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  1. Let's see: MI1 MI4(GP) MI6(F) MI5(RN) MI3 MI2 We are talking about Mission Impossible movies right?
  2. Cant' believe it's all back! Down to all the 4:3 screen resolutions and links to MSN and ICQ. Incredible work.
  3. Can't believe the forum is all back, including all those embarrassing posts.

  4. If it's anyone's fault, is George Lucas's. He sold the company. Disney bought the Star Wars package, of which LucasArts was a very small part of. Now, Disney is huge, it doesn't really need another video game development house. And LucasArts wasn't even a well oiled, game-making machine. It was a struggling, leaderless mess who was only developing one or two titles. Keeping it, meant a money leakage that would continue until 1313 was finished, maybe. It's sad that they didn't do that, but also understandable. But also, it was again Lucas fault for handing it over in the condition that it was. Disney inherited all of this, and it was forced to deal with it. Also, Disney will own all the Lucas IPs, until the end of time (or well, for however long they manage to stretch copyright law, they keep pushing it to protect Mickey Mouse).
  5. This is a great find! I love how it's all so 90s, the name of the show alone: The Internet Cafe, my goodness. Does it get any more 90s than that? It's also interesting to note that I've seen Tim being more nervous during interviews around the time of Psychonauts. He seems pretty cool here.
  6. They seem to be doing pretty much what they always did, games based on IP. In fact, their only responsibility to fans, is to the fans of those IPs.
  7. In what could be defined as the second longest quarter in history, the time has finally come and the second issue of The Thrillville Quarterly, has been released! That magnificent cover illustration was made by Jón Kristinsson, who makes some wonderful adventure game tributes. Among the many great articles featured, we have this interview with Dave Grossman, an article by Gabez on imagination and Escape From Monkey Island, one by elTee on the Double Fine Adventure and a short story by Haggis, among some other things. Enjoy!
  8. Then maybe the way to go would be to look for a network that would be interested in making a mini-series, or something. This would make some excellent tv (in fact I've watched this last episode on the TV, looks awesome.)
  9. I agree that DFA is a bigger production than those other games documented, but I wouldn't call it massive at all. And if you are talking about the production of the documentary itself, I really don't see it being all that different from the Indie Game one, they seem to be both very similar small-sized digital productions. And if you compare it with other great documentaries in other areas, it might even pale in comparison. It's cool because of the subject matter, because of the people involved. And sure, it'd be awesome if they turned it into a movie, but I wouldn't have some crazy expectations of it winning an Oscar or something like that.
  10. LucasArts should make a documentary of one of their presidencies, they are the perfect length after all.
  11. It's is extremely unlikely for a company not to acknowledge and celebrate something like this. However, LucasArts it's an unusual company (it's part of a larger empire which owns two really big film IPs, and that is something rare for even the largest videogame companies). As I have once mentioned before, for LucasArts to acknowledge their past, they have to recognize their legacy games, and to do so, is to remind everyone how different the company currently is. If Darrell Rodriguez had still been around, he would have probably taken the chance to celebrate their 30th anniversary.
  12. There is a recent documentary called Indie Game: The Movie. It had a small theater release and it was shown at Sundance (where I think it won something). It's a great documentary, very similar in style to the DFA one. This one is mostly about the finishing stages in development for Super Meat Boy and FEZ. Yet it's also a bit depressing, it makes you wish those guys had gone the Kickstarter way. The guys at 2P have also been working on a Minecraft documentary, from before DFA. Yet what's truly wonderful about this one, is naturally the fact that we get to see a game from its inception. I agree that it was wonderful to see Peter Chan, his part of the video was certainly the best. He is like a zen monk and a samurai at the same time. His studio is like a temple. These videos are definitely the biggest reward for being a backer. They should really edit all the material at the end, into a movie.
  13. Well, I decided it was a good opportunity to change my avatar, and honor his... err... contributions to the company.
  14. I can't believe this. It has to be some kind of joke now. I mean, I know it's real, but it makes no sense. Does anyone know how many presidents LEC has had so far?
  15. Releasing games on different platforms is not a straightforward thing, it takes time and money. Smaller productions can't do that easily. A game released on iOS has a lot better exposure and chances for success than on the desktop. Yet if the game does really well, it makes it more likely for ports to happen.
