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  1. Perhaps you should consider using teleporters instead of lifts? Enter bottom, get teleported to top. I dislike teleporters in JA, but in this case it would prevent Sith camping (no warning before Jedi appear), it would be much quicker, and don't need to worry about falling to death onto rapidly descending lift. With teleporters only going straight up or straight down, the radar won't be confused too much.
  2. Agreed although some ppl have complained about poor fps. So... would you mind if the pk3 was bundled with my mod JMMod? It seems ideally suited for the Jedi Master gametype - most JK:JA maps are completely unsuitable
  3. I can still have beta sessions hosted on the -ONE- clanserver, and I can still test. It seems like you've changed quite a bit - I look forward to seeing what you have done. Will it still be possible for Sith to camp at the top of the lifts and drop explosives on the heads of the poor Jedi?
  4. Pahricida - there are a number of custom pk3s on the server, but they should not stop you joining. We seem to have no trouble in getting random people on. JA can be unreliable sometimes. All I can suggest is that you restart JA and try again. I'll change the configs to remove the max ping limit when Bast Castle is on.
  5. Bugs === . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . # CRASH BUG When using basejka_pushfix mod, the server crashes when the Jedi attempt to break out. This happened three times out of three tests. The console gives the error message: TARGET PRINT ERRORS: activator classname: player print targetname: escape ******************* ERROR: target_print used in quick succession, fix it! See the console for details. ******************** Sending heartbeat to masterjk3.ravensoft.com Sending heartbeat to masterjk3.ravensoft.com ShutdownGame: ------------------------------------------------------------ DROPPED Pushfix is a very simple mod, compiled with gcc, so I fear that any (Linux) user mod will cause a crash here. # Sith get the "The Jedi are hacking upper/lower entry to the h" message when a Sith walks through the door # In the Star Wars universe, hacking is called slicing # When the Sith deactivate the bridge, the message says that the bridge has been activated. It would be nice to know whether it has been extended or retracted. # No message for Jedi when ffield over cells is reactivated # When Sith reactivate cell ffield, the message to the Sith is "The Jedi have broken out of the cell block" # Falling onto the switch room floor gives the fade out death fall effect (classname trigger_hurt, damage -1). Inappropriate? # Is it possible to get the rocket launcher? There is a fade out death fall trigger in the way if you try to jump from the below the main door to the hall (and it is otherwise possible to make that jump) # By the tractor beam power nodes, there is a cushion on only one side. Falling the wrong side can result in death. # Once a player has entered Anakin's custom JSF, it seems impossible to leave it again Minor Flaws (debatable) ================= # The front door to the castle does not open for the Sith - it needs to be either hacked or pushed up. # There is no message when the Jedi slice Vader's meditation chamber # It is possible to call lifts back to the top while they are still descending, allowing defenders to hog lifts # Lower level lava above catacombs is fatal when raised, and non fatal when drained. Inconsistent. Gameplay ======= # Getting a full game going requires at least 6 ppl who know the map - and this map seems much harder to learn than Raven's. It takes over a minute to get from the top of the tower to the main hall, assuming no wrong turns. # It is, in general, too easy to die all on your own. Experienced JK players (not me ) should not be left on -16 points. # All (afaics) the lifts drop faster than players fall, making them very dangerous - walk onto one (or jump, or get shot) just after it starts to descend and die. # Fall damage is (too?) high, although it is possible to drop long distances using Protect. # The catacombs leading to the holocron are dangerous even without no force regen and ppl trying to kill you. It is also quite a long way to take the holocron. I personally would rather the holocron not drain force. # Getting through the sickbay can be annoying (esp. with no force regen or <level 3 jump) with 2 lifts to the lower floor and 1 to the perimeter walkway from the switch room. Suggestions ========= # Include a walkthrough demo in the pk3 to make it easier to learn # Add ceilings to the lifts (i.e. make them enclosed rather than a platform) so Sith cannot drop explosives on the heads of climbing Jedi (Protect can work though) # Make the castle simpler by removing an upper floor (e.g. lose Mothma's head room and use the meeting room instead for transmission), and use the space to spread out the switch room. # Provide an exterior, non lift route up the castle, at least from below the switch room to above, e.g. ledges on the castle walls. Maybe make it exposed to the turbolasers. # Provide lifts to go from the sickbay floor to the sickbay perimeter walkway # Do not allow the Sith to reactivate the ffield over the cells. This can annoy people. # In the power node area, put a small ledge around the edge of the interior wall so ppl can walk through the windows to the nodes outside. Jumping, ducking, rolling through the window is too common a mistake and always fatal.
