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  1. I have played EQ for 4 years now, and very hardcore at that. Did the SWG beta and live version till I just couldt take how bad LA and SoE buchered that game. The only thing that saved me from those games was JA , I love it. Now I have KOTOR and have beaten it several times in a few different ways. Both JA and KOTOR plain rock for me and my ADD butt has yet to tire of either. God how I wish LA had not forced SWG into a corner by basing it between EP4 and 5. That truly screwed them IMO ( and not having space ships , player cities and mounts at release , oh and the combat balance blows goat balls to) If they had put it say 3000yrs before EP1 like they did KOTOR they would have an open scripted game that they could have done anything with. Also they could have then made Jedi a pickable class and given everyone what they wanted the chance to be some kind of jedi in an EQ type game. Shrug my dad always told me , wish in one hand poop in the other and see wich one gets full first. Point being JA and KOTOR wont get old for me because im a Star wars fan who understands they are not just eye candy but damn fine games. Tashiar Invictusmorbious Dark Prince of Perversion Five Rings Vinny DaChin The best looking chin in Da galaxy JA,KOTOR,SWG
  2. Hey folks Ok I defeated Rosh and his buddies. I go back to the academy , become a Jedi knight, and get to build my new light saber. The problem is that after that when I go to allocate my new force skills Mind trick is blank, and everything else is full. I cant use the points so I cant select weapons and do the next mission. Anyone have an idea. Tashiar Invictumorbious Dark Prince of Perversion Poopmaster of Five Rings Luclin server
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