  16. It doesn't sound like it would be another BASS game, but I think that's even better. I'll be looking forward to whatever new game they come up with.
  17. Hello there! I haven't posted here in a while. I've been planning for a long time to redesign the site. The current design was ok for the time, and it has some charm, but it needs to be better and not just visually but functionality wise. Also, I'm thinking that when I'm done with the redesign and finish all the pending things I wanted to have on the site, it'll probably be the last thing I'll do for The Dig Museum and it'll be time to pass on the command to whoever is as excited and capable of running the site as I was when I began work on it (in late 2004). THE PLAN /* This part gets technical. Feel free to skip it if you won't understand a thing */ Considering the amount of information the site deals with, it'll be wise to use a CMS to handle it. I'm considering Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and Movable Type. Its main use is not going to be a blog thing, but archived content. I want it to have SEF URLs, I want it to be fairly easy to use, yet flexible enough if any section has special requirements. I want it to be straightforward to design a CSS template for it, although I imagine that for all four CMS I listed, it should be similar. Ideally, I'd like to make a localhost install of the CMS, so I can play around with it, design and make the site offline before uploading it. Any of you who has used more than one of these CMS, I'd like to hear your opinion on which would be best for the requirements of the site. In fact, if you have experience in the field (web design/web development, etc), and would like to give me a hand on setting things up, or provide me with some assistance if I need it, that would be greatly appreciated. /* End of technical babble */ Alright, so that was just the technical side of the plan, but I'll get to the rest in due time. In the meantime, any suggestions, feedback of any sort, is more than welcomed. Let's bring back this site to life before I get too old!
  18. I'm sure not even Jim Ward remembers. The site began as a fake fansite for Thrillville and with the years it evolved into something else and the name sort of stuck. Actually, I never played any of the Thrillville games, maybe that's wrong.
  19. Hello there, good people of Mojo! I want to let you know that our fully finished site is up! http://thrillville.mixnmojo.com I especially encourage you to take a look at Gabez' piece, the rest of it isn't all that great, I know because I wrote it. It is all greatly copy edited though, I know because Haggis did it. Anyways, do let me know what you think of it. I'm really up and ready for the next issue and looking for contributors. This time around, I want things to be a bit crazier and more fun, so anyone with ideas for unusual takes on any LucasArts related topic is more than welcome. One thing I'd really like to have this time, is some fiction. Like a Day of The Tentacle story written as a Lovecraft pastiche, or a short story about secondary characters from any game (maybe a story about a gathering of secondary characters from several games). Poetry is just as welcomed. I'm also looking for an interesting concept for a Star Wars 1313 article. If you'd like to participate with any of these things, or have your own crazy ideas to propose, let me know!
  20. These are awesome! My favorite is the Grim Fandango one, really takes that Casablanca feel to it.
  21. 833% funded! making an impressive $3,335,XXX (replace X with random number), more than enough money to make a Commodore 64 text adventure version.
  22. There are so many things in the development of a game that cost money, just on the audible side of things: they have to pay for sound design, for casting, recording studio time, the actors, the voice director, the music composer (musicians and more recording studio time, if it is required). Even simple things like textures, cost money, if they are using a commercial engine for the game, they have to pay the license fee. They have to pay for the unnecessary butler they'll hire just because they can. So many things.
  23. Yeah, I thought they might start before the thing finishes, and surely they have more than "a few ideas", by the excitement this has generated, I bet they have a lot of them by now. But it'll certainly be great to see the process from the very beginning. Speaking of bets, what do you think will be the final sum of money collected?
  24. Huh, I always thought THX had been sold, curious. And I've heard Lucas himself several times say that he had no use for that division anymore. His circumstances may have encouraged him to agree on a quick unprofitable sell, otherwise he might have taken the time to just sell it at a better price. ANYWAY, adventure game...
  25. Sure, it wasn't great business for him to sell it for that amount, but he had no real interest in the division either (it made no money at that point, and had to be financed). Yet you were implying that the division would have become the Pixar we know under Lucas as well and that he was forced to sell something potentially huge, but that's not the case. Steve Jobs had a big role in creating Pixar. Also, it wouldn't be the last time Lucas sold parts of his company, he eventually sold the software made by that computer division, EditDroid and SoundDroid, he also sold THX. But no one sells IP unless they are desperate, or selling a company and their IP as part of it (for instance, Disney buying Marvel not too long ago).
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