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  1. Movie Battles is closing on its demo release, Team members and Beta testers have hammered the heck out of the balancing. Renegade has been hammering away at code. Chairwalker has been modelling his life away. I've been doing a few new animations here and there. And the next build of Movie Battles is nearing completion. anyways, head on over to the forums and voice your thoughts. We welcome it. http://www.moviebattles.com . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. Since this has been bumped back up, I'll just restate that this is one of my favorite features you added Razor. You really opened up the use of the animevents.
  3. That is how the saber system works. each direction send the saber in a specific direction. Press left saber moves right to left. From the left postion you can combo into any other direction. Out of seven. Seven Cardinal Directions, and each direction combo's into the other seven. I should know, I'm making a new saber style.
  4. I feel your pain. My wife thinks I'm a star wars tool.
  5. All signs point to only the humanoid in base working when joining a created server. When I get a chance I'll speak with Wudan and Azymn over this more indepth. Seems a lot of people have begun to be scarce though.
  6. If your going to animate it, be sure not to move the motion bone. This will make it easier when you go to script the npc's to use your new animation. If you need tips I'm always open for advice.
  7. If your going to do it. Go all the way.
  8. This is the first reasonably well thought out idea I've seen in a while. And now that you mention it I understand what you mean. The wind-ups should be variable.
  9. Cylinder modelling rules allllllll Ben mathis, Cylinder modelling 4,500 poly's
  10. Ok let me clear somethign up then. The actual bones a gla uses is determined by if something is weighted to said bone. If you don't weight something to the arm bones they won't show up in the gla after you compile. Also, the xsi skeleton's can be editted. And I beleive you can use the merge animation option of 3ds max to copy animations from other files. And last but not least. Character studio. Set up a Biped over the base skeleton and use constraints to constrain the bones to the Biped. Then you have the power of Biped. I beleive PsykoSith is attempting to use this, as well as myself on the humanoid skeleton.
  11. Should have tried to fit it too the taun taun skeleton. If need be you can use the taun taun xsi anims as a reference for your own skeleton.
  12. I beleive a code change would be fairly simple to disable the kill upon movement. And even make it into a .vehicle flag. You should talk to RenegadeOfPhunk about it.
  13. They are using an flipped normals to simulate the cartoon outline on the models and using shaders for the inking effect to the textures.
  14. Kurgan, your trying to confuse me aren't you? Well it won't work.
  15. Oh then you may need this. Guide to Training Modellers.
  16. lol. I'm sure you can already tell how he did it. Looks like simple primitives. But can't really expect a 3d mona lisa with the amount of experience he has. Looks decent enough. Its to the point now that a "good" skin can hide any flaws. A "bad" skin will only make them worse. So how's your uv mapping skillz?
  17. Hardly. The community is too polarized. The only option at this point is two distinct games (and gameplay) that cators to each. *edit* Let me put it this way. The game has a mix of First Person Shooter, and Roleplaying/Story elements. And the arguing between these two genres has been going strong since they were concieved. So they need to be split. The FPS side needs to more story lite. While the RPG side needs to be heavy. *edit*
  18. Too pinched. http://www.starwars.com/databank/creature/kaadu/img/bts_bg.jpg http://upload.jeuxonline.info/perso/1862/kaadu.jpg Think Ostrich.
  19. You don't need the VT's if its not rideable. *edit* And NPC's can attack. SO you have to add the attacks and melee's if you want. but don't forget. hands, eye, and mouth tags on the model or they won't do damage. The hand tag also activates the grabbing if its based on the rancor.
  20. I have a saddle I can give you in .3ds if you'd like it. I was getting ready to work on this too but never got around to it.
  21. Basically what this boils down to is playing the game (with these mods scattered out there) sucks. Which is why I don't play, I just mod. And I don't do emotes. Which I'm sure would make me nice and popular with the whole honor crowd.
  22. becuase most skins are packed with a new model. you need to take the OJP kyle and replace the model included in your file with the new kyle.
  23. If its a bandwidth problem I'm sure it'll bonce back up by the 1st. Otherwise I think someone needs to be refunding some money for the loss of a week. But I'm looking forward to it coming back up. It was one of the more active boards while I'm toiling away at work at night.
  24. If your pimping your score board as a feature you should also reimplement the award code. simple icons denoting most headshots, best accuracy, etc etc.
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