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  1. lol you haven't changed at all over 6 years........ get a life for real.... the JK series IS NOT coming back period!......... try a new forum instead tbh... ****in losers... lol no need to comment on this cuz it will be another r6 years before i come back again and if you do you are talking to nothing more than a brick wall rofl


    pathetic slags................

  2. Finally finished my concert-jacket. It's been a work in progress for around 2 years and I finally got around to sewing on the last patches. I might try to cram on some more later, but at least I consider it a completed work now! Next project is a denim vest I've just started on.











    I don't expect many people here to recognize any of the bands, but I put enough time, money, and effort into it that I thought I'd share. It should also get me a bunch of free beer and new acquaintances when I go to Hellfest in two weeks:



  3. hey


    have you ever seen this guy?




    he's like my oldest friend and is also a p chill dude all around!


    oh, I almost forgot, it's also his birthday.


    have a good one brocahontas, you're an excellent dude. Cheers! :)

  4. It's the Donnie Darko-syndrome. People (usually teenagers) who have grown up on mindless drivel see something with slight undertones (or simply pretentiousness) for the first time, and are hooked because it feels deeper than what they're accustomed to. I don't blame anyone for finding the Boondock Saints entertaining, but calling it a masterpiece is a huge overstatement that reveals a severe lack of knowledge about cinema. It's a mindless action flick with some humor, and Willem Dafoe does a good job as usual. My distaste for the movie has probably been tinted by the annoying fanbase and the general *******ness of Troy Duffy, but that's just my 2 cents.







    lol u r douchebag

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