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  1. Thanks a lot, this is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I knew the MI community wouldn't let me down.
  2. Where can I find screenshots of all the drawings that the intro credits are played over, preferably without the actual credits over them? Do such screen shots exist? I'm designing a tatoo for a friend of mine and I would like som elarge, detailed images of the various skulls and other piratey artifacts shown in the opening credits. I would take the screenshots myself but I lent the game to a friend and he hasn't given it back. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  3. I stumbled across this journal of a ficticious character the other day, and for some reason it reminded me an awful lot of something that would be depicted in a Lucas Arts adventure. The Otherworldly Adventures of The Baron Pitfall
  4. Seriously, the music in CMI is brilliant. Its really passionate and Michael Land did a fantastic job, as usual. I don't know if its still up, but I remember there being some site where you could download the entire CMI soundtrack... Does anyoen else remember that?
  5. How far fetched would it be for Lucas Arts to make a daring leap into the film industry. Image films or television shows based on the excellent storytelling, production quality, writing, and style of all the original adventure games and apply them into a slightly different format, sans-interactivity. Look at Outlaws, for example - its gameplay? Pretty much just like any other first person of that now-outdated generation. but the cutscenes and music? Very stylish, fun to watch/listen to, interesting. I know this will never happen, but seriously, how cool would that be? We all know ol' Georgie has the cash.
  6. Seriously, this is a great idea. EMI was so friggin watered down and silly and light-hearted that (for me) it lost the entire piratey feel that made its three predecessors so great. Make LeChuck scary and generally a bad-ass pirate! Just like he was in the fist game! He is meant to be genuinely frightening, after all, he is an undead pirate. And I say kill Elaine. She treats Guybrush (our HERO for christ's saek) just like a little kid, and why did she lose the hint of the british accent in EMI? She lost her charms and turned into a bitchy wife in the fourth. Get back the feel of the original game - seriously mysterious, but with a hint of humor. Even CMI, which was pretty light hearted compared to EMI, was a fantastic game in every way. They achieved this by making it piratey as hell and actually working to build atmosphere and drama. Tell me Blood Island isn't sad, atmospheric, and dramatic...
  7. He could do wonders on any LucasArts game, but he is WAY too expensive for anything as small-scale as a PC adventure game. Besides, his german impressionistic style doesn't realy fit with either film noir or aztec folklore...
  8. This is really stupid, but maybe it has to do with the word itself. Porcelain Porcelain PorcElaine On the other hand, maybe I am wasting my life! Probably the latter.
  9. I was thinking about the music on Plunder Island, specifically near and on the Sea Cucumber, and all the Voodoo swap music. The sort of raggae/surf music. I don't even know what genre to put this stuff in. But the music in the Goodsoup Hotel itself actually sounds a lot like the music from The Dig, which is also by Michael Land.
  10. I think its strange that Lucasarts went back and re-did Loom with voices and put it on a CD-ROM, yet the first two Monkey Island games (their biggest franchise) went without voices. You'd think Lucasarts would revisit Monkey Island before Loom. Not that Loom is bad - I loved Loom - but it seems that they could make more money off of an MI re-issue.
  11. Ever since CMI came out, I have fallen in love with the music. I even went as far as to rip the music off the game and put it on a CD so I can listen to it whenever I feel like it. Warm feelings aside, does anyone know of any bands or artists that make such beautiful, strictly instrumental, reggaeish music that is featured all over plunder island in CMI? I seriously can't get over how awesome this music is. Thanks to anyone who can offer advice.
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