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  1. I think it's down an elevator in the main area of the other ship, the Telos. There'll be a droid and a portal, similar to Taral V and Maelstorm Prison's entrances. Either that or down a circuitous hallway. I've explored there before but never hit the level cap to do them. Jedi Prisoner is Taral V/Maelstorm, it's cool, part of the mid-30s flashpoint chain that links up to KotOR. If you don't already know who the titular prisoner is, you're in for a treat. It's some of my favorite lore in TOR.
  2. That's not so crazy. Certain classes, Sniper included, tend to be beasts at low level. With bolstering their damage and such is put on par with higher level attacks, and they aren't distracted by having 30 different abilities to maintain, so they just keep pumping it with a few hard-hitting abilities. My Sniper was a wrecking ball in the teens too. PvP gear at low levels can be good in PvE. They're easy oranges. My Sniper had the level 20 PvP set that both looked cool and had great stats for PvE. My Vanguard used the level 40 pvp set, and similarly was great in both PvE and looking sexy. Feel free to get some pieces, "easy" epics. Even the expertise weapons from the pvp weapons vendor are good since even outside the expertise they tend to have better stats/damage than most weapons of their level(about on par with flashpoint drops and less random luck on getting). My Trooper uses PvP blaster rifles, and my Agent uses a PvP sniper rifle, and my Agent gears Kaliyo with a PvP pistol. PvP gear's really not that terrible for PvE if you don't have anything great from flashpoints. Equivalent level flashpoint drops may be better, but if you aren't running many flashpoints, the gear will easily outclass the greens and blues you get from planet questing.
  3. You can tell if you won't get xp if the quest in your log is gray-colored. Ditto for a foe's level in the targeting frame. Alderaan has a bonus series that starts around 36/37, so you could go do those. Go in Castle Organa, bottom floor, second or third room on the left side of the main hall. You'll see the quest icon on minimap as you get close. They have a few heroics and stuff that will definitely be a challenge, plus normal missions for around 36-40. You do missions for Jace frickin Malcolm himself! I guess he's cleaning up Alderaan after he wiped out the Imps in the "Hope" trailer.
  4. Probably best to ungroup to do class stuff. If your friend goes before you and you go in his, that'll spoil it for you, and vice-versa. Just group up for the class phases when they seem difficult. If one finishes early, they wait before moving on. You definitely can't do class ones as one, since you don't want your friend screwing with your class story. Other players are spectators, same as when you go in the class phase of another class. You could potentially do them as opposing karmas just to see how the class stories vary along alignments, if either of you tends to the other karma alignment. My Trooper is Light, it's fun, very patriotic and lawful good. But others do Trooper as Dark and also have fun.
  5. Voss isn't the toxic one, that's Quesh I think. In defense of Rogue15's lag, he isn't exactly in the US right now. He's quite far from the servers, opposite side of the planet from the US servers. Nothing to fix when you're just that far away from the servers.
  6. And within the larger narrative, your Revan still is Dark Side in KotOR. But when Revan moved to the larger part of the SW universe, including sequels, a set story had to be put in line. If every story had a vague narrative that was only vaguely mentioned elsewhere, you'd barely have an expanded universe going on. SW's EU's strength is how consistent it is, where events are firm, happened, and have effects on everything else. Like I said in my very big post earlier, I like how Revan and the Exile's firm stories tied into the larger narrative created for TOR, giving us that massive big bad in the Sith Emperor. Lynk, when you said you reject the NJO, does that also include the things after? Given that the books since then have relied on character developments within the NJO, it seems like it'd be hard to reject only the NJO and nothing else after. I don't care for where Jacen Solo went in LotF, but I accept it all as part of the larger narrative. But then, I accept all of SW as part of a larger story, whether I like the smaller bits or not. I just treat it like real life. There are some things I don't like, but I can't just pretend they don't exist. I just accept them as part of the universe and move on to other aspects of the universe. SW's had some pretty damn dorky stuff, like the Holiday Special, but there are ways of using retcons to make them less insane and dorky. I guess I'm just very accepting and laid back about canon and continuity and works that I may dislike. I don't know, I'm babbling, stopping my post now.
