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  1. I was actually pretty disappointed with the movie :|

    Same here, in the end I felt like Tarantino started out with a potentially great idea (the violent and ruthless anti-heroes wrecking havoc in nazi-occupied france), but then he fumbled it away by making it into an awkwardly-paced revenge-plot. Instead of showing things that would actually be interesting

    how did the "Little Man" get captured? What was the back story of some of the other Basterds?

    , we were treated to pointless conversation between the bitchy Jewish girl and the German sniper. Oh well, I guess pointless conversation is Tarantino's trademark. Even though I can appreciate some of the "subtler" themes of cinema as brutal entertainment, I still felt unfulfilled by the ending, since it just seemed to drag on and on.


    On the positive side, I thought Cristoph Waltz as Hans Landa was absolutely brilliant and stole every scene he was in, and the bar scene was extremely well done. Not even close to being a masterpiece though, and this is after my second viewing.

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