  6. I'm in the UK. I propose a team game on ONE clanserver at 16:00 GMT Saturday and Sunday. I'll increase the max latency too. This, I think, will be an excellent map when it is finished. What I have found so far: These falls are 2D, and significantly aliased in side view. Sparklies Visually it appears that it is possible to drop down from the shuttle pad to the fuel pump via platforms and pipes. It is not. Pod engine flame thrower does surprisingly little damage. Alora has melee and level 3 lightning. This means two handed lightning. Is this what you intended? The switch room is a major bottleneck. There are two lifts in from below, which could be guarded by demos. I shall test to see if the Sith can spend the whole game camping there, and win. As ace_rogue1 said, it is easy to fall onto the deadly floor in the switch room. Is there a way to tell which of the four power nodes for the tractor have been disabled? Otherwise, could they be labelled to make team communication easier? It is easy to roll through the window over the walkway when trying to get out to the power nodes, and fall to death. It is not always obvious which lift to take. For example, when descending into the map room there are two lifts down. One leads to the power node area and the rest of the castle, the other to the holocron lab, a dead end. Maybe label lifts to dead ends?
  7. ONE clanserver is at We've not decided on a timetable for running it yet, but if there's an admin present, you can always ask them to start the map.
  8. Monsoontide - would you like more help? I can have testing sessions hosted on the ONE clan server, hosted by Jolt in the UK. We all play siege, and will be able to organise team v team testing sessions. We could also get some siege specialist clans we are friendly with to help. Stuff we've previously done includes modding siege_korriban to include guns here, and I am currently programming JMMod, Jedi Master gamemode for JK:JA. There are also mapping endeavors on the way, and plans for a siege map. Get well soon
  9. Maybe an Ewok's head on a spike, or some way to torture the repulsive little furballs BTW, the Ewok gliders magically carrying two huge boulders large enough to crush AT-STs is one of my pet hates about Star Wars, as is the critters apparently being able to threaten heavily armoured Storm Troopers with sticks and stones. Those Imperials officers must have had the impression that someone, somewhere, was so determined to prevent them winning that the laws of the Universe were re-written. I know you want to stick to the movies, but including these obvious deviations from a believable reality would really annoy me. But yeah, a crashed Ewok hut would be cool.
  10. In JMMod, I've been adjusting the way bots use weapons. Getting them to use the concussion rifle and alt fire DEMP2 and flechette is fairly easy. I may get them to use the disruptor in sniper mode too, and I'd like to get them to lay mines on armour pickups. They also spawn with a collection of big guns, which makes them more of a threat.
  11. Heh, well, that'll teach me not to pay attention Looks like I'll have a few to choose between then
  12. I was just thinking how nice a Battle of Endor Siege map could be, and lo and behold, someone is doing one I eagerly await its completion.
  13. Gee, you make it sound easy I've started looking for a way to load arbitrary entities to spawn from a text file into an arbitrary map. I want this particularly for info_jedimaster_start for my Jedi Master mod, and also for a few other things useful in balancing a map for JM (e.g. sentries to counter Mind Trick). If I can figure out how to do this, I'll happily share it with OJP. The only work I've found so far in this direction is: (for Quake 2 though) http://www.quake2.com/dll/tutorials/gbtut3.html I've not decided yet whether to submit the rest of the work I'm doing. Of course, it's Christmas now, so it'll probably have to wait.
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