  7. Why does it have to be after TSL? That implies some sort of continuity, where events follow other events. As does the fact that Revan and the Exile even exist. You don't want canon/continuity, so don't have any of it. A standalone story with a Jedi Padawan going on missions might as well just be the Jedi Academy game that already exists. Even the name "Knights of the Old Republic" implies some continuity, since it's definitely set before the original trilogy, during the time of the Old Republic. That might count as continuity too. Or maybe I'm overdoing your remark about not wanting any continuity at all.
  8. Well if you want videogames to ignore all canon, then KotOR shouldn't even be set in a specific point in the SW timeline. Why does Revan have to be human? Why can't the Exile be a Hutt? Why do Revan and the Exile have to even exist in the same verse as your KotOR3? That's why "personal canon" is a tricky and confusing thing to do.
  9. Technically that did happen. Palpatine came back in a few clone bodies in the Dark Empire comics. He ended up being killed for good by Han Solo when the Emperor tried to possess Han's infant son as a last ditch effort after he ran out of clone bodies. I came into the topic expecting a mature discussion of canon in general, per the topic title. Instead the topic has nothing to do with canon and is instead complaints specifically about Revan and the Exile's portrayal in TOR. No mention of any other canon. I was disappointed by that. The One Sith plot was finished by TOR. The One Sith that Kreia referred to was the Sith Empire of TOR. Since the Sith Empire engaged the Republic in a 28 year Great Galactic War, a 10 year Cold War, and a newly budding Second Great Galactic War after, I'd say they're definitely a threat on the scale Kreia hinted at. A 28 year war, that's longer than the Galactic Civil War by a decade and a half, and longer than the Clone Wars by ten. It's a MASSIVE war, and from a very massive threat of a Sith Empire. Giving Revan and the Exile canon gender/alignments is not some evil thing, but a necessity for storytelling. The KotOR games do not exist in a vacuum. They exist as part of a shared universe. For years after the KotORs(before the established gender/alignments were established), the EU had to refer VERY vaguely to events around that era. Even after that, Revan's face was NEVER shown since the face was still a choice within the Light Male spectrum, at least prior to TOR giving him a canon face finally. Giving Revan and the Exile canon genders and alignments made it easier to fit them into continuity and to more easily refer to them in other works. And as a side note, EVERY SW game that gives a choice of alignment with diverging endings has gotten a Light ending. This goes back to the mid-90s with "Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2", the first big game with diverging endings. Dark Side endings are so potentially galaxy changing that it's hard to have one of those without massively messing with all the continuity around it. As much as you may hate it, the fact remains that KotOR+TSL+TOR are part of SW continuity. SW's EU is famous as one of the most internally consistent and cohesive expanded universe of any fictional expanded universe. Everything fits together and links with everything else. BioWare doesn't own Revan, nor does Obsidian own the Exile. Many a SW author has admitted they don't own their characters, that it's the price of working in a shared universe. Even KotOR was set in a pre-established era, set less than half a century after the comics that established the 5000-4000 BBY era. I for one think that KotOR has been strengthened by what TOR did with Revan and his backstory. He was made into a flawed figure who made a few mistakes and has been paying the price for them ever since. As powerful as Revan was, the Emperor was even more powerful. It knocks Revan down a few pegs from his Mary Sue status he had before TOR. Revan even delayed the war with the One Sith by 300 years through a bit of a heroic sacrifice, ensuring the Republic was fully built back up to handle the enormous threat. I love to imagine what that 300 years of captivity did for Revan. When he left the Republic, his son was an infant. Three hundred years later, his son is long dead and his only surviving descendant is the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, the most powerful Jedi facing the Emperor that Revan himself tried to stop so many centuries before. I wish the game had a quest/conversation/cutscene where you see the conversation Revan had with his great-great-great-great(etc.) granddaughter. The stories those two could share would surely bring tears to my soul. Maybe you're just new to SW's EU. I've been in it since I became a SW fan with the prequels. I've read many a book. I'm used to new stories adding new facets to older stories, adding new layers to this deep and detailed universe. There's rarely anything I hostilely disagree with, the only thing coming to mind is what was done with Jacen Solo after the NJO(particularly in LotF). I just accept it as it happens because it's part of the story. Just because I don't like a story development doesn't mean it didn't "happen". I myself have been burned by a few of "The Clone Wars" retcons, but I accept them as part of the universe. As others said, when it comes down to it, you could just pretend your Revan destroyed the galaxy and your Exile was a guy or whatever makes you feel better. It won't be the official story, but it's the best you can do given the situation. There's no way BioWare is going to go back and redo all of TOR to fit a much vaguer outcome of both KotOR games. I do love SW, the EU, and canon/continuity, so I'm happy to discuss it with you. I particularly love how TOR created a new era out of nothing with a Republic at its prime with Jedi allies facing a Sith-ran Empire at its prime. It's like the best aspects of both movie trilogies.
