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    Too old?

    I know people in their late 80's who play JA. I suppose its because they enjoy a nice mash on the keyborad now and then.
  2. I'm 11. Hi. Remember kids, only prepubescents can be server admins and follow teh cod3 of honorz
  3. Oh stfu you whining moron. Move on to another server until you find one you like. If you can't, **** off to some other game like everyone else has.
  4. Hey guess what, no one gives a flying **** that you got lamed, threatened, abused, called or hurt in any other way. Thnx;) .
  5. All of the old JK2 models work. Theres like 5 Vader model, put them in your JA base folder.
  6. You missed the 'MOV13 M4K3RZ' and chatroom options. I like JA cuz it meks me hard.
  7. ok guys stfu plz. I ain't got time to read your long essays on your life. I don't give a ****. I don't give two ****s about you being in the marines. Assuming its true, you still gain zero respect. Go join the army, where the rest of the 'white trash' is and go die for a puddle of oil and a wad of green paper in some barren's pocket. gtfo here. Random jedi guy, gtfo and go flail yourself and scream that you own and everyone else is lame. **** off. thnx;). This isn't an arguement folks. Its not up for debate. The games simple, it bores, people leave, only the guys (rpg, TEH R34L MOV13 MAK3RZ) who never even play the game remain, mine and some others guys prophecy that said this would happens comes true. I get to gloat. haha, I win. The End. Thnx;). PS. wtf why haven't I been banned yet. You mods are getting sloppy.
  8. Not everyone's like that prime, just people like this random jedi guy who apparantly 'owns'...because his mom told him he did. Master william: Maybe you weren't in the competetive jk2 community. If you were, then I'm afraid you too were ignorant. Thnx;) .
  9. Hey retard, its a bindable option through both the console and the option menu. It might even be in the manual. Go figure. You didn't even know what a frikkin pk3 file is. Don't bother speaking to me again. Thnx;). This has to be my 3rd account? I got banned for pertitioning for kicks (admins didn't aprove), banned for pertitioning for kicks again (same reason) and now this one (eventually). See ya next account (depend when I come back to this game/what I want to gloat about then). I'm running out of names :S;
  10. The title is fine because it was changed to be more descriptive, as per asked. So please keep your moronic tones to yourself. Yes if you say so. And yes I've come here until I'm banned (again). My, my, I was wondering how long it would be until one of you guys thats so far up the mod's arse that you don';t see the light of day would ask to ban me. You remind me of the rpg'ers who scream "ADM!N PLZ BAN L4M3R- K1ICK3RZ AN LAMERZ ME121!21" once they've had their asses handed to them.
  11. Well your using ase, which I've said isn't the true number. But wtf? You comparing server figures from a 4 month old game to a 3 year old game. You find the figures are and you think thats cause to celebrate? And jedi Crow, Stfu you stupid nub. Jedi Crow...errr...err no never heard of you. You know those guys in star trek that beam down first and get blown to ****...Thats you. Unnamed is known to anyone who played jk2 with any sort of skill, so yes he has earned the respect. No you could never be considered even. You=nub. He=good. The fact you don't know who unnamed is, proves his point that your an arrogant, ignorant fool. Thats his point you moron. You have no idea how competetive clans played. They didn't run around flailing a saber here and there, bowing before killing a guy and spanking each other for chatkillin. But you know, you're right. People here don't give a ****. How many competetive players visit here unless they want to piss themselves reading the 'how du aye put rancor in mah game' questions and the recent problems of mrs chewbacca not visiting her rpg server. These forums are filled with people just like you (see above). And the only reason I posted here is to gloat and gloating I am.
  12. gj the "oh i gat mah ase wif mah sup3r sc0nn0r" people. Aswell as being unreliable, ASE stores old players on now inactive/crashed servers and records them as current players. The 'no bots' button indeed doesn't work either. so please, stfd and stfu.Thnx;) You know how ridiculous you sound when you say this game is 'popular'? The game can't be taken seriously competetively. I'm not interested in your Aunt Sally who played for Dopplemere Juniors Clan. Admittedly, some ignorant/uninformed people play the game under the pretence of it being problem free, on the most part, few do. Besides the gross hit detection and damage decisions (once a hit is detected), so many features have been removed (and replaced with useless 'movie like' ones), that the game gets boring fast. The number of effective moves against anyone who has the slightest skill at the game is limited. Boring. That leaves a few nubs who don't play the game, just rpg; A few people who are literally mentally retarded (who walk around slowly, with the odd flail)); A few people who think they are the pwn3r of the pwn3rs (who in reality can't mash buttons fast enough); And an extreme minority of people who know what they're doing, but get so bored of the game, they play it irregularly. Everyone fits into those catagories. So if you don't find the game boring after a few days/weeks, draw your own conclusions. Thnx;) .
  13. The problem is not a bug. Its someone who struggles to complete the more than easy sp missions and can't operate the cheat function. As cheats are unsupported, any adverse effects cannot be described as a bug, hence this thread is not only vague, but incorrectly named. It shiuld be renamed to something more appropriate: ie. "Nub seeks help" "Having Trouble cheating" "I 3m dunb. Hlep" "Nub seeks how to cheat" "Help me, I=nub"
  14. Hello. Plz help me. I need someone to write scripts, buy me a camcorder, people to act it out, people to build/find sets, people to do voiceovers, someone to buy me a mic and a small chair enscribed with director. Thnx;) .
  15. Thumbs down means save him ignorant fool. I haven't used any racial or sexual slurs. Unless you'd like me to? You have no idea how hard it is not to.
  16. Oh dear. Another thread with a vague title. This one was made after my thread, but hasn't been renamed. I wonder if it's because the admins don't have anything to disagree with in this thread, to create a negative slant on your opinion. Thnx;) .
  17. WOW. How vague can you get. Have I proved my point on your selective renaming of threads, or need I post in other threads with vague titles? Thnx;) .
  18. I wouldn't have a problem if all the threads that are equally vague, such as "stuck" and "some ideas" were renamed to be more descriptive. The fact is, they're not...So I put it to you, describe the equally vague rpg threads as "random rpg guy seeks Mrs Vader" or w/e. Thnx;) .
  19. Yes why are only certain threads renamed. Perhaps you can rename the other threads ie. rpg noob, sad rpg'er wants to make teh mov13s, utter retard seeks help, small child weeps after being named lamer. And not just rename the threads which challenge the mods own beliefs. Thnx;)
  20. I've not stuck around. I've came to visit a community and found there wasn't one. And really, this 'I'ver sine fousands players' bs is just that. bs. Where are they all? The duel servers are empty. Theres 4 european duel servers. I remember when I first joined JK2, there were hundreds of duel servers, all packed with queues of 5 and 6. Now theres 3 euro servers that are predominantly empty... Ctf servers. Where? Theres 4 I can see. 3 are always empty. All 4 run xmod...saying something about baseja maybe? Powerduel. ROFL. Thats as dead as the dodo. Seige. Bugged to hell, but theres some players. Servers lag due to unresolved box problems (after 6 months). Filled with nubs that run around with the sceptar screeching 'I EM EVIL; SIFF LURD' ffa. LOL. ffa. 70% are rpg noobs and the other 30% are HONORZ junkies who get off by talking about how many honorz points they won. thnx.
  21. hey in the time it tookyou to write this post you could have figured it out. Quit cheating, retard.
  22. Although drastically helped by xmod2, a community cannot survive on a game based on random physics and poorly coded detection. Plus, they removed so many features that JA is sooo boring. At least with JK2 there were a variety of moves that you could spam. In JA theres like 2.
  23. Have my eyes mistaken me, or are you fourth...
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