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  1. CD-time!


    Alice In Chains - Unplugged (DVD)

    Anathema - A Natural Disaster

    Anathema - Judgement

    Cannibal Corpse - Tomb Of The Mutilated

    Carpathian Forest - Black Shining Leather

    Darkthrone - Soulside Journey

    Gorerotted - Only Tools And Corpses

    Katatonia - Dance Of December Souls

    Katatonia - Discouraged Ones

    Katatonia - Great Cold Distance

    Katatonia - Tonight's Decision

    My Dying Bride - A Line Of Deathless Kings

    My Dying Bride - As The Flower Withers

    My Dying Bride - Dreadful Hours

    My Dying Bride - Like Gods Of The Sun

    My Dying Bride - Turn Loose The Swans

    Nile - Ithyphallic

    Opeth - Deliverance

    Opeth - Still Life (Two Disc Special Edition)

    Opeth - The Roundhouse Tapes (2CD)

    Shining - III : Angst

    Shining - IV: The Eerie Cold

    Spiritual Beggars - Ad Astra

    Spiritual Beggars - Another Way To Shine

    Spiritual Beggars - Mantra III

    Spiritual Beggars - On Fire



    Play.com have amazing prices.

  2. Kind of wish they would have stuck to adding more content to Left4Dead, as the game still feels unfinished in several ways (especially the horrible lobby-system). The sequel looks cool though, and the setting looks really interesting, fighting zombies in New Orleans while wielding a chainsaw will undoubtedly kick ass.


    Any news from Blizzard, or are they holding out until Blizzcon? I'm too lazy to check myself.

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