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  1. That's true but JO was an easier game to get impressive looking shots in One video I really enjoyed was Trailblazer cuz it had a diverse amount of maps and also had trickjumps which is cool to see in JA I wish people would pug on other custom maps :\ I like all of tri's maps, bespin towers, yavin ruins, the JK2 map ports are playable regardless of what people say about a model size diffrence. I dunno :\ Just watch some movies guys and come play I'm totally willing to help anyone out who needs some tips or doesn't quit understand strafe jumping or anything
  2. Hi guys! it's me redfive here! It's nice to see you guys all being nice to oneanother. If you are intrigued by guns this link lists all the JA videos on Own-age http://own-age.com/vids/list.aspx?game=18 Videos I am fond of are Avalon and oEnt. It was actually oEnt that got me to play CtfGUNs If you only download one video get this one http://own-age.com/vids/video.aspx?id=2634 It is a strafe jumping tutorial, possibly the smartest idea I have ever seen It has an included document further describing this process. you MUST learn to strafe jump if you want to keep pace with good players. and like said above please visit http://www.firetrill.com most people there are assholes but I will defend you! much love folks, and media Painkiller sucks stay with us
  3. This is awesome I was on the verge of getting a life, but now... Oh now! We get to usher in a new era of star wars gaming-ish thingies ( I have a way with words don't you agree?) so that makes... an ffa space map (Flight school), a TFFA space map (astroids), and a siege space map (Destroyer). all that's left now is CTF space maps I think that would be so awesome, two bases seperated by space then once inside the base you have to run to the flag and stuff, oh man! and they say this game is dead... Guess I better go ahead and learn how to get the space ships to fly or something.
  4. Kengo I love TFC! So I guess the question now is... Is there anything we can do to stop this honor stuff from getting out of hand? I don't know, I think if all honor servers made an effort to explain what "laming" is then we wouldnt have so many problems. The things you said Kurgan were big generalazations. I know that many server admins do that (that's why I stear clear of clan servers) but I've witnessed someone being punished on the jk3files server. They slept them, then showed them a series of binds explaining what they defined laming as, then gave him some time to respond. I see nothing abusive about this. The people who run a server can make whatever rules they want because they are paying for it. But like I've said sooo many times before... Leave your rules at your server! There's no reason that you should assume the "honor code" is present on every server. These servers have their place. I'm not too fond of standing around pretending like some of them do, but I spend my time there dueling and watching duels because its FUN! I think a lot of the bitterness about honor servers (well my bitterness atleast) came from being constantly abused on JK2 servers. I'm going to do some more "investigating" and check out how prominant admin abuse still is in JA.
  5. The point of this thread wasn't to generate hate or sympathy for jk3 files. I wanted to show how I was completly opposed to that kind of server and my view has changed. So give things a chance even if you didn't like them last time maybe it will be better this time. Then I got sidetracked because that ****** kid started talking crap. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you should really look at it from the other side thoroughly before you formulate your opinion and start preaching. There is good and bad on servers where you play and servers with honor rules. So if you don't like the honor rules then don't play there. and if you don't like playing the game, then go to an honor server! Why does a concept so simple have to be surounded by so many arguments? I just don't get it.
  6. AxVegeta, every post I've seen from you has been you bragging about things that are most likely not true. Why don't you make so demos of your "ownage" and prove all those things. I know none of your insults were at all directed towards me but I can't stand people who act like that.
  7. Yeah it seems people just can't get to the game specific sections. I'll try another browser and get back to you on that.
  8. The thing is all I've done since I got mad about jk2 honour was play as hard and competitive as I can on all game types. It was interesting to return to the thing I hate and somehow enjoy it. I think it's nice to have servers like this where you can have a diffrent kind of fun. I just thought I'd share how I finaly saw it from the other perspective. Also I prefer dueling in ffa on an honour server to an actual duel server, because you can jump around and have a jolly ol time instead of sitting as a spectator. Up untill now I had only seen the bad that comes from these types of servers. So I think for me atleast a server like that can be a welcome break from the frustration of playing ultra competitive everytime I connect to a server. Yeah I saw you too crow nest
  9. Well, let me start by saying I hated servers like jk3files with honour and such. That is why I have always played on chop shop exclusivly. I used to go to jk3files and end up standing around while people talked. And when it was actual ffa it was just repeated spam moves. Mind you I obeyed all the rules because I know everyone has there thing they like. Ok ok! on to why I had a change of heart this evening... well morning. You see I went there again for no good reason (probobly just looking for something to whine about) but what I found was people dueling on that bonus 1 map thats the gas mines. And MAN that was fun! I can now see how people would do that all day. So I guess I will be frequenting there more often. And I suggest to anyone else who hated it as much as me to just give it another chance. So I will be there much more often, though I will always stay loyal to chop shop ;-)
  10. Yeah pcgamemods hasnt worked for me for a while either. Someone told me to try using a diffrent internet browser, haven't tried that yet but I currently use exploror and it isn't working.
