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  1. The moment after Lola sprouts and the camera pulls back to a long shot of the lighthouse. The music swells and the light sweeps around as leaves and flowers are blown away from Lola's remains and Manny reaches out over the railing as if he could pull them all back and make everything right again.
  2. Aaaand....Broken Age part 2 will be available the 28th. Except for backers. We get it the 27th.
  3. Residual is an interpreter, like ScummVM (from which it split off). Currently it supports (to varying degrees) Grim Fandango, Myst III, and Escape from Monkey Island. As an interpreter, Residual basically replaces the original game binaries but still requires the original game data. Go to residualvm.org and check it out.
  4. The remastered edition hasn't made any changes to the puzzles or dialog choices. It's entirely possible in the original to show Glottis the pass right after getting it. I've only played the game a gajillion times (I've literally written the book about it, after all) and have it pretty much memorized. And even though memory gets fuzzy over time, I believe that way back in '98 playing the game for the first I showed Glottis the pass before getting Lola's rusty anchor note and missed the song. Unless my memory is really playing up, I don't think I even knew that Glottis did have a song to sing until I read about it somewhere.
  5. I did notice that some animation glitches are fixed. Elevator doors, for instance. Sal's mouth works properly when he leans into frame to say his line about 'the fat man'. And there aren't two ear pieces when Manny picks up the phone in Toto's place. But Olivia is still glitchy. So is the tube-switcher guy's mouth. Kind of makes me think the fixed animation bugs are only the ones Residual has fixed already. Considering the short development period of the Remastered edition, that kind of makes sense.
  6. Oh, I don't know. I still like the idea of #2 best, although I'm not too crazy about my critique any more. I'm not so sure I really know why I think the composition is off, so maybe it's just me. But it comes off as almost poetic, somehow, and that seems to work somehow. Which gives me the idea that some of the poetry lines could lead to some interesting posters if someone had a good enough visual imagination (which isn't me). I'd like to see what someone could make out of "Can you hear me saying nothing?" or "Confuse yourselves!" Or even "Don't pet the cat that way."
  7. Well, at the risk of being majorly negative, I thought #1 was a little too straight-from-Peter-Chan. Good enough for fan work, definitely, but contest-winning? Maybe not. It's not so much Photoshop as it is Xerox. Sorry. #2 has definite possibilities. The idea of the thing is fine but you've got Manny and, worse, the scythe pushed off toward the margins. For some reason I've got in my head something along the lines of the part in year 4 when Manny has found Sal's body and scythes away the flowers: a POV shot from below with the scythe more or less pointing at the 'camera' as it's swung and occupying most of the frame. And a hint of bad-ass. Or just something, anything, were the scythe is more the visual center of it all. I'm not sure I get #3. From the blood on the text and the walking stick, I'm guessing you're alluding to Celso's line about breaking the stick over the heads of some monsters in the forest? If that's so, maybe the stick should be broken and the knob resting in the shards of a skull. Beaver, maybe. Do burning demon beavers have blood? (I'm not participating in that contest. I can criticize other people's work with the best of them, but when it comes to the graphic arts I'm basically in the stick-figure-with-three-fingered-ball-hands-entitled-'mommy' league.)
  8. Most of the bugs seem to be graphical. The only thing I noticed apart from the old Olivia animation bugs is some odd distortion on Manny's body when Charlie is holding him up. But I still think that the only fatal problem are from not meeting the system requirements. A very important one is OpenGL 3 for the new whizz-bang graphic and lighting effects. So maybe it just boils down to just how underpowered your machine might be. Or, at least, how capable or up-to-date your graphic drivers are. You could go over to the DoubleFine forums, post your system specs, and ask if anyone has the game running on anything similar. You might get an answer. Maybe even a civil one. Wouldn't hurt to try.
  9. Yes, it's true, and there's already been one patch. Some of the bugs go back to the original (Olivia's twitchiness, primarily). There is a subforum over at DoubleFine if you want to know what's being reported. There don't appear to be any showstoppers (except maybe for people trying to run the game on underpowered machines).
  10. Yeah, it is kind of strange moment. Like the key is the last mint and he's wondering if Manny is going to eat it. 'Should I grab it or be polite and let the other guy have it?' But I suppose it's more about telling the player that the key is important than anything else. (....riding a cat bareback. Now there's a double-entendre for you.)
