more full body anims than the other one-handed styles too. I got the looks down. But I'm still tweaking it to be playable as currently some of the attacks are too close to the body. Once thats out of the way I may do a new staff style thats more classical.
  21. Hey Razor, I know your on vacation and all. But when you get back I have a new saber style to run by you. It's pretty much done. I just need to tweak it a little.
  22. But thats the thing. PC's don't have multiple mice. You have the keyboard, and the mouse. One can be used for free-look the other for attacking. And do you want to use the keyboard for free-look? As far as saber styles and blocking goes. I have lots of projects that I'm working on to round them out. But the lack of coders in the community limits my progress. I do think it would work if the keyboard commands were switched over the to mouse using the same exact system though. Even if Free-look would be comprimised.
  23. Die by the Sword had mouse "sabering". Its called VSIM developed by Treyarch. Its also crap. Even a mouse can't convey the precision needed to make it look "realistic". In essance the JKA system uses the keyboard for its way of "mouse sabering". I beleive most of you just want to create your own combo anims. Not being satisisfied with the current 5 styles of single saber. And dual and staff. I beleive the blocking needs to be tweaked. That is where you'll get your realism. Currently the blocks seem "hard" impact. Where as in the movies they all seem to have a "soft" impact against each other. It'd also be nice to have a way of dynamically twirling the saber mid move.
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