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    Sport, Playing Drums, Star Wars, Chicks, working at the Dark Forces MOD as a mapper and scripter. I also like making my own maps and scripts for my own use.

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  1. yeah the massissi is you prime source you JK files, etc.
  2. Buy it, trust me. It's got the best storyline and it's worth every cent. It's really cheap too. But if you're RRREEEAAALLLLYYYY desperate, you can wait for the JK: Dark Forces II mod for JKA. Buy it now.
  3. I never really used mods for JK1 until I signed up here. Thanks for the link Mana .
  4. Geez, that was a while ago. I wasn't into modding when I was that age, didn't even know what a MOD was. I only ever got into modding when JK2 came out. Even though I found out late, thanks for pointing this mod out ppl .
  5. Yeah, saber battle x is cool! I haven't played JK multiplayer (even SP) for a long time. Too bad no-one goes online anymore .
  6. Who knows. If correct scripting is done, the mod could be exact. With the release of the JKAMP SDK, scripting can be made necessary modifying the mp.exe engine to pull off a sp experience. Raven were always intending on basing the mp.exe engine for mods. Only time, trial & error will tell for sure. Alright, time to close the thread.
  7. Yeah i'd like to play multiplayer too. However, everything's dead because its already an older game.
  8. It seriously is worth the 15 pounds lencas. If you dont wanna spend the 15 pounds then wait for the Dark Forces 2 Enhanced mod to be completed. I still say buy it with MOTS. It is worth it.
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