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  1. Just another thing to give people a false aspect of the iraqis looking at american soldiers as heroes...


    the patriotism is sickingly strong... :(


    That's my opinion... I hope no americans in this forum takes any offence, since they hopefully never had anything to do with what the media gets to know about the war ;)

  2. Well, i'm doing pretty well, except that my norwegian/maths teacher is a complete jerk...

    He probably has an IQ below 70, and he's gonna get us trough the exams :p


    the best thing right now is that i have premiere tickets to the lotr:rotk! :D


    but until that i have lots of school stuff to worry about, but i get by...

  3. Well, I'm probably the only person between 10 and 60 years who haven't seen the first one, but i saw number two.

    It had nice special effects, but i think the story was a bit thin...


    With this in mind, i know that i'm gonna go see it anyways, just not today...


    Wonder how long it'll take before it is posted on the net... One hour? Two hours? ;)


    Just kidding, i'll go see it cuz everyone else are gonna see it too...


    Ah, the wonderful aspects of group press :p

  4. YEAH!


    Of course, then our goverment would've censored it away, and i would never had visited this site...


    yes, the norwegian goverment can be real s******(actually they are most of the time ;) )


    If not, BRING IT ON! :D

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