  11. awesome awesome. thanks for the update Hex, this promises to be another set of great improvements. And thanks ami for the template.
  12. Wow, some people are rediculous. Gender is part of who you are no one should have to hide it because there are rabid hormone machines stalking around these games (well maybe they should for there own sake lol), but making these broad sweeping generalazations like "All girls just say they are girls to get attention" or "online girls are ugly!" is just stupid. Apparently you obtained pictures of the majority of girls that play online games which i find amazing! plus if you really just care about looks entirely you are going to end up with a stupid girl who falls for you shallow personality and ends up cheating on you in the end... but hey she was hot!! What about people saying that girls just say they are women to get attention? I've seen these a lot of times before and it's true guys do suck up to them more. I got into a bit of a scrap with a girl on chop shop (I'm sure you read this Ami) and I ended up with about 5 other guys who werent even there when the argument started 2 maps ago now all dogging me. -oh and for future refrence don't get into fights with girls in a game cuz everyone will gang up on you lol- BUUUUUT not ALL girls are like that infact im sure the majority aren't. Probobly most girls play with non-gender defining names just to avoid the kind of people that the internet brings out (there's a girl in my clan who used to play under a male name for the longest time). so in concluuusion if you are male - please respect the girls who play, by not being sexist and not humping their leg like a pre-neuterd puppy. and if you are female - don't use your gender to get ahead in anything, using people is terrible. EDIT: Ohh by the way just wanted to say I used to know sk.swe in counter strike he would come into the server I always played on and get kicked for "cheating" (yes there are abusive, stupid admins in CS too).
  13. About online women: I doubt they all just do it to get attention as some of you have said. I don't think its sad or pathetic to see women online, infact that makes no sense... you say they must be ugly or pathetic or want attention to be on an online game. what does that say about you or everyone else who plays an online game? One of the members of my clan actualy met his wife in a gaming forum and they are one happy couple with two computers lol. and about online women not doing anything for you. if your just interested in using women then get some cash and visit your local brothal. Anyway, back on topic... Like I said before when you join a server just ask what the rules are or watch to see what everyone else is doing before you start saying "no laming" or "hey this is ffa why is no one fighting!!!" There are people maintaining and often paying for the server you are playing on. they set the rules not you. you have the privlage to play there it's not your god given right. so just respect the other players and above all the people who run the servers. If it's not your style of server move on and find another.
  14. That was by far the best story I have ever read in my entire life! I felt his pain, triumph, and his fall. It's funny because it's true that's how most 'Honourable Players' are born. I don't care if I go onto a clan server and people are hanging out and dueling and stuff, it can be fun. What bothers me is the constant abuse that was around in JK2, you breathe wrong and your under a vicious attack by some admins. I am by no means saying that all honour players are lying hypocritical kids... but many are. If you keep your rules on your server (after all it is a 'server' which means you have every right to do whatever you want on there, because it belongs to you) brining them to servers you have no power over is rediculous. On Chop Shop I try to explain that there is no laming on this server, as many other frequent players there do, but when they keep whining and stuff it gets a tad frustrating. Even on the JE server -which amidala is so gracious to let us use even though we crash it everytime we get on with cheats lol- while we were using the ol' cheat commands and npc spawns on KOTR flight school. some guy from a clan came and had all these messages bound to diffrent keys... like "don't shoot this ship blah blhalkaabsldkfjlksd" and soforth. we explained "uhh no there are no rules do what you want" and he went on... later while on the matrix reloaded map he started telling people what they could and couldnt do then started threatening to ban. Around this time he got kicked but he came back later and shaped up... a little. All this to say when you come to a new server ask if there are laming rules or not don't just assume everyone follows the unwritten code of conduct. and as for admin mod for jk2 and once it comes out for jk3 don't abuse it please for everyones sake. I understand how having control over people can be a tempting thing but a lot of people take it too far. When I was made admin (actualy moderator is a better word) on the jk2 chop shop server I had already lost the novelty of this kind of stuff from when I used to run a team fortress classic server (the best game ever made btw) so I used the powers probobly only like 15 times throughout that period. Probobly the most useful command was amsleep and ampsay cuz you can get someones attention that way. kicking someone means they will just come back and a temporary ban usualy confuses people because the word ban denotes permanancy, it's better just to straighten them out I don't think there needs to be a huge war between people who prefer honour and those who don't because it's just that a preferance. Just make sure you know where you are when you are trying to make others adhere to rules that don't necissarily apply.
  15. Ami pointed me to this thread, I don't typicaly come here I mean after all i had to make this username... But I fully agree with Boo it's so annoying to here people say that Chop Shop is a "newbie-server" simply because sabers actualy do something. I'm just happy to see some people have the same opinion as me hope to see you guys on chop shop soon (I think i have seen you boo... if you play under BooBoo or something similer) oh btw I am RED-5 if ya see me
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