  10. Also, I want to spot on that. As someone who doesn't care for the "Forcies"(my only 2 characters are Trooper and Agent, no desire to play Jedi/Sith), I loved how from the very start, particularly once you got to Dromund Kaas, you were feeling pretty annoyed and resentful of the Sith. Nal Hutta Agent story spoilers: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Like from the very start there, your mission is jeopardized because on some distant planet some random evil Sith killed the kids of one of the guys you're manipulating on behalf of the Empire. Some typical "killing is awesome!" Sith guys. And you have to change your entire angle on getting the Hutts to join the Empire, planting evidence to suggest a rival Hutt is attacking Nem'ro on behalf of the Republic. All that work because of some generically evil Sith killing random people on the other side of the galaxy. And on Dromund Kaas, Imperial Intelligence, as per their location codex entry and some of the initial conversations when you get to Intelligence HQ on DK, spends half their time cleaning up after meddlesome Sith who attack first and never ask questions. It's this sense of resentment from having to clean up after the Sith where you get a real sense that the Sith are the worst part of the Empire, keeping it from being truly civilized. As a Light Agent, I love that feeling of sticking up for the little guys who make the Imperial civilization tick but get pushed down and bullied because they can't shoot lightning and don't have red glowsticks. At times I get the feeling that the Empire could ally with the Republic if it weren't for the angry religious zealots at the top, including the Emperor himself. There's a few things I feel I could say to back up that feeling, but I'm not going to delve into late game Agent spoilers, nor just the general shape of the galaxy after everyone's class stories, so I'll leave it at that. Long story short is that I don't like the Sith, and the Agent story satisfies that sentiment I feel, with the added bonus of feeling heroic when I stand up for the oppressed Imperial civilians who are being crushed beneath the foot of their malevolent theocratic ruling class.
  11. I'm curious mur'phon, what class is your Rep? You said your Rep character is set in stone, but you didn't say which class. That might help cover any redundancies in role. You implied Smuggler, but I wasn't for sure. Actually, your rakghoul infection line probably means it is Smuggler. Everyone loves the Agent story, and I have an Agent, so I'm going to give a majorly biased vouch for the Agent. Since it's not bound by a movie archetype, it has a lot more freedom in its storytelling, and it has something like 4 different ends to the entire story, influenced by decisions going back to your 30s. Plus the Agent has one of the craziest band of freaks for companions. No other class can beat the Agent for weird companions. Every class has at least one weird companion, but the Agent has 4(arguably 5) weird companions.
  12. Most heroics don't have prerequisites to do. And all are repeatable daily, that's why the mention of them being good credits and xp. Plus the fact that they're repeatable does help for helping out others, unlike WoW where it was "you did it once, never again, good luck people who are starting the game late and there's no one around to do the group quests with".
  13. You could show framerate in-game by hitting ctrl-shift-F. If it's your framerate, it'll be low. If it's latency, your framerate should be fine. I've heard the game has had some framerate issues lately, so it could go either way.
  14. Crowd Control It's too easy to just crutch on your healer(many people never use anyone else once they get a healer, even if they don't particularly like the character of their healer), but like I said before, there are definitely times when you want to use others. Hell, my Trooper-Vanguard loved using M1-4X at times just to see 2 tanks barely taking any damage. Sure it took about 5 times longer to kill foes, but we never got seriously hurt.
  15. Yeah, on my Trooper I didn't always rely on solely my healer. Being tank-spec and hard to kill as is, if I was overleveled for a quest I'd just take my main dps guy instead to better quickly take down foes(since as a tank my dps was pretty crappy). I assume you could make Doc better at combat just by getting him better gear that favors his stats. In Doc's case I think it's Cunning Medium Armor(Smuggler gear), so that gear would help both his healing and dps. Though overall I'd guess he won't be a top tier dps, which makes you be more tactical about whether you get more benefit out of having a healer out to keep you alive or a dps to help finish foes. It's all up to you.
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