  11. Here's something genuinely mysterious: how do you saddle a cat? I mean, apart from the issue of a cat's temperament, it's body basically counts as a liquid.
  12. It's a cigarette case. And, besides, depending on how you play the game there can be a good deal of time that elapses between the business of dropping the key and Manny getting the case. And even if there isn't, my take on Virago has always been that he walks away mainly because he's flustered and talking to Max is only an excuse. So forgetting the cigarette case makes sense from that angle. And from Virago's own point of view, why should he care if Manny saw the key? He has no reason to think Manny knows its significance or that he even cares to know. The great thing about criminals is they assume they're smart and everyone else is dumb.
  13. Anybody who thinks the moon would be visible from the ocean floor clearly isn't all that smart. I mean, there's no land visible where the Lola goes down, so the water has to be pretty deep. Thousands of feet, maybe? It's just black water up above the wreck. Apart from that, didn't he ever think it strange that his 'moon' never rose or set or changed phase? And yet he marched on with the unshakable confidence of the complete idiot.
  14. Speaking of new content, I've made a start on a kind of introduction to the novel. I got stuck for a beginning (fear of the blank page) so I started in the middle. It's not done yet it's getting there.
  15. I'm sure it's not a bug. And it's not in the original, where nothing special happens when Olivia recites that poem. I imagine the idea was to make a big deal of the fact that the poem contains the title of the game.
  16. You think that's strange? The first time I replayed the game after finishing the first time it felt like I was playing a super-short, just-the-highlights version of Grim Fandango. It was very strange and very disturbing, like maybe I'd ruined the game for me forever. But it only lasted for that one playthrough. My perception settled down after that. I suppose it makes sense in a way that I'd react like that. I approached the whole thing like the game was a derivative work and I was reverse-engineering the original work, reasoning that if GR was partly inspired by film noir, and since many of those movies were based on hard-boiled crime novels, then it followed that if Grim Fandango had been an actual example of film noir from the '40s then there would probably be a novel behind it. After thinking like that for so long in order to get the work done, it was probably inevitable that I'd start looking at the game kind of cross-eyed for a while.
  17. I almost missed this, but yesterday GOG announced a Grim Fandango fan-art contest with the aim of making posters out of the three winning entries. Who do I know of who has done poster-quality Grim Fandango art? God, it's on the tip of my tongue.
  18. Eww, no. Please. Not the PDF. Anything but that. Apart from being a clunky format in the age of e-readers, it's out of date. A fair amount of editing and some changes were made for the epub version, so let's go with that. Here's the link. I can do that. I'll give it some thought. I assume there's no life-and-death rush, but I won't dither too long, either. Let's stick with Grim Fandango imagery. Nobody needs photos of me. Especially Interpol. And there might be people with weak constitutions visiting the site.
  19. Weird. Maybe I forgot to submit it. Must be senile. Or drunk. Anyway, I assume you have the epub already, so would you need anything else? Some sort of other content like a description/summary, fake review quotes/death threats, anything along those lines?
  20. I haven't had much time to play, but the opening cutscene is pretty much perfect. It always annoyed me how the knob of Excelsior turned into a mess of blocks when Celso turned the stick to examine the compass. The world is now a much better place. And I've confirmed that "blam" still works, so basically anyone with complaints ought to be punched.
  21. Heh. I just PMed Thrik about that. And Blackmonkey has been working on an Italian version that will need a place to stay when it's done. (To judge from the quality of his questions to me about the slang and half-assed wordplay I put in there, I expect he's doing a damn-fine job of it.)
  22. Well, you know, can't move on until we meet our sales quota.
  23. Since not everyone is a Broken Age backer (why the hell not??) or follows DF on twitter, there is this to share from the latest backer update: Double Fine is pleased to announce that, along with the console exclusive PlayStation 4 and Vita versions of Grim Fandango, Manny will also reap once again on PC, Mac, and Linux! And that’s not all, folks! All versions will be launching simultaneously, so everyone can play on day one and not have to worry about those spoilers you’ve been successfully avoiding for the past fifteen years. (Pro-tip: stay off Twitter.) So there.
  24. I have a sudden desire for a real, collapsible scythe.
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