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  1. It really is too bad there are just 2 choices. The Libertarian party can have good candidates, but everyone knows that they will never be elected...
  2. Sounds like a fine idea. Don't know how involved I can be in discussing it but I will read it when I get time.
  3. It would be interesting to study how the bible was written (by whom), and what historical biblical documents were suppressed.
  4. Well good luck with finding such people I.S. What kind of Ideal Mate will you be? If you want an ideal situation, you will have to be more flexible than you've demonstrated here. It's not about controlling others.
  5. A few questions: If Dubya is opposed to Kyoto, what is Kerry's stand on that? How will Kerry handle Iraq? Which if any supports research into alternative sources of energy? Why hasn't Skinwalker run for President?
  6. C'jais, you and InsaneSith are sounding hostile. "you people"? Why would I be encouraged to come here and try to engage in discussion? This thread's topic is "The Ideal Mate". InsaneSith said he wants to take a survey. Why can't a discussion also expand on the survey? It is still topical. I want to delve into why we set up those ideals for our partner. If you analyze why you are looking for what you are looking for in a mate, you may be able to avoid a bad marriage.
  7. Well I have seen the opposite in my experience. There are people who are charming at work, but bastards at home. Bing Crosby was supposed to have been like that. People in leadership positions on the job or in the military being henpecked at home. It happens. Yes they can. I know first hand. What sort of personality "type" engages in hobbies? You think only certain personalities have hobbies??? What personality "types" don't have hobbies? You said: "A female who doesn't want to change herself or meself, is always welcome. I'm happy with who I am, if I like a girl it's because I'm happy with who she is, why change either?" We are talking about what changes could occur. She may seem static and unchangeable but I am giving examples of things that may happen to challenge your comfortable (and unrealistic, imo) views. If someone experiences a crisis situation, you'll see how their priorities change. http://www.gazeta.ru/2004/09/06/oa_132493.shtml I would say these families may not be so concerned about their (surviving) children attending school any more.
  8. People grow as they mature and learn more things. Hopefully they never stop learning. People definitely change in relationships. They have to, to try to find a balance between what they would want to do if they only had themselves to consider vs. hitting a happy medium on what they want relating to what their partner wants. Some partners are supportive and easy to be around. Others are nagging and fault finding and a real challenge. Some are self centered and others are supportive. WHo you end up will bring out a different side to your personality. No but they may develop new friends and grow as they learn new things. Hobby may not be a strong enough word. That sounds innocuous and back-burner like. Activity, avocation, passion. Let's say your girlfriend takes a ballroom dancing class, decides she likes it and wants to go dancing every Friday, and you don't. What if there are kids and she wants to go back to college? You may want her home fixing dinner and taking care of those kids while you relax after your day job. That's an example that could create conflict. Okay let's say you and your girlfriend are atheists, or agnostics, and she becomes a born-again Christian. That's a change. How would you handle it? I agree with this. You need to accept that person for who he/she is. What if your partner was doing drugs? Would you try to change that behavior? I don't think I agree with this. There may be elements of your personality that don't change. But the purpose of your life or your priorities may change.
  9. Well Spider AL, people are always changing or evolving. What happens if you or she decide you want to take up a new hobby?
  10. You've all posted some interesting points. As far as looks go, pretty is as pretty does. In other words, you could have a date or partner who looks like a model, but if they don't treat you with respect, that pretty wears off. Loyal? Absolutely, but who cares if your partner is loyal but is constantly putting you down? So supportive and considerate is a definite. Actually I would want a partner who is devoted exclusively to me. Having some common interests makes sense, and being comfortable communicating with your partner is essential. Hiroki is telling some very good points. But I am wondering if he is thinking what he will do for his girlfriend. The key is two people each being devoted to the other, and wanting to please the other. Being happy together, but free to have some independent interests, collaborating, being passionate together. I haven't seen it happen very often though.
  11. Philocleon: "Don't forget he is also called The Father of LIES." So what's THAT all about? I've got his book, but haven't read it yet. Okay I see the pictures now. Thanks. Good picture of Hell. I recently got a postcard from there, but it didn't show the terrain. That looks volcanic.
  12. Philocleon, I'm afraid yahoo is not letting me see your pictures. NQ
  13. SW Sounds interesting. Any old excuse for a field trip Philocleon, I have a Robert Ballard autographed picture (I like autographed pictures ) I think he primarily works out of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.
  14. http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2004-02/uoca-uoc020304.php University of Colorado archaeologist, colleagues hot on the trail of ancient Persian warships 4-Feb-2004 Most useful research tool an octopus An international research team including a University of Colorado at Boulder professor has mounted a deep-water search off the northern coast of Greece in search of a fleet of Persian warships presumed lost in a massive ocean storm in 492 B.C. The armada of warships is believed to have been sent by Persian King Darius to invade Greece, according to ancient historical accounts. The research team included more than a dozen Greek, Canadian, American and Finnish scholars. The project is being conducted in the seas off the Mt. Athos peninsula. "This survey is the first one where scholars have searched for fleets of ancient ships using an historical source--in this case the writings of Herodotus," said CU-Boulder History Professor Hohlfelder, a senior maritime archaeologist on the project. Herodotus, a Greek historian who lived from 485 to 430 B.C., is often called "The Father of History." His extensive writings include a report that in 492 B.C., nearly 300 ships and more than 20,000 men perished in a severe storm off Mt. Athos. The event was said to cause Persian King Xerxes to cut a canal through the narrowest part of Mt. Athos prior to his 480 B.C. invasion of Greece to avoid the need to round the peninsula in the Aegean Sea, said Hohlfelder. ----- We were a high-tech operation, but our most useful research tool turned out to be the octopuses that lived in these waters," said Hohlfelder. One octopus living in a ceramic pot 300 feet down had dragged broken pieces of pottery, stones and a bronze spear point with part of the wooden shaft still intact into the entrance of its home. "Happily for marine archaeologists, these animals love to collect antiquities and pull them into their homes. "Very often the first clue that a shipwreck is nearby is a pile of artifacts collected by these wonderful creatures with an antiquarian's passion for old things."
  15. I guess if you had a loved one who had a heart that was about to fail, you would be glad to have a pig that could grow a new replacement heart. I tend to think the patent office should continue stalling. I am wondering who will police all these strange things? It would be very difficult. Even though there are beneficial aspects to the technology, I have misgivings about it. It would be easy for the unethical to abuse the technology and create monsters and